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76. [ROOTS-L] Flash drive storage [1]
> "From: > Subject: Re: [ROOTS-L] Saving data on a CD? > I prefer however to put mine on a flash drive. You can get much more on > them than a CD." I've heard that a flash drive is a magnetic storage device, rather than a laser inscribed device. If that is the case, and one travels through airports, it may be advisable to not take it in carry-on, in case they have the magnetic fields turned too high at the metal detectors. Sometimes the steel in my legs sets off alarms of metal det
77. [ROOTS-L] Book Publishing [1]
Greetings to any one using word for publishing books and family histories! I have a small publishing hobby - not a business. I too use word and it works just fine. Now I am changing to a new computer and am hoping it will be better. A person can incorporate pictures of family members and places where they live or have lived. It keeps family history before us and it all will be something we will pass on. If anyone has any suggestions or things they do wiht their word program, it would be neat to know.
78. [ROOTS-L] Obituary for Todd Alan VanLaningham (request by Carl M Sprouse) [1]
Thank you everyone for helping me to find the obituary for my friend Todd! I believe I've thanked many of you personally via e-mail. I appreciate the help greatly.----especially those of you who copied, pasted, and e-mailed it to me! I was beginning to think that an obituary wasn't going to be available. The service is Saturday. I was able to send this on to other longtime friends of Todd (also Grade School Classmates) in other states via e-mail. Thanks again!!!!!!! Carl > Message: 1 > Date: T
79. Re: [ROOTS-L] Ancestry.Com [1]
Joyce I have not said any such thing. You are confusing me with someone else. Ancestry is not ruining anything at all. People bitching about this on a list that is provided FREE by Ancestry is getting tiresome and OLD. They are running a business and have every right to do so. NO ONE is being forced to use or subscribe to Ancestry. I have to say that there are plenty of free areas online but NOT ALL records are free and accessible online. Many of us who are unable to afford subscriptions find that there is
80. [ROOTS-L] Invasion of Privacy [1]
Hi In England the Government will sell to anyone willing to pay personal details including bank account details, mortgage details and even a copy of signature. They also lose the odd 25 million records on unencrypted data disks with more personal details. We are told not to worry because there is no evidence YET of fraud. However census records have to be protected for 100 years before release to maintain privacy!!!!! In view of this I would consider having a name and no detail on a web page a luxury.
81. [ROOTS-L] Wife of Google co-founder wants to test DNA of 98 per cent of the World! [1]
The Elephant in the Living Room is growing a little larger, Google has an interest in DNA testing. Wife of Google co-founder wants to test DNA of 98 per cent of the World! Read about it on the Upstate New York Genealogy Blog by going to our website at and clicking on "UNYG Blog". Dick Hillenbrand
82. [ROOTS-L] MOFFITT Most Wanted List - Updated 7 Nov. 2007 [1]
The MOFFITT Most Wanted web page has been updated. There is 1 new entry - 303 total! Please visit: to see if your elusive MOFFITT (et al) is there! Please note: Many USA MOFFITTS originated in NC, primarily Randolph Co. Also, visit to see other Most Wanted web sites. The MOFFITT Most Wanted Web Site was 10 years old on Sep. 24! Happy hunting! *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Yvonne Bowers Listmom, Boardm
83. [ROOTS-L] Today's Topics [1]
I am unable to pull up the Individual Topics. Please advise what to do in order to be able to highlite and pull up Topics to read the contents. Sincerely, Ted Nairn
84. [ROOTS-L] Changing given names [1]
I've had the same problem with my family - changing or switching their given names. I've been looking for my 2nd gr grandmother for years but cannot find her. Her name was Clara when she was 2 yrs. old on the 1860 census and 12 yrs. old on the 1870 census. She married in 1875 with the name of Clara E. She is shown on the 1880 census as Clara E. and after her husband died in 1882 she gave up her children for adoption using the given name of Clara. After 1882 I can find no reference for her in an
85. [ROOTS-L] ReSSDI [1]
I think that $250 is called a burial benefit and it is paid only if there is a surviving spouse, is it not? When my uncle died, I know his wife received such a payment. They had no children and when she died, I was administrator of her estate and found because there was no immediate survivor, no $250 would - or was - paid out. juanita > I think that some people are confusing "receiving benefits" as the > deceased person actually receiving benefits. If a person dies before > collecting social secu
86. Re: [ROOTS-L] Adobe Acrobat and Fulton history site [1]
I used Screenhunter software - free download from This lets me draw a line around whatever I want - picture or text - and save it as a .jpg file on my hard drive. Then I can print or just save it or whatever. This was in a Roots message two or three years ago, and I have used it lots and lots, and I don't remember who sent it in, but THANK YOU! If the size or quality isn't quite what I want, I change it using Faststone - another free download from
87. [ROOTS-L] Newbies' general questions: GEN-NEWBIE [1]
Hello, Karen. Not at all a stupid question! Someone on this list may know the pension rules for the time. If not, try GEN-NEWBIE. Many knowledgeable researchers hang out there to help others. Send an email to GEN-NEWBIE-request@ subject is one word: subscribe text is one word: subscribe The welcome message will give you more information. I'm curious -- could this pension have been other than military? Age 87 when he died in 1853, born abt 1766 -- jus
88. [ROOTS-L] Filing Source Material - Thanks [1]
I would like to thank everyone that took the time to share their thoughts on filing source material. It appears that there are a lot of ways to do it and the important thing is to be able to easily find it once filed. I will probably use a little from several different methods and hopefully get one that works good for me. One thing I do know is to be consistent in the method and then if it is wrong everything will have to be changed using the same process, rather than every correction being different. Tha
89. [ROOTS-L] rates [1]
I have used for years and will continue to use it. I needed to find a Civil War veteran's service record tonight (Sunday, 10:00PM). It took about five minutes. In the old days ( it would have taken me at least a month and cost about $35.00. I do this research routinely. has saved me a lot of money, a lot of time, and a lot of aggravation. Philadelphia Research **************Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.
