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Hi Mona, I'm away from my records too so relying on memory for this. Alonzo Fitch was brother to Morgan. Alonzo is my ggggrandfather. Morgan, a lawyer, was indeed married twice as far as I know. I'm not sure what happened to his first wife but I believe they were living in Tennessee when she might have died. He probated the will of Helen's first husband and I suppose that's how they met. Morgan and Helen moved on to Mississippi in the early 1830s because the Choctaws had been moved out and all that land opened for settlement. Alonzo and his wife (Meky Ann) moved down to Mississippi a few years after Morgan. They had two sons, Morgan L. and Theordore. Alonzo died soon after Theodore was born and Meky Ann took the boys to Indiana to live with yet another Fitch brother. After Meky Ann died, Morgan and Theodore moved to Cincinnati, Ohio and that is where Morgan met Jane Collins (a recent Irish immigrant) and they married on January 15, 1861. Morgan soon joined the Union army (Fr!
emont's Body Guard) but after a real cold winter in St. Louis he became ill probably with pnuemonia. Fremont's unit disbanded I think but Morgan never regained his health and died in 1872. He and Jane had 4 children - two sons died in infancy - Jessied Fremont Fitch (my ggrandmother) and James.

I've corresponded with someone else who is doing extensive research on the Fitches and he believes that your gggrandfather was named after Morgan Lewis - a respected governor of NY state.

I'm glad to know this bit about you Morgan because he was a puzzle to me. If he is the Morgan Fitch in the Texas Ranger unit during the Civil War he must have been the oldest one in it.

So here is a fellow who was born in the north, moved south, became a slave holder and fought for the Confederacy while his nephew, Morgan L, who was born in Mississippi, moved north and fought for the Union.

Collins was another brother to Morgan and Alonzo. Thanks for finding my message! GAil

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