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401. Re: [ROOTS-L] Crediting your sources [1]
John- That wouldn't be "personal knowledge" though. Your source in a case like that would be that your father told you he was 45 when you were born, or that your birth record lists your father's age as 45. You also know that your brother was 2 when you were born because someone else (your parents most likely) told you that--so THAT is your source--not "personal knowledge." There is a difference. Joan ------------ John F. Foltz wrote: Hi Pat, I'm not sure that I agree with you. If I was
402. [ROOTS-L] THRONE, Simon Peter (b. Nov 1831 in Illinois, USA--d. 1900 ) OBIT. LOOKUP Please; also LOOKUPS for ALLISON, PUCKETT, BRUMBLE, WALLACE [1]
Seeking info on Mary Ann THRONE, daughter of Simon Peter THRONE (b. Nov 1831 in Illinois--d. Aft. 1900) and Margaret C. PUCKETT. Mary Ann was born 1868 in Illinois. Did she marry a man by surname WALLACE who was born in Tennessee? If you have his full name, their wedding data, their obits., please contact me. In 1900 US Census, AR, Sebastian Co., Bates Twp., E. D. #106 one finds the household of Simon Peter THRONE and his third wife Margaret C. PUCKETT wit
403. Re: [ROOTS-L] Genealogy program [1]
Thanks -- that's very helpful, I'll look into Master Genealogist. -Liz In a message dated 1/19/2008 6:07:24 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes: > Liz > > The Master Genealogist outputs to Visual Chartform. It acts very much like > Visio. Not clear on what you want as an all-in-one, but this one does > ancestor, descendant, and hourglass. > > In one mixed family (sisters marrying brothers, daughter of one of the > sisters [from a first marriage] marrying a third brother) I was able to
404. Re: [ROOTS-L] Contact with [1]
The problem with that phone number given by Ancestry is it has to many letters it is really 1-800-Ancestr I tried to call the 1800- ancestry line and kept getting a talk show .I finally figured it out (guess I am not to bright) I complained about it and they said that this was an easier way to remember the number .It may well be but they need to inform people about the correct number. Patricia Perkins
405. [ROOTS-L] Peart Family [1]
I am looking for anyone who has info on the parents of Thomas Peart Sr. He was born 9-28-1756 in Prob. Chester Co., PA and died 3-19-1823 in Lampeter, Lancaster Co., PA. I have his linage from his birth forward but nothing prior to his birth. Any help appreciated.
406. Re: [ROOTS-L] Re SSDI [1]
I have a pair of cousins, brothers, who died within 3 months of each other in 1994. One was 60, the other 59, so neither had retired yet. The 60 year old is in the SSDI, his brother is not. You figure. Elizabeth C Kemp, Tom wrote: >Today all deaths are reported to the SSA - this is done as part of the process of alerting Federal & State agencies that the person has died and to cease issuing checks for whatever level of assistance the person may have been receiving. > >Governments concluded
407. Re: [ROOTS-L] Family History [1]
You do NOT have "complete control" over your family tree if Ancestry can copy it and use your information in any way they want. Once you submit it to them, you lose control. This is specifically stated in their policies, though one has to look carefully to find them: For Rootsweb World Connect in their "acceptable Use Policy" ("AUP") at "By submitting Submitted Content to, you grant, Inc., the corporate host of the Service, a limited
408. Re: [ROOTS-L] Copying Family Tree Info [1]
Thank you, Drew for correcting me so diplomatically. I see what you're saying, and it makes sense the way you put it so clearly. Somehow, I read that exactly backward, and read it as the need to invest significant effort rather than that NOT being a requirement. But then, I read it at midnight and was tired. I still have a problem accepting that inaccurate information can be considered a fact by definition, though I can see where it could be considered to be such until more accurate information
409. Re: [ROOTS-L] People asking me about my eyesight [1]
Thanks, Pallas...most interesting and seem to be coping well. Keep it up! ----- Original Message ----- From: "PALLAS R HOUSER" To: Sent: Tuesday, January 01, 2008 5:37 PM Subject: [ROOTS-L] People asking me about my eyesight > This is Pallas Houser, yes I am totally blind and cannot see anything at > all I know the keyboard Thank The Lord but it still reads to me everything > on the computer and I have all kinds of special equipment even
410. [ROOTS-L] James L. Sorenson - Inventor - DNA Pioneer has died [1]
James L. Sorenson, a pioneer in DNA research has died. A self-made billionaire, he used his wealth in many causes. Genealogists in particular are aware of his efforts with DNA and genealogy. In 1999 he started the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation. The group has collected more than 70,000 DNA samples, together with four-generation pedigree charts, from volunteers in more than 100 countries around the world. I included the lengthy obituary article in my posting at: http://genealogybankblog.blogspot.c
411. [ROOTS-L] Clarence Ream Location of him [1]
Would someone be nice enough to look up a name for a relative for me by marriage? I am looking for a Clarence Ream who was married to a cousin of mine, Pearl Knight Ream. On the marriage license it states that he was born in Franklin, Indiana January 4, 1892 and his parents were John Ream and he was born in Pennsylvania in 1915 he was living in Franklin, Indiana and his mother's name was Bartie McCool and she was born in Franklin, Indiana and also her place of residence in 1915 was Morgantown, Indiana. I su
412. Re: [ROOTS-L] Crediting your sources [1]
perhaps, personal knowledge could be expanded to reiterated by others. On 1/8/08, Kith-n-Kin wrote: > > John > > Here's my take. You "know" that someone, your mother or your father, > "told" > you that Dad was 45 when you were born. You also know, from personal > experience, that the birthday was celebrated on 6 June. > > My husband was born either on 19 or 20 November. He told me so. But, as I > noted, he only knows what he was told. His mother, who was there, (his > father was a Nava
413. Re: [ROOTS-L] Saving data on a CD? [1]
Every scanner comes with software that will enable you to put them on a disk. I prefer however to put mine on a flash drive. You can get much more on them than a CD. **************Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.
