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376. [ROOTS-L] wrong data [1]
maybe her parents couldn't spell. Maybe she was born on the 25th but it wasn't regerstered until the 30. Just maybe a lot till you figure it out. a cousin gave me 2 documents not knowing what they were there names weren't in the family. I bought a polish dictionary and figured it out what I could and then I stare into space for awhile that seems to help me see things. It was 2 birthcerticates with the same midwife obviously related I
377. Re: [ROOTS-L] Invasion of privacy [1]
Let me echo what Joan said (and which I and Joan and others have said repeatedly in the past): 1. There is no evidence that online genealogical information has led to any instances of identity fraud. 2. There is no evidence that simply listing someone's name and other public information on a website is legally actionable (I'm not a lawyer, but if someone has information to the contrary, provide it). 3. Personally, I see nothing wrong with listing a living person's name on a website. I recognize that ot
378. [ROOTS-L] MINNESOTA research notes [1]
Happy New Year! Our research note for January concerns some basic reference books specific to Minnesota research. This year is the sesquicentennial of Minnesota's statehood, and we're going to focus on how to be more successful researching your Minnesota roots. The note can be found at -- Other help can be found at Happy birthday, Minnesota, and happy ancestor hunting! Mary Mary Bakeman mbakeman@pa
379. Re: [ROOTS-L] Using the website [1]
On 26 Jan 2008, Jerry Hale wrote: > I don't understand the ambiguous reply. Please just answer the > question, is there a limit on requests or not? The RAOGK Guidelines state: "When can I submit a different request to that same volunteer? "After one month. If you make more than one request of any one volunteer per month, that volunteer may request a researcher's fee. It4s up to the volunteer to decide what to charge for this." ( As you can tell by the
380. Re: [ROOTS-L] Iinvasion of Privacy [1]
I had the same thing happen in our family. I found my ancestors listed on another family tree. When I asked where we were connected since I could not find it -- I was told WE WERE NOT RELATED!! BUT OUR FAMILY WAS SO FASCINATING . . . SHE HAD TO ADD US! Guess if you don't want to do the work . . . or if you don't like your own ancestors, it is OK to just adopt another family. Kathie Gregory Francis wrote: I found myself and my sister in someone's family tree
381. [ROOTS-L] Puyallup, Washington - Obit lookup [1]
I would like to know if any one could find the obituary for: Melinda Willsey BICE Born: 5 Sep 1847 In Schoharie, NY Died: 30 Mar 1932 in Puyallup, Pierce Co., Washington I would appreciate it very much..Thanks **************Biggest Grammy Award surprises of all time on AOL Music. ( 48)
382. [ROOTS-L] O'Doherty's Rebellion of 1608 - a new book [1]
I have assembled three newsbooks about Sir Cahir O'Doherty's 1608 rebellion into a book. Parts of the originals are nearly illegible so I have reset them in type using fonts that are replicas of the 17th century originals. An introduction explains the historical context and history of the O'Dohertys. You can preview a number of pages (and buy the book) here: T-shirts, coffee mugs and other items featuring the woodcut illustration on the book cover are available at:
383. [ROOTS-L] How Green Was My Valley Quote [1]
Each year I do a unit on genealogy with seventh graders. The very first thing I do is to read that quote to them. In so doing, I believe I give them all the rationale they will ever need as to why this is such an important undertaking. I have never heard anything better on the subject. However, I do very much enjoy the following quote as well: PEOPLE WHO TAKE NO PRIDE IN THE NOBLE ACHIEVEMENT OF REMOTE ANCESTORS WILL NEVER ACHIEVE ANYTHING WORTHY TO BE REMEMBERED WITH PRIDE BY REMOTE DESCENDANTSThomas B
384. Re: [ROOTS-L] SHEPHERD Family [1]
Here are two possibles, you didn't mention the parents names so... Eliz Name: Annie Shepherd Home in 1900: Goshen, Utah, Utah Age: 7 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1893 Birthplace: Utah Relationship to head-of-house: Daughter Father's Name: Benjamin Mother's Name: Caroline Race: White Occupation: View Image Neighbors: View others on page Household Members: Name Age Benjamin Shepherd 42 Caroline Shepherd 36 Minnie Shepherd 15 Eliza J Shepherd 13
385. Re: [ROOTS-L] Family History [1]
Robert- Then you didn't submit your data to RootsWeb (you submitted it to Ancestry World Tree or Online Family Tree) or you are talking (as Kirsten suggested) about One World Tree and not your original family tree housed at WorldConnect. You have complete control over a WorldConnect (RootsWeb submitted) family tree and can update or delete it at any time. If you are talking about One World Tree (which is a search engine and like any other search engine must be reindexed to be kept current) it
386. Re: [ROOTS-L] documentation nuts [1]
I found documentation from the 1800s of some family the only problem is that there were 4 relatives with the same name documented on one page. and on the next page few more then I have documentation of my ggmother with her name spelled differnet ways 3 times on one page. Then I had a piece of paper with some numberd on it that looked like it was 100 years old if you touched it it broke. I had no idea what it was. I never
387. Re: [ROOTS-L] to share or not to share.... [1]
I know that sometimes people lack the simple manners to say "thank you". I believe you have done more than enough already for this person by sending her what you have. I know how expensive printing can be- I recently temped at HP, and I can tell you that they are recording record revenues and profits! I personally recommend some of the ink refill places- I believe that Walgreen's can refill them. Obviously, what you are doing is a labor of love, but there is nothing wrong with asking for help with th
