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Welcome to the 74TH_REGIMENT_OF_FOOT list. This list is for all persons that are either descendants of the men of the 74th who settled in New Brunswick/Nova Scotia or other persons interested in the 74th. To kick off the list and get some threads started please send in your ancector's name and some data you may have on him, i.e. family, location of where he settled in New Brunswick/Nova Scotia. I'll start out giving my data.

My ancestor was James Stuart, who served with the 74th at Castine in the Battle of Penobscot. He was from Fife Scotland settled in Digdeguash with his wife Rebecca ( ). His neighbor was John McIIroy. Newspaper accounts indicate James died in 14 Dec 1835 ,but his headstone is recorded on a web site as 14 Dec. 1837 so I'll need to get a copy of is probate if it exists to get the exact year. I know of two male children; James and John both who shared the land at Digdeguash in tax records. James married Sarah McIIroy and I'm finding hints that John married Martha Anne McIIroy. The last Stuart to own the land was John's son Colon Stuart, my GG grandfather, who died in Portland, Maine at 93, but is buried in Bethel in the Church of the Transfiguration. My Great grandfather George Allen Stuart was the last in my line born in Digdeguash. The rest were born in Cumberland County, Maine. John Stuart's son George F. Stuart, born in Digdeguash, lived to 100 and was one of the last!
surviving Civil War Veterans in Maine.

That's my story what's yours?

Fred Stuart

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