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Good afternoon Listers,

Many on this List, have already assisted me with the daughters of Sir Walter Farquhar, as only thier married names, Mrs Hook, Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Mathison, were mentioned in the Last Will and Testament of Sir Walter Farquhar. However, I am now hoping that SKS, may help me prove a family connection between the Farquhar and Christie families, also the Harvie and Stevenson/Stephenson family will be mentioned.

I will set out below what I know and hope someone can give me a clue. I do know that the Christie Clan is connected to the Farquhar Clan and at one time, Sir Walter Farquhar may have been the head of the Clan (not sure of that). I know I mention Glasgow but when I get to the Christie family they are in Aberdeen. Was the reason that doctor, Sir Walter Farquhar, took young Dr. Thomas Christie under his wing, was the Clan connection, or is there a close family connection.

First to the Harvie connection.

Thomas Harvie, married Mary Murdock on 1st August 1718 in Glasgow. Thomas Harvie, born circa 1693 and Mary Murdock born circa 1697, both in Glasgow. This couple had a least 11 children, four of their children are of interest, Thomas, John, Alexander and Sussanna Harvie/Harvey, all of the 11 children were also were born in Glasgow.

(1) Sussanna/Susan Harvie/Harvey married John Chrystie/Christie on 26th January 1766 in Glasgow, Lanark.

(2) Thomas Harvie married Ann Stevenson/Stephenson circa 1762 in Jamaica, Caribbean.

(3) John Harvie married Barbara Stevenson/Stephenson on 5th February, 1743 at Saint Michael's, Barbados, Caribbean.

(4) Alexander Harvie married Elizabeth Stevenson/Stephenson on 24th October 1747 at Saint Michael's. Barbados, Caribbean.

I know through newspaper articles, that Ann Stevenson/Stephenson was the fourth daughter of an Alexander Stevenson, of Barbados, Caribbean (however it is believed that Alexander Stevenson/Stephenson was born in Scotland and his wife was Elizabeth). Thomas and Ann Harvie (nee Stevenson/Stephenson) had one daughter Elizabeth born circa 1762, who in 1788 married Simon Halliday, (Simon was born circa 1758 in Whinnyrig, Dumfries, Scotland).

By 20th June 1771, Ann Harvie (nee Stevenson/Stephenson) is a Widow and she is in London on this day, as she married Walter Farquhar at Saint Mary - St Marylebone Road, Saint Marylebone, London. I believe that Ann may have met her future husband, Sir Walter Farquhar, in the Caribbean, as the Farquhar's had plantations and other business interests on the islands.

Sir Walter Farquhar 1st Bart, was a renowned physician, to the Prince Regent and also to Sir William Pitt, and to many other notables of the time. Sir Walter and his wife Lady Ann Farquhar (Harvie nee Stevenson) had at least seven children, three sons, the first born was strangely named after Lady Ann's deceased husband, Sir Thomas Harvie Farquhar, 2nd Bart, then there was Walter Farquhar and Robert Townsend Farquhar and four daughters, Elizabeth Margaret Farquhar, Catherine (Kitty) Farquhar, Ann Farquhar and Charity Graeme Farquhar. All the daughters and sons married well. However, sadly the second son Walter died at the age of 28.

Now to the Christie, connection. John and Sussanna Christie (nee Harvie's) children:-
Elizabeth Christie b. 23rd Nov 1766

John Harvey Christie b. 1768 bapt. 4th April, 1768.

Janet Christie bapt. 1st Oct, 1769.

William Christie b, 23rd June 1772, bapt. 28th July 1772.

Thomas Christie b 2nd April 1774, bapt.3rd April, 1774.

All born and Christened at Carnath, Lanark, Scotland.

It is the youngest I am interested in, Thomas Christie.

Young Thomas CHRISTIE, was educated at the University of Aberdeen with a medical degree. When Dr Thomas Christie was granted his MD by Marischal College, Aberdeen, it was Sir Walter Farquhar who provided one of his three testimonials and on the strength of the testimonials given by Dr James McGrigor, Sir Walter Farquhar and Dr Sanders he received his MD. It was common practice at this time for universities to award medical degrees, as a result of personal application supported by testimonial.

After finishing his studies Thomas Christie, entered the service of the East India Co. He was a surgeon in the regiment at Trincomalee 1797, Superintendent of a Military hospital, and head of a smallpox hospital introducing the vaccination of smallpox in Ceylon in 1802.It was around 1803 or 1804 in Ceylon when Dr. Thomas CHRISTIE, met and married (Elizabeth) Mary Isabella Tolfrey, circa 1803.

In 1810 the Christie family with their four sons, all born in Ceylon, returned to England and settled in Cheltenham. At the suggestion of Dr. Sir Walter Farquhar, who was at this time the personal physician of the Prince Regent, Dr. Thomas Christie also became "physician extraordinary to the Prince Regent".

Dr.Thomas Christie for all his seven sons' second names, he gave them names of family members, John Frederic Christie, William Harvie Christie, Edward Tolfrey Christie, Walter Farquhar Christie, Samuel Tolfrey Christie and Henry Paget Christie, (of interest John Frederic Christie became a minister of the church, the other 6 sons went to Rugby then on to Sandhurst to serve King and country).

Another snippet regarding Scottish history, Dr. Thomas Christie's eldest son, John Frederic Christie, who studied at Oxford and became a Minister of Religion, married on 21st April 1847 Helen Spens in Edinburgh. Helen Spens born 1819 was the daughter of Dr. Thomas Spens and Bethia Wood Edinburgh. Dr.Thomas Spens studied in Edinburgh and received his doctorate there in 1784. He successively became fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, physician in the Royal Infirmary as well as in a lunatic asylum.

Well, I suppose I have burdened everyone with a lot of history and I am asking the big question, was Dr. Sir Walter Farquhar just a mentor to Dr. Thomas Christie through the Clan or was he related? We know that Lady Ann Farquhar (Harvie nee Stevenson/Stephenson) was an Aunt by marriage to Dr.Thomas Christie, as her first husband Thomas Harvie, was an elder brother of Dr. Thomas Harvie's mother, Sussanna Christie (nee Harvie). There must have been a close feeling for Sir Walter Farquhar towards his wife's first husband, to name his first born Thomas Harvie Chrisite.

Any information regarding these families would be very much appreciated.

on a very hot day in Belrose - Sydney

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