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451. Re: [ROOTS-L] documentation nuts [1]
In my notes, I think of birth, marriage, death, occupation, census, etc. If I have information in Paf4 I copy it off naming it as source but in FTM I only put the source. This is so easy, I do not understand why it is such a huge issue for people to worry about. Sallie TX ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2008 12:27 AM Subject: Re: [ROOTS-L] documentation nuts > > People don't seem to understand "documentation." As it ap
452. Re: [ROOTS-L] SUKEY/SALLY [1]
So how do you pronounce your name? My first name is SHERRON. No it is not Sharon is Sheer-ron! I hated being in college or going to a doctor or anywhere that uses my first name because no one EVER pronounces it correctly! Sue from NM > >>I am SALLIE and no one better call me Sukey or Sally. Thaat is NOT >my >>name!!!!! >> >>Sallie >>----- Original Message ----- >>From: "ssstlr" >>To: >>Sent: Tuesday, January 01, 2008 10:23 PM >>Subject: [ROOTS-L] SUKEY/SALLY >>
453. [ROOTS-L] One hand applauding [1]
In a message dated 1/1/2008 10:55:02 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes: I'm so thankful this man emailed - now I know Mom did have light in her dark childhood. Thank goodness for the internet and for Google. dee Dee, that is great. You've experienced the miracle of genealogy and internet. We try to find, but it takes another to achieve. I describe it as one hand applauding. We applaud with one hand when we send out a message, then someone else clasps our hand
454. Re: [ROOTS-L] Building a tree online from scratch [1]
One place to do this shows great promise. Because it is still in beta and working the bugs out, it is not advertised yet but it can be used now by anyone willing to let them know where the bugs are so they can be fixed. The creators are very responsive to any comments, suggestions and/or complaints! And there is a video and printed tutorials. This is a new wiki site for genealogy to be used in connection with the Allen County (IN) Library's large genealogy holdings. I surely am watching
455. Re: [ROOTS-L] OFT to AFT vs. AWT & Rootsweb WorldConnect [1]
This article is an interesting, albeit short, recap of the situation with Online Family Tree system (OFT). However, like the rest of us, it seems to get its acronyms mixed up and has even made up a new one. (Like we need more.) It says: "The company will focus on the newer, also free Ancestry Family Trees system, introduced in 2006. OFT users have until March 2008 to migrate their trees to AFT." OFT users are given the option to migrate to the "Ancestry Member Tree" system (Personal or Public). (Altern
456. Re: [ROOTS-L] copyright [1]
Micki, I have scanned and transcribed several old books and genealogical society journals for the NEGenWeb Project Online Library as well as have several of my fellow county coordinators and we do know something about copyright. I put a book published in 1919 online that is PAST copyright but how I have presented it and placed online is under MY copyright.
457. Re: [ROOTS-L] Rootsweb "Quiz" [1]
Salop = Shropshire, which does still exist the last time I checked... On Thu, 3 Jan 2008, wrote: > Am sending the below that I received this morning from a lady. I tried to > reply to her but my reply bounced with a Spam message that I would need to fill > out something. > > So know she reads Roots I'm sending it to the list.......Gretchen > > ORIGINAL MESSAGE SENT TO ME....... > > "Hants" is Hampshire, of course. "Herts" is Hertfordshire. Well, not > really "of course." It took a lon
458. [ROOTS-L] People asking me about my eyesight [1]
This is Pallas Houser, yes I am totally blind and cannot see anything at all I know the keyboard Thank The Lord but it still reads to me everything on the computer and I have all kinds of special equipment even have a machine that tells me what channel I am on on the television if I want to listen to any programs and I listen to a lot of talking books and I have a talking microwave and everything in my house talks and coo-coos to let me know the hours and says it is now 2 pm so I will know whether it is day
459. [ROOTS-L] Hogan Brothers [1]
I am looking for information on four Hogan Brothers who served in World War 1 Patrick Hogan enlisted in the old Twenty third infanity at the out break of the war. He went overseas with Company D 106th infantry he was wounded on Sept 9. He was born in Brooklyn, NY. His brothers in the service are John J company G 1st replacement Regiment. William J batter F 10th field artillery and Thomas with the Engineers. Any one who is relative to these brothers or know of any information please email me. lnasello@tampa
460. Re: [ROOTS-L] family tree on line [1]
In a message dated 1/19/2008 4:03:56 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes: Also finding people using social security numbers, with family members, that has pass away. There is still love one's, that are still using those social society numbers. I'm afraid you've got that wrong. Once a person has passed the SS number is available to anyone who wants to know it. And their loved ones cannot use that same number. **************Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in s
461. [ROOTS-L] Change of Name - Article in 1848 newspaper - on my 2ggfather - Allen Pierce Richmond [1]
I found a terrific article about my 2ggfather changing his name in 1848 - the article gave the name of dozens of people that also petitioned to have their names changed. The newspaper article about this appeared in the 6 July 1848 issue of the New Hampshire Patriot & State Gazette. I wrote about it in my blog today: Tom Thomas Jay Kemp My Blog:
462. Re: [ROOTS-L] Ancestry discounts? [1]
Interesting comments about pricing. Guess it depends on what you want. A $150-$200 annual subscription (which figures out to $14-$17 per MONTH) to in-home 24/7 access to millions of genealogical records at is worth a lot more to me than the fare offered on television that costs $20-$50 per month, depending on various "packages" provided by cable TV. Some people pay more than $25 a month to carry around a cellphone on which to chat endlessly. I think it is good value for the money for the
463. Re: [ROOTS-L] Ancestry [1]
Not all of what Ancestry offers is free info supplied by others. Some of it is the work of indexing a lot of microfilm. That is labor intensive, and needs to be paid for. Elizabeth C PMcSwain wrote: >As far as goes- I reall y think they are about to price themselves right out of the market- they take the free info donated by others and then charge for it- If more people would just share their info it might put a little hole on the charges some of these sites get away with- But fro
464. Re: [ROOTS-L] SSDI -- who is included? [1]
ANSWER TO BELOW: I am not sure of the correct answer to the question. My father, James Flynn, b. February 1894 I can understand not being in the SSDI information. He died October 1965 in Nebraska. Social Security Card issued by the Railroad Board. However, my mother Lela Flynn, b. September 1904/1905 (records vary) died December 2006 in Nebraska. She still does not show up on the SSDI and yet her final check was returned with a notice of death by my sister. So..................any suggest
465. Re: [ROOTS-L] Mac system [1]
Generations is what the Windows version of Reunion (now defunct) was called when the Reunion people decided to stop working with Windows and do Mac only and sold the Windows version to another company. --pig On 1/12/08 12:23, "M Boyer" wrote: > I am curious about "Generations" as I've never heard of it and can't > seem to find anything with an Internet search. I'm using "Reunion" for > the Mac and like it.