414. [ROOTS-L] Ca obit please [1]
Would like an obit for Fayette Nelson d Dec 19, 1975 in San Fernando Ca Thanks
415. [ROOTS-L] Spanish Surmanes & Argentina Census [1]
You are correct. It is standard practice in all Spanish-speaking countries for a woman to keep her father's surname and when she is married to add her husband's surname preceded with "de." Thus, Sanchez is her maiden name (father's surname) and Botteron is her husband's surname. Any children of Juana Sanchez de Botteron would have Botteron as their first surname and may also use her maiden name as their second surname. Thus, if Juana had a son named Arturo, he would list his full name as Arturo Botteron San
It has been several years since I tried to obtain any additional information on the Landers Part of the White line. If you can help, I will appreciate it very much. Here is a summary of what I know: MARTHA AMANDA WHITE was born 29 Jun 1870 in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio, and died 02 Jun 1936 in Manchester, Coffee County, Tennessee. She married CHARLES E. LANDERS Abt. 1888. He was born 1865 in Indiana, and died 25 Dec 1953 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan. Children of MARTHA WHITE and CHA
417. Re: [ROOTS-L] Ladies of the Night [1]
Here is one to check out. Anne WYNN 1900 Oklahoma Bottom of page 2 and the top of page 3. She was known to run the Oklahoma City politics from 1889 (the land run) for 20 years. She set up a tent the first day of the run with one "roomer." Fred Frederick M. Dittmar Diggin' Deep Genealogy Research Service PO Box 2601 Norman, Oklahoma 73070 Member: Association of Professional Genealogy - Board Member - Oklahoma Genealogical Society - http://rootsw
418. Re: [ROOTS-L] Ancestry discounts? [1]
I wish there was, but I really doubt it. I've had the census part of since they started it. Always paid $39.95 a year for it, separately from the payment for the regular coverage. This year they wanted $99.95 for census only ... by the way this is only USA census, not England or Canada. Since I am on a fixed income, no way can I afford it now. I had to cancel ... I'm wondering what the price of the regular subscription will be upped to. Toni ----- Original Message ----- From: To:
419. Re: [ROOTS-L] Tribal Pages [1]
Tried it love it since hearing about this free site I have a third of my ancestors in there already .Thanks for the tip Patricia Perkins
420. Re: [ROOTS-L] Family History [1]
** Reply to message from on Tue, 15 Jan 2008 15:11:01 -0700 > Of course you can house your family tree anywhere you want to--and your own > personal website is always a good place to post information. However, if you > are rejecting the idea of additionally uploading a family tree to RootsWeb's > WorldConnect because you think you would need to ASK RootsWeb to change it > (or even delete it for that matter) you are mistaken. I have to disagree with your statement. My data was
421. [ROOTS-L] jaster [1]
Dear friends I need some help from some one in Texas near Giddings. I have a relative that I have but can't find his wife or family I even have the street that he lived on. Can someone help me please karen
422. [ROOTS-L] My favorite Genealogy Quote [1]
From: How Green Was My Valley by Richard Lewellyn I saw behind me those who had gone, and before me, those who are to come. I looked back and saw my father, and his father, and all our fathers, and in front, to see my son, and his son, and the sons upon sons beyond. And their eyes were my eyes. As I felt, so they had felt, and were to feel, as then, so now, as to-morrow and forever. Then I was not afraid, for I was in a long line that had no beginning, and no end, and the hand of his father grasped m
423. Re: [ROOTS-L] Naming Patterns [1]
Not in mine either. If I had to generalize it would be something like this: First son: named for some relative. Second son: named for some prominent person. Third son: named for a character in a book. Fourth son: named for the milkman. Two of my fairly recent ancestors were the ninth sons in their families. The parents obviously had to look long and hard for names. Carol B. >Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 20:38:36 EST >From: > >Not in my grandparents' families. > >In a message dated 1/
424. [ROOTS-L] Terry Elaine Baker of Michigan [1]
I have posted this before but I am still looking for this person. I have a baby quilt that was made for her when she was little. Embroidered on the quilt: "Terry Elaine Baker Born January 4, 1950 in Pigeon Michigan. Your mother appliqued these blocks in 1931 and 1932. She was just a little girl honey. That is why this quilt should belong to you" Help me find her. Tissie Schwebel
425. Re: [ROOTS-L] Quakers [1]
In a message dated 1/30/2008 12:21:03 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes: Can anyone suggest for me some good tutorial materials on "how to" do Quaker research? Rita, You could try ( or just Google Quakers and you'll get lot of places to look. Dolly **************Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.

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