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From: Katrina <>
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 13:15:32 +1100
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On Sat, 20 Mar 2004 11:19:15 +0000, you wrote:

>Katrina wrote:
> > I'm an Australian who has an ancestor born in Peterhead around 1850.
> > His name was William Forrest Giles, son of John Giles and Eliza
> > Santley or Elizabeth Sangster. Both John and William were shipwrights.
> > I was wondering if anyone has any info on the history of the name
> > Giles in the area, as it doesn't seem to be a native Scots name.
>and Ian replied:
> > The < native Scots name > that you are looking for could be Gillies -
> > a sept of the clan Macpherson. I've seen worse spelling mistookes ;-)
>I would be rather dubious of assuming that "Giles" was necessarily a
>mis-spelling or variant of "Gillies". Peterhead was an important
>trading, fishing and whaling port, and had long-established links up and
>down the whole east coast of Britain, so the presence of "foreign" names
>should be no surprise (although according to the 1851 Census, the
>GILESes were all born in Peterhead, unlike the GILLIESes, who were all
>but one incomers).

I wasn't thinking of a case of wrong spelling, it seems more likely
that the name was established there in at least the previous century.
Soundex gives Giels, Geils, Jeals, Geals, and Gills as variations.
There doesn't seem to be a John Giles birth recorded there at the
right time but quite a few John Giels, Geils and Geals.
Shouldn't be too hard as there is only 1599 records for Giles in the
whole of Scotland.
Whereas I'm becoming fairly convinced that my Santley is a Sangster,
there being only one record for Santley in Scotland and one census
record in England on the LDS site. Another puzzle...


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