466. Re: [ROOTS-L] ROOTS Digest, Vol 3, Issue 8 [1]
In a message dated 1/2/08 10:42:39 AM, writes: > Come on folks, get a grip on reality! Identity theft from ONLINE > resourses > has never been proven and what does occur comes from people falling for > phishing scams and NOT from genealogical databases. MOST ID theft comes > from > other, more direct, sources such as dishonest employees swiping your credit > card > or someone taking your trash and finding your bank account or SS number, or > even from people you know w
467. Re: [ROOTS-L] Wrong data [1]
When I teach the beginning genealogy class at the library I caution people about relying on only one spelling of a name. I use the example of one afternoon I spent in an Iowa courthouse. I turned up over 40 ways of spelling BIRKENHOLZ in the land records alone. I know because in those pre-copier days, I copied them all down by hand. The same with first names. My ggrandmother Jennie PRICE Earp was impossible to pin down, until I discovered that in most "official" records she was Matilda Jane. The family
468. [ROOTS-L] Census Images for Curtis Long [1]
I want to Thank everyone for the quick responses on the census images for Curtis Long!! I cannot tell everyone how happy I am with the listers that respond so quickly when it comes to helping me, and the images I cannot receive if they come straight from ancestry some people are sending me emails stating that ancestry is sending me census images, If sending me images off of ancestry please save them to your computer and then send them otherwise I cannot get them. Again, thanks for all of the help. Miss P
469. [ROOTS-L] wrong data [1]
once I found a name of a relative so I called up the cousin in law. To make a long story short. the person in question had a different profession wife and town then my 3rd cousins husband. etc etc She said its a diff person. I said if he was married once why not twice etc It turned out to be the same person. Some times you have to break brick walls lol Its like I told her How many John Smiths could there be LoooooooooooL Ema **************Start
470. Re: [ROOTS-L] Ancestry [1]
Ema, Ancestry is a business just like any other. They have a perfect right to run their business the way they see fit. They do not profit from undocumented data. You do not know what you are talking about unless you have FIRST HAND knowledge of how they hire, manage their business and who they pay to transcribe and scan images, microfilm, etc. Subscriptions are not shared. Read their binding agreement BEFORE you pay for a subscription. Instead of beefing about a co
471. [ROOTS-L] FW: Family Trees on line - An invasion of Privacy [1]
We need to remember too that one can have 5 different documents and different data on each document. -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Sent: Saturday, January 19, 2008 1:19 PM To: Cc:; Subject: Re: [ROOTS-L] Family Trees on line - An invasion of Privacy Vic I wish I had more documented evidence but I find that flawed for instance I have death rec
472. [ROOTS-L] Violet Fallone@Fonda still doing contract research? [1]
Dear List: Does anyone know if Violet Fallone is still doing contract research, as I need details on Jacob Fishball in the 1800 census for Charleston, NY, and I think she once told me she grew up in the town so she would be ideal to give me help? Thank you for any information. Yours truly, Warren Fishbaugh ________________________________________ PeoplePC Online A better way to Internet
473. Re: [ROOTS-L] chicago online deaths [1]
Sorry, forgot! To Verify contact If you can't get rid of the skelton in your closet, you'd best teach it to dance. -George Bernard Shaw> To:> Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 13:21:33 -0500> From:> Subject: [ROOTS-L] chicago online deaths> > A couple of months ago it was mentioned that there would be? death lookups that would be online? starting in January ..? has there been any more talk about this or does anyone know thw site ???> _______________
474. [ROOTS-L] African-American Lives Part 2 [1]
Part 2 of the PBS series "African-American" Lives is scheduled to air on February 6, 2008 at 9:00pm Eastern, 8:00pm Central. This is the series hosted by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. that traces the African ancestry of various celebrities and featured Oprah Winfrey in the first installment. Check your local TV listings first as schedules may vary by locale. More information at:
Yes, Julius. Without a doubt, that says it all, sums it all. What kindred souls, we are. I've read the book many times; watched the movie many times more. Thanks **************Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.

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