388. [ROOTS-L] obit request - MI [1]
Hi, I would like to request an obituary, please, for someone who died in Michigan. I think she was living in Taylor or Allan Park MI at the time. Her name was Cynthia E. SPOONER. The SSDI says she died on 8 Jan 1993. Thanks for any help. Cece
389. Re: [ROOTS-L] Re SSDI [1]
Today all deaths are reported to the SSA - this is done as part of the process of alerting Federal & State agencies that the person has died and to cease issuing checks for whatever level of assistance the person may have been receiving. Governments concluded years ago that such a centralized list would be the most effective way to get this information out to all levels of government. The cost of doing this was more than offset by the savings to government agencies by removing the deceased from their rol
390. Re: [ROOTS-L] Daniel Boone's son, Israel [1]
I did a Google search for "Israel Boone" Found at "The meeting for Tenth Month (December), 1747, ordered Thomas Ellis, John Hughes, and James Boone to draw up a "Testimony" against Israel Boone "for marrying a wife not in unity with Friends," and to bring it to the next meeting. Not content with investigating Israel, they also appointed James Boone and Daniel Coles to speak with Squire B
391. [ROOTS-L] Genealogy program [1]
Does anyone know of a Family History/Genealogy program that makes a web page for you that has all the family going back or forward. I'm using PAF right now, and it only does the direct line.(Ahnentafel) I would like to have all the siblings on my web pages too. Right now I'm adding them by hand, but it's probably going to take years before I get them all added. (I'm up to my 4th generation) It doesn't need to be a free program, I just want one that really works well. Thanks, Kath
392. Re: [ROOTS-L] NEED HELP IN TRANSLATION - 1860 Census [1]
ANSWER TO BELOW: Turned out the consensus of opinion was "Mechanic" and I apparently drew a blank knowing the Railroads probably never used that term and their were no cars then. I forgot about Mills and Factories (grin). Appreciate everyone's help and have replied to all personally. Just wanted to let you know that the problem has been solved. Thanks again for all the help, Gretchen ORIGINAL QUESTION: Hi Everyone, Need more eyes to help me translate the "Occupation" of the Alfre
393. [ROOTS-L] Ladies of the Night [1]
Some time ago one of my general lists had a discussion concerning "ladies of the night". Here is an article from the "Ancestry Magazine" concerning searching for them and various occupational names. I hope this link works. Marilyn -- What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles, to be sure; but, scattered along life's pathway, the good they do is inconceivable. ~ Joseph Addison (1672-171
394. Re: [ROOTS-L] [FTM] Christmas Money Part 3 [1]
Different first names are not all that uncommon. My mother was Sadie in the 1910 census and later preferred Selma the rest of her life, and my dad was Ike also in 1910 and became Ernie and sometime Ernest the rest of his life and changed his name legally. His brother went from Isadore to Irving. Joanie ----- Original Message ----- From: Mark Hadlund To: Sent: Saturday, January 12, 2008 1:25 PM Subject: [FTM] Christmas Money Part 3 Greetings, I've used some of my Christ
395. Re: [ROOTS-L] LDS Family History [1]
Most of the information I have I have obtained by exchanging US Mail with others, writing newspapers, using The Gealogist's Helper at it's top, and doing some searching myself. Much of that sent to LDS, Ancestry, etc, has many mistake, guesses, imagnation, and wishful thinking. I have made some mistakes which I have tried to correct. This on several of my lines. Ed Merryman ----- Original Message ----- From: To:
396. [ROOTS-L] photos [1]
While we are on the subject of photos, after scanning, what is the best way of storing the originals? Glenny Serving the goat community with quality affordable web sites since 1998
397. [ROOTS-L] BARNETT obit? [1]
Anyone know where obit of Louis Aubrey BARNETT b. 01 28 1915, died 05 23 2002 Groveton, TX 75845 could be obtained?? Thanks lots. Mary
398. [ROOTS-L] [1]
I think if everyone stopped subscribing to for a year, they would have no choice but to lower their subscription prices. They have increased the subscription prices because apparently they figure everyone will still renew. I understand that every thing must eventually go up. But to take advantage of it's members, that they know are mostly seniors, is unfair. Pat
399. [ROOTS-L] Atrhur C. Miller, Jr R L Waggoner, W D Phillips and Harry [1]
Are any of you listers researching the above family out of Banner Elk, Avery, North Carolina. I have a his dipoloma where he graduated from tank driving school June 29th, 1939. Also a certificate of all the trades he was trained in at The David Ranken, Jr. School of Mechanical Trades, St. Louis Missouri dated December 31, 1940. Also his Army seperation paper dated July 10, 1945. This document is very fragile and I would like some one in this family to have it before it tears up. The date is already almo
400. [ROOTS-L] Stephen (Steven) Augustus WILSON [1]
I am lost in my search for my maternal grandmother's brother. I think he was Stephen but could be Steven. He was born 12 August 1875. His parents were Stephen Wilson and Augusta Young Croly. My mother remembers that he was "involved in the movie business" in Culver City, CA. She members him sending her pictures of movie stars. Not much to go on but the unusual middle name may be a help. I have looked in the SS index but he may have died before 1937. Any help would be appreciated. Rick Fogle

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