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From: (Brian Smith)
Subject: [ABERDEEN] Ferguson
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 21:53 +0100 (BST)

A family contact in Illinois has a number of old newspaper cuttings
relating to Fergusons, found in a book belonging to an elderly relative.
I wonder if anyone recognises any of the names?

One of the clippings dated 25 feb 1892 Headline "Old Deer" subtitled "The
Ferguson's of Kinmundy" details a monument, erected in the family vault
part of the Parish Church to the north of the Church of Old Deer, by
William Ferguson. On the face of the stone is the following record:

In memory of
Major-General James Ferguson
Of Balmarkelly
Colonel of the Cameronian Regiment
D.1706, B in St.John's Cathedral,Bois-le-Duc
The Netherlands

James Ferguson of Kinmundy,

of James Ferguson of Kinmundy,

James Ferguson. Yr. Of Kinmundy
B. in Necropolis, Glasgow

And of Others of their Family who rest here.

Erected by William Ferguson of Kinmundy

above the inscription is the family coat of arms, with the motto arte et

There is also a long obituary describing the life of Mr. William Ferguson,
of Kilmundy, LL.D. I will quote "Mr. Ferguson was born in 1823, and who
was therefore 81 years of age, was a decendant of James Ferguson, the
third son of William Ferguson of Crichie, and a younger brother of Of
William Ferguson of Badiefurrow (now Manar). He suceeded to the property
in 1862. He was third son of James Ferguson, great grandson of "Old Bomy",
the eldest son, James , having been accidently killed.."

Also an Obit for Master j. de C,A. Ferguson, younger son of Sherriff
Ferguson, Edinburgh and grandson of Dr. Ferguson of Kinmundy.

Alison & Brian Smith (Minety, Wilts)

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