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1. [ROOTS-L] Kathryn Kingsley SHARP - Belleville, IL [1]
I have a handwritten will by Kathryn Kingsley SHARP dated July 19, 1905. She mentions her sister Louise Sharp BUTLER. I would love to give this to a relative of her family. I found it in an antique store in Eureka, MO. Please e-mail me if you are interested in receiving this. Thank you! --------------------------------- Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your homepage.
2. [ROOTS-L] Obit and death cert.for Sylvia Hall Denver, CO. [1]
Need obit for Sylvia Hall died 21 Feb 1963, Denver, CO. Would also like copy of death certificate. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ev Smith.
3. Re: [ROOTS-L] Amanda Robison [1]
Will send the image next Eliz Name: Lycurgus Robison Estimated Birth Year: abt 1824 Age in 1870: 46 Birthplace: Ohio Home in 1870: Rome, Lawrence, Ohio Family and neighbors: View Results Race: White Gender: Male Value of real estate: View Image Post Office: Bartramville Albert Robison Rome, Lawrence, OH abt 1851 Ohio White Male Amanda Robison Rome, Lawrence, OH abt 1858 Ohio White Female Elizabeth Robison Rome, Lawrence
4. Re: [ROOTS-L] an invasion of privacy [1]
When I got the PC and found out so much Info I put all the information on the net that I could think of on my family some is right and some is wrong and not having much common sense and just a lot of animal needs . I needed to see it on the net. I did all the wrong things. Out of pure stupidly. So if anybody wants out then why upset some family member because of my obsession. A few people did see my family tree that weren't in it and I found n
5. Re: [ROOTS-L] Ancestry [1]
There is one other thing- I don't know how, but Ancestry must enhance the images they make available. I have bought census records from the NARA (paying about 25.00 EACH) and they are not nearly as readable as the ones online. On Tue, 15 Jan 2008, wrote: > I finally have to put in my "two cents worth" about Ancestry. Like many, I > am well into the senior citizen category and on a limited income. > > Having done genealogy for over 30 years, I also go back to the days of mail > que
6. Re: [ROOTS-L] ancestry renewal [1]
I dont know about Teresa, but last year, new years eve weekend Ancestry ran a special to get the world edition for the same price as the US deluxe, it was on the website for 2 days only on a weekend, so you couldnt call and get it. I called Jan 2nd and told them I had seen the advertisement and I wanted that deal. They very nicely gave it to me AND gave me 13 months instead of 12 which moved my renewal to Feb 2nd. I got my renewal notice this year wanting 249 for this year so I emailed and told them I wou
7. [ROOTS-L] ancestry [1]
Hi there, thanks guys, mine seems to be working again now. Not sure what it was but wouldn't work for about an hour. Beth
8. [ROOTS-L] SHRIVER and SCHRIVER Families of Pennsylvania and Maryland [1]
The Littlestown Historical Society in Adams County, PA. : Next month Feb. 19, 2008 7:00 P.M. at Centenary United Methodist Church, 50 E. King St., Littlestown (Adams County, PA.) in their fellowship hall (Methodist Social Hall) in the rear of the church (door off alley beside building, ample parking) the speaker is discussing "Andreas AKA Andrew SHRIVER and Union Mills in MD." The speaker will be Ivan LUFRIU. Andrew AKA Andreas SCHRIVER was the first settler to sett
9. [ROOTS-L] Atkinsons of Jersey City, New Jersey circa 1930 [1]
Looking for descendants of Ida and George Atkinson who resided at 96 Clinton Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey circa 1930 Thanks vicki
10. [ROOTS-L] Using the website [1]
I noticed that someone just requested an obit from this list and I suggested that she use and she said that she had used it many times and that she had already used her limit on that website, myself have used it many times if I use a different name and dates and all and never had a problem, I have read the rules for this website and I do not see anything about using different names and dates and not be able to request different information. Does anyone know what the rule is for this website as
11. Re: [ROOTS-L] Crediting your sources [1]
Pat- This is very true--but on the other hand, if someone lists a source as "personal knowledge" for an event that occurred in 1800 at least the person reading it would have a clue that the source might not be one they can trust. Joan ------------ Pat wrote: I have personal knowledge of when and where I was married, who my husband and children are, and when and where the children were born. I have personal knowledge of where and when my father and mother, and grandparents, died. All of
12. Re: [ROOTS-L] Using the website [1]
I don't understand the ambiguous reply. Please just answer the question, is there a limit on requests or not? If there is a problem getting help at RAOGK one can try to find a volunteer by going to the appropriate GENWEB site. Often there are volunteers listed there. Jerry Hale Deltona, FL _____________________________________________________________ Free Information on the Best Online Banking. Click Here.
