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Wow this is very cool. Did this Crow die in 1875?

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I have the book called "This Band of Brothers", but it did not have much in
it for me. I did enjoy the insight I gleaned from it though. The best
resources I found was www.footnote.com as I was able to find my g
grandfather and his brother in Belton, Texas. It had the induction papers
and dates, and it had the death record and date. He died of pneumonia in
Belton, Tx hospitol. I also was able to print out these records. One of the
greatest benefit I got was his county of birth in Tennessee enabling me to
research the family more in depth. Good luck on your searches.

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Subject: [17TH-TX-CAVALRY] More Information on 17th

I had two direct ancestors who were in this unit. However, at least one of
them managed to escape imprisonment at the fall of Arkansas Post. The book
referenced refers only to the unit as it was organized after the fall and
the men were released to fight in other states. Not all of the men in the
17th did so. How I determined this is that I managed to get hold of a copy
of a book published in 1912 which included the reminiscences of a number of
men who fought in the Civil War (the book is in the Rice University Library
in Houston). Try a WordCat search to see if it's in a library near you. A.
C. Swinburn responded to Ms. Yeary with several paragraphs explaining how
he'd escaped with many in his company and where he'd served (in Louisiana
under Polignac). Although the book doesn't concentrate on the 17th, I found
it a godsend.

Reminiscences of the Boys in Gray, 1861-1865
Mamie Yeary, Smith & Lamar: Dallas, 1912

Two other sources are: "A Smith County Confederate Writes Home: the Letters
of E. H. Crow," Smith County (TX) Chronicles, vol. 4, no. 2, Fall 1965 -
Crow was in Company C and wrote poignant letters to his wife.

"The Letters of Lt. Flavius W. Perry 17th Texas Cavalry, 1862-63," from Joe
R. Wise's Military History of Texas and the Southwest, vol. XIII, No. 2,
pages 11-37.

I especially find the "own-words" of soldiers to be very illuminating . . .
even if they don't specifically mention one of my ancestors because they
were there.

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