90. [ROOTS-L] Obit lookup in Hemet, Riverside Co., CA [1]
Looking for an obit for Leslie Misner, died Mar. 1, 1984 Hemet, CA Thanks, Larry
91. Re: [ROOTS-L] Trying to locate the family of mack D. Knight [1]
This is example of where she does not do her own homework before posting to this list. The person she is asking about is easily found in the Rootsweb WorldConnect database. The listing gives his birth date and birth state. A quick look-up in index on that birth year and state finds him in the 1900 census at age 5 with his parents and siblings. Same census record also in Heritage Quest. > >Message: 10 >Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 19:15:44 -0800 (PST) >From: PALLAS R HOUSER
92. Re: [ROOTS-L] Mobile and Ohio (M & O Rail Road) Re: James Harry Waldrop [1]
ANSWER TO BELOW: Sandra, Don't know if that particular Railroad is still in business. You might check the Railroad Retirement Site and see if it mentions them. In the meantime go to Google Images and type in M&O Railroad (as shown - do not separate the M&O or the Railroad). You will find lots there including the below. Sorry the URL is so long but hopefully you can bring it up. It gives a history of the railroad. Hope this helps, Gretchen _
93. Re: [ROOTS-L] Ancestry, USGenWeb - Pay vs Free [1]
Kathie You go, girl! I want you, and the rest of the volunteer transcribers and administrators, etc., to know that I, and many others, appreciate what you do. The truth is, it'll be a long time, if ever, that all the records are put up on the internet. Everyone should be helping, if they want their hobby to grow and develop. The volunteers, the folks who sponsor servers (including the parent company for, the people who help others look up, opine, summarize, and so on, each have a part to pl
94. [ROOTS-L] Saving my work to a disk [1]
I have an older version of FTM which I still use. So when I want to save my family tree, or send off a part of it, I copy it to my "Works" program then save that part to disk. I find it fairly easy. LeRena
95. [ROOTS-L] Pension doc example - online [1]
I have a work related blog where I can post items from my family history. Today I blogged about Garrett County, MD - and about the Civil War Pension of Rachel (Bittinger) Platter - the widow of Henry B. Platter - I posted an image of her pension request and a picture of her nephew Charles "Wooly" Henry & Sarah (Hoover) Bittinger - their family and home. See the images and post at:
96. [ROOTS-L] Mac system [1]
Hi Mac users, Just recently purchased an iMac and would like some pointers/help in deciding whether to change from Legacy to Generations or stay in Windows with Legacy. Please reply to me at Thanks in advance. B.C. Alderson
97. Re: [ROOTS-L] LDS Family History [1]
Patricia: There are two important points to keep in mind when looking at trees submitted to FamilySearch (LDS). 1) Once submitted, they cannot be changed or corrected. I made the mistake of submitting a tree early on in my research. It has plenty of errors, but there's nothing I can do about it except to submit another tree (which wouldn't be perfect either). 2) Many (most?) of the people submitting trees to FamilySearch are doing temple work required by church membership. They don't all necessarily
98. Re: [ROOTS-L] Invasion of privacy [1]
** Reply to message from on Wed, 02 Jan 2008 10:40:31 -0700 > Come on folks, get a grip on reality! Identity theft from ONLINE resourses > has never been proven and what does occur comes from people falling for > phishing scams and NOT from genealogical databases. Proving a negative is hard to do. While you may be correct I don't see the benefits of taking a chance that you are incorrect. > There is NOTHING PRIVATE about a NAME--yours, mine, or anyone else's. > Names, dates,
99. [ROOTS-L] [Fwd: where is this website?] [1]
Have you tried They have included all sorts of dinky German towns, and it is neat because you can really zoom in on the the satellite photos- you can almost see the furrows plowed in the fields. Best regards, Stephanie
100. Re: [ROOTS-L] Anybody ever make genealogical trips to Europe? [1]
Hi all, Both my husband and myself have tried and had great experiences with the below organization for British and Scottish research. My husband originally met Keith when he went to Salt Lake. Keith happened to be there at the same time my husband was. I believe he goes there several time a year. He was most helpful so we decided to hire them to do some research for us. Prices were quite reasonable and they sent birth, marriage and certificates that they located. They will give you a no obl

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