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51. [ROOTS-L] locating a small German village [1]
Shirley: Thanks for the tip, had already known the "general" location of it but couldn't pinpoint it. Even gives the addresses of several persons with the surname of interest to write for possible information. Really great!!! Don Renninger Jacksonville, FL
52. [ROOTS-L] Need Obit - Henrietta T. Parks 12 Feb 1877 - 23 Mar 1970, San Diego, CA [1]
I need an obit lookup please, for Henrietta T. Parks born 12 Feb 1877 died 23 Mar 1970 in San Diego County California. She was born in Alabama. I am being confused by another person named Nettie Parks born 2 Feb 1876 died Mar 1970 in La Mesa, San Diego. The person I am actually looking for was born in Alabama in Feb 1876. Her maiden name was Fortner. She moved to San Diego and lived with her son W. Eugene Burns. She remarried after her husband died. She may have been married another t
53. Re: [ROOTS-L] Ancestry [1]
Pretty much :-) >> -------------------------------------------------- >> From: wrote: >> >> After all if you buy it for a year do you use it 365 days? >>
54. [ROOTS-L] Way Back When [1]
As we look back over the years we may come to realize that an event long forgotten had consequences we didn't recognize when it happened. Sometimes it's because we were young and inexperienced. Sometimes it's because we didn't have the spiritual insight required at the time. Looking back, Way Back When, into that part of our lives long passed, can be both wholesome and wise. It can many times give us the insight and purpose to be grateful for what was unnoticed when it occurred, an event that was
55. Re: [ROOTS-L] Spanish Surnames & Argentina census [1]
Joan, Carol and all, A clarification and an apology. I responded without really looking at the origin of the persons involved, and gave the "Mexican version." After Joan responded with the opposite, I actually looked it up. Seems the issue is country/region specific. >From Wikipedia, I found: "At present in Spain, women upon marrying keep their two family names. In certain rare situations, especially the nobility, she may be addressed as if her maternal surname had been replaced with her husban
56. [ROOTS-L] Ancestry [1]
I do have to agree the price is on the high side- but I guess like any product sold,they do have the right to charge what they feel is a good price- But what I would wonder is- what if the price was lower,maybe they would have twice as many people signing up-and still make good money,maybe- I also know the money they charge helps to cover the cost of indexing census records or at least buying the film,which at last I checked was at least 45.00 per roll - and I guess there is also formatting it for the net-
57. Re: [ROOTS-L] ancestry renewal [1]
Teresa, they did the exact same thing for me. I had tried it on the phone first and they wouldnt do it, but then I sent an email and they responded the exact same way to me.. Shannon Do you love genealogy? Do you have a brick wall? Do you have info you could share with others who might be researching your family...or are you looking for others that might be researching the same? Join us on my genealogy forum (this is a message board NOT a mailing list) at and
58. Re: [ROOTS-L] ROOTS Digest, Vol 3, Issue 72 [1]
Joyce and all ... I did enumerations for the Census Bureau in 2000, and wanted to point out that people aren't always honest in what they report. Soooo many of the people I interviewed didn't want to participate, period, and flatly refused, or either refused to answer selected questions or said they didn't know the answers. Many others gave limited information, and others, were not telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. There were many people who were adamant about not
59. [ROOTS-L] German towns [1]
In a message dated 1/25/2008 9:36:40 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes: Have you tried They have included all sorts of dinky German towns, and it is neat because you can really zoom in on the the satellite photos- you can almost see the furrows plowed in the fields. Have you tried German speaking mailing sites? I put one in ever so long ago and immediately got an answer in English from a German pastor who wanted to improve his colloqui
60. Re: [ROOTS-L] Family Trees on line - An invasion of Privacy [1]
Vic I wish I had more documented evidence but I find that flawed for instance I have death records of my grandfather in 2 different concentration camps Trebelinka Molytestonic and my family thought he had died in Theresienstadt . Also some died in Auschwitz but most of my family disappeared or were shot and buried in open graves. One cousin of my Fathers was buried alive because when she was shot in the face she passed out and by some miracle wh
61. Re: [ROOTS-L] Ancestry [1]
You can find a Family History Center near you by going to this website: -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of caviness Sent: Sunday, January 13, 2008 9:13 PM To: Subject: Re: [ROOTS-L] Ancestry Can someone direct me to the nearest LDS library if one lived in Statesville NC ===== If you would prefer digest mode to mail mode, drop a note to roots-admin@ro
62. [ROOTS-L] John BUTLER md. Nancy CANNADAY-1787 [1]
I'm beginning a search for the parentage and family of: John BUTLER possibly born abt. 1765 who married Nancy CANNADAY on 15 Sep 1787 in Halifax Co.,VA. They had at least two children: 1 - Mary, b. 1796 who md. Josiah Joe MAPLES on 29 Jun 1815 in Sevier Co.,TN and died abt. 1857 in Jackson Co.,AL. 2 - Samuel, who married Margaret LAYMAN in 1819 in TN. Would appreciate hearing from you if you can offer any suggestions or help. Thanks, Renee _______________________________________________________
63. [ROOTS-L] Joseph M. Goddard, China ME [1]
I am searching for information on the family of Joseph M. Goddard, 19 Nov 1813 - 20 Jan 1866, m. to Deborah P., 3 Aug 1813 - 24 Nov 1865. Children, Ellen Marie, 9 Aug 1815 - 16 Nov 1865; J. Fessenden, 1 Feb 1846 - 2 Jun 1866; Elwood, 8 Apr 1855 - 21 Feb 1865. Any information on this family will be extremely helpful. Janet Heck
