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After the Revolutionary War the 74th was busy. Below is the timeline.

1787 - raised by Major-General Sir Archibald Campbell at the cost of the
East India Company.
Part of this 74th Regiment of Foot is what this list is interested in, the
one that where stationed at Castine, Maine in suppport of the Battle of
Penobscot or Bagaduce as it was named in there time. Most members of the
74th returned to Sterling and where disbanded, but some stayed behind in
Nova Scotia/New Brunswick and drew lands and raised families.

1788 - India - war against Tippoo, capture of Pondicherry, expedition
against Manilla

1799 - Tippoo Sahib (included 200 veterans of the 71st, left behind when
that regiment left India), siege of Seringapatam

1800 - Polygar War, Bombay, Ceylon

1803 - 1804 - Ahmednugger, Argaum, Assaye, Deccan, Holkar's, Chandore and
Jaulnah - at Assaye, every officer present, save one, was killed or wounded,
and the battalion was reduced to a mere wreck. Awarded a Third Colour in
recognition of their conduct at the Battle of Assaye.

Sept. 1805 - left India

Feb. 1806 - Home - Scotland

1809 - Walcheren

1810 - Peninsula - Busaco, Sabugal, Fuentes d'Onor, siege and capture of
Ciudad Rodrigo, second and third sieges of Badajos, Salamanca, Bittoria,
Pyrenees, Nivelle, Orthez, Tarbes and Toulouse - then home
1810-14 - 71st and 74th in the Peninsula War. Fought at Busaco, Fuentes
D'Onor, Almaraz, Badajoz, Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca, Vittoria, Arinez,
Pyrenees, Nive, Nivelle, Orthes, Toulouse.

1815 - Belgium

1818 - 1830 - Canada, Newfoundland, Bermuda then home

1824-1828 Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Subject: Ancestor in the 74th

> I've just found a death record for an ancestor who died in 1868 age 74
> in Edinburgh. On her certificate it stated her husband (Robert Falconer,
> deceased) was a private in the 74th regiment. They were married in 1811
> - so assume they were born around early 1890's. They had 4 children
> between 1817 & 1826 in Edinburgh.
> Any ideas where he may have served - and where I might find his death
> records? I'm sure he was deceased by 1846 (based on some letters written
> between 2 of Robert's sons between 1843-1846.
> Many Thanks,
> Karen,
> Sydney, Australia
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