13. Re: [ROOTS-L] [Fwd: where is this website?] [1]
I think it is just I saved my personal tree to favorites .It has a different URL .I found it originally by just googling Tribal pages
14. [ROOTS-L] head stones [1]
Does any know who might make an affordable head stone, or momument for graves. I would like to put a small one on my ggrandmothers grave. She has a large one that is hard to read. Maybe put some genealogy records on it. wprice
15. Re: [ROOTS-L] OFT to AFT vs. AWT & Rootsweb WorldConnect [1]
Here's an article that explains what's happening with the OFT to AFT, and the AWT / Roostweb WorldConnect mess. It's simple, clear and straightforward. Even I understand it now:,category,Genealogy%20Web%20Sites.aspx MIcki
16. Re: [ROOTS-L] Family History [1]
Joan there seems to be several people who "Just Don't Get It". So they think Ancestry is the DEVIL and that they somehow are being controlled by the demons of Ancestry. LOL -- no one makes them use Ancestry, Rootsweb or any other part the TGN network, but they seem to think everything should be free, search engines don't exist outside of GOOGLE, and that their data is theirs alone. Geeze this topic has gone on for days and days. Maybe the pre-screeners can give us a break and just allow posts that are actua
17. Re: [ROOTS-L] Mac Users [1]
I have been using a program, GeditCom for many years and taught several how to use it. Free trial at Sorry, not available for Windows. Bob Bradford ************** Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.
18. Re: [ROOTS-L] costs [1]
Jan I still think that ancestory basically takes information that belongs to everyone .Then they monopolize it and charge people for the right to access it .Now you can call it what ever you like but that is what they do in a nutshell Patricia Perkins
"Does anyone have girls named Sally who were called Sukey in the 1798/1800 time period. It seems Sukey was a more common nickname in the South but this was New Hampshire." Hi. My name is Sue and when I was a small child I was called "Sukey" by my natural parents. My natural father was from New Hampshire. I always wondered from where the nickname came. I saw a posting on genforum by a person going by the name of "Sukey". I contacted her to see why she went by "Sukey". She said it was a pet name mean "dear
20. Re: [ROOTS-L] family tree on line [1]
If a member of your family doesn't want to be put on the family site why don't you take them off. What's the difference what we think. With or without a law suit. It is invasion of privacy Ema Hi Recently received an e-mail from a distant relative who found the family site and noticed his name and that of his wife. Dates were not shown as both are still living. Any invasion of privacy as a result of this website and he "will see me in court". Comments from members please.
21. Re: [ROOTS-L] family tree on line [1]
I find items, not being document, in family tree's, on line. A lot of people, are using undocumented information. An invasion of privacy, is so wrong. I have found people, putting living people's name, with birth year on line. Also finding people using social security numbers, with family members, that has pass away. There is still love one's, that are still using those social society numbers. I wonder, how many people knows, how genealogy got started! Genealogy use to be fun doing, not anymore. Joy
22. Re: [ROOTS-L] Family History [1]
** Reply to message from "Kathie Harrison" on Wed, 16 Jan 2008 01:01:26 -0700 > Bob, I have my family file on the Rootsweb World Connect and I update > it all the time. I am the ONLY person who can update it, remove it, > and download it. It is also there in case I would have my computer > crash and lose all my work. I never have added it on the Ancestry side > and it is NOT there. I backup my data to a removable disk and another computer. I know there are many web sites that adver
23. [ROOTS-L] RAPP in Dayton 1890 [1]
My Kochendorfer family plot in Calvary Cemetery, Dayton, OH contains a headstone belonging to John and Anna (KOCHENDORFER) RAPP. They married in 1887 and both died in 1890. I can't find any info on John RAPP. Can anybody help? **************Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.
24. Re: [ROOTS-L] Contact with [1]
1-800-ANCESTRY On Jan 28, 2008 5:13 PM, wrote: > Does have a phone no.? I would like to talk about joining.
25. Re: [ROOTS-L] Keeping all your family genealogy to your self? [1]
Personally, I'm not publishing my genealogy because my database was somewhat garbled, and other information is such that I don't have accurate information about the source of all the data. I've heard a lot of people complain about copyright infringement when compilations of other people's works are published without permission. The article referenced earlier also spoke about having trees pirated and used elsewhere as if it were one's own work. Much of my info came from email exchanges with fam

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