64. Re: [ROOTS-L] Family History [1]
Robert- Yes, I KNOW you have said before that OWT has nothing to do with your problem is the ONLY place at Ancestry that any data of yours could have remained visible once you deleted your WorldConnect tree--your file itself would have been instantly deleted when you removed it. There was never a change of policy with regard to the database submitter being able to update or delete his own tree. Joan ------------- Robert Blair wrote: I have said before that One World Tree has nothing
65. Re: [ROOTS-L] census at [1]
Upon further inspection of that entire county....I think its actually an abbreviation for Westmorland instead....several of them either say "westmorland" or they say"westm *d" Shannon * On Jan 31, 2008 7:01 PM, ShaniFaye wrote: > I dont think it can be weston, I've checked the cenus maps from 1790 to > the present and there has never been a county called Weston....Im wanting to > say its an abbrv of Washington, which is near Mercer Co, but in some places > its spelled out so Im not
66. Re: [ROOTS-L] costs [1]
I think if everyone stopped subscribing to for a year, they would have no choice but to lower their subscription prices. They have increased the subscription prices because apparently they figure everyone will still renew. I have to say I am disappointed to see this line about starting again. However, I could not resist my personal views on the subject. Yes, everything is rising in cost. I don't know of anything that hasn't in the last couple of years. And, yes, Ancestry has
67. [ROOTS-L] Marriage lookup: Fayette & Jefferson co. KY, 1780-1784 [1]
I'm wondering if someone could do a marriage lookup for me? I'm looking for a marriage of Thomas Crews/Cruse (of various spellings) in either Fayette or Jefferson county in Kentucky during the years 1780-1784. His wife could have had any of these maiden names: Anderson, Barton, Hayden (of various spellings). I'm sorry this is so vague. Thanks in advance! ~ Rita --------------------------------- Be a better friend, newshound, and know-it-all with Yahoo! Mobile. Try it now.
68. Re: [ROOTS-L] 8. Occupation "Wood Turner" (Taylor, Daniel J.) [1]
Dan, A wood turner usually operated a lathe of some fashion to turn wood - to produce spindles, chair and table legs etc. In the early days, prior to machine-driven lathes, the turning was done on a hand-operated lathe. In the UK, one method of powering these lathes was to set up a tripod of timbers with a long springy pole, suck as willow, which extended beyond the tripod. Straps or a rope of sorts was attached to the end of the spring pole and wound around a spindle which drove the lathe, or was an ex
69. [ROOTS-L] Overworked [1]
And some women still hang out clothes, can, make preserves, and tend the family garden in addition to holding down a job. My cousin who had 11 children always managed to bake her own bread and make her own pasta as well! It9s no wonder we9re pooped!! Melinda in Missouri, IBSSG -- --
70. [ROOTS-L] SHEPHERD Family [1]
Hello, I am looking for my son's 2 great grand parents. Last name SHEPHERD. I know his great grandmother had two sisters and where they were born but I can't find a match. I don't have Ancestry and I have been looking at Heritage Quest Online but I can't find Anne or her sisters. I think it's because HQ only indexes the head of the family and not each individual. So, if I could have some help I really would appreciate it. What I know..... SHEPHERD, Barbara married unknown Friberg b. 1 Jun 1888 - Can
71. [ROOTS-L] GARRISON "Most Wanted" Updated Jan. 28, 2008 [1]
The GARRISON/GARRETSON "Most Wanted" has been updated. There is 1 new name. We still have our MYSTERY GRAVE in Texas contributed by Bob Phelps. Please visit and see if you can identify it. Maybe your elusive, "Brick Wall" GARRISON or GARRETSON listed on the Most Wanted pages. You will also find other GARRISON/GARRETSON links and links to the Rootsweb GARRISON and GARRETSON Message Boards. And visit for other Most W
72. [ROOTS-L] OLIVER "Most Wanted" - Updated 28 Jan. 2008 [1]
The OLIVER Most Wanted web site has been updated. There are 4 new names - over 504 total! Please visit to see if your elusive OLIVER is there. You will also find other OLIVER links and links to the Rootsweb OLIVER Message Board. And visit for other Most Wanted web sites. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Yvonne Bowers Listmom, Boardmom, Webmom OLIVER, OLLIVER, OLVER, OLIVIER "Most Wanted" http://homepages.rootsweb.c
73. [ROOTS-L] Demise of Online Family Tree [1]
Recent messages here casually mentioned that Ancestry's "Online World Tree" was being discontinued. The whole situation regarding the various family tree databases at Ancestry/Rootsweb has been very confusing. An announcement is published in the December 26, 2007 edition of Eastman's newsletter at: more Basically, the OWT will be discontinued by March 2008 and replaced by the "Ancestry Members Tree" which is for subscribers only
74. [ROOTS-L] family trees [1]
There is a middle ground between 'name gatherers' and meticulous genealogists. That would be me. I'm the last twig on the tree, so to speak. No relatives to leave it to. I do it because I enjoy the detective work. I don't enter a name into my tree until I'm convinced the info is correct. I don't bother with collecting actual copies of documents. Just seeing one is enough for me...a preponderance of the evidence. >I also have contacted others, who listed family members of mine, but with some incorrec
75. [ROOTS-L] B C in Phila, Pa. [1]
Yesterday I posted the message of birth certificates. It probably would have helped if I would have given the maiden names of the mother. Libley, Krause , Traeger, Bushnell, Elliott, Baker, Bowker, Massey, Eberley, Ebbecke, Vermett, Roberts, Mason, Shaw, Gillespie, Bowker, Terry, Palmer, Shephard, Berringer, Fitzpatrick, McNamee, Thomas, Rennie, Barthmaier, Rodman, Schwartz, Costello, Rosenacker, Schafer, Murphy, Santoro, Wutzer, McGinley, Colfer, Dixon, Kaffle,

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