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I think it is quite possible that your Robert, ca 1789 VA, may
be the son of Robert Abernathy, born ca 1752 and who died in
1845 in Catawba County, NC. This Robert's daughter Frances
married my ancestor the Rev. Francis Bird, a Methodist minister.
in 1808. She was born ca. 1789 in Virginia. Robert Abernathy
was the son of John Abernathy who died in 1813 in Brunswick
County, Va. Around 1794 Robert moved his family to Lincoln County
(later Catawba, NC) near the family of his father-in-law, Samuel
Harwell. In 1822, two wagon trains, one in Burke County and one from
Lincoln County, left NC at about the same time to settle in the newly
opened Indian land of Habersham County, GA, including the part which
became White County. Francis Bird, along with many Harwells and
Abernathys, was among this group. The Birds settled on Duke's Creek,
near Helen. I have some research files I would be happy to send to
you as attachments and would love to have more information on this
Abernathy family. Thanks.

Bob Erwin

Copy of Will of Robert Abernathy - made by Clerk
of Court, Catawba Co., N. C.

In the name of God, Amen: I, Robert Abernathy of the County of
Lincoln and State of North Carolina, now being of sound and perfect
mind and memory, do this day, the eighth of April in the year of our
Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty, do make and publish this
my last Will and Testement in the following manner: that is to say -
First, I give and bequeath unto my four sons, Buckner Abernathy,
Samuel Abernathy, Frederick Abernathy and Robert Abernathy the whole
of all the lands wheron I now live, to be divided equally between
them, with all the buidings and improvements belonging to the
aforesaid lands. I do give unto Buckner Abernathy, Samuel Abernathy,
Frederick Abernathy and Robert Abernathy, my four sons, and Lucy
Shelton, Susan Lee, and Frances Bird my three daughters, all or the
whole of my negroes, to be divided equally among them, and I also
give my four sons and three daughters, their names already above
mentioned, all my stock of every kind and all my household goods and
furniture of every kind and farming utencils of every kind and all
other property besides. Lastly, I do make and constitute my worthy
friends or sons, Buckner Abernathy, Samuel Abernathy, Executors of
this my last will and testement, in witness whereof, I, the said
Robert Abernathy have to this, my last Will and Testement, set my
hand and seal the day and year first above written signed, sealed
published and declared by the said Robert Abernathy, the Testator, as
his last will and testament. In the presence of us -James Loften,
Aram Sherrill, Edmond Loften This will was probated April, 1846.

Revolutionary War Pension Application -
Robert Abernathy S8006

State of North Carolina - Lincoln County
On the 15th day of September, 1832 personally appeared before us
Jno. J. Sherford & Nathaniel Edwards Justices of the court of said
County Robert Abernathy, a resident of the County of Lincoln &
state aforesaid, aged about eighty years who being first duly
sworn, according to Law, doth on his oath make the following
declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress
adopted 7th June 1832 - That he entered the service of the United
States about the year 1776 in the state of Virginia, then a
resident of the county of Brunswick, was drafted, three different
times for three months each and under the following officers; the
first under John Macklin, Capt. in Regt. Comd'd by Col. Harrison
and was stationed at Portsmouth, Virginia, the second time under
Capt. Hicks in regt. comd'd by Col. Elliott & was stationed part
of the time at Williamsburg; the third tour, his place was
supplied by a substitute. He hereby relinquishes every claim
whatever to a Pension or annuity, except the present, and declares
that his name is not on the Pension Roll if the agency of any
State or on the rolls of any State.

Mr. Jacob Hill, a clergyman residing in th County of Lincoln and
Francis Harwell residing also in the same county hereby certify taht
we are well aquainted with Robert Abernathy, who has subscribed &
sworn to the above declaration; that we believe him to be about eighty
years of age; that he is reputed and believed, in the neighborhood
where he resides, to have been a soldier of the Revolution & that we
concur in that opinion.

Personally appeared before us Jno. J. Sherford & Nathaniel Edwards,
Justices of the Court, Francis Harwell, Resident of the county of
Lincoln & State of No. Ca. who after being duly Sworn according to Law
deposith and saith; that he has been acquainted with Robert Abernathy
from his youth, and knows that he went two tours in the service and
the third, Robert Abernathy hired a substitute in the Revolutionary
War; that he has known him up to the present and the last forty years
has lived a neighbor to him in No. Ca.

Mr. Frederick Abernathy & Francis Harwell, certify that we are well
acquanted with Robert Abernathy above & from his age & infirmities, as
we believe, that he could not get to the court house, being about
eighteen miles distant, without great inconvenience & trouble.

Robert Abernathy
Certificate #4388
Issued January 18, 1833
Rate $20.00 per annum
Commenced March 4, 1831
Act of June 7, 1832
North Carolina Agency

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There is a cemetery in White County, Georgia filled with over sixty Abernathy
tombstones. Joel Abernathy, b. 15 June 1812; d. 5 Apr 1897 and Melvine
Abernathy, b. 11 Apr 1827; d. 13 Apr 1912 are buried in this cemetery, next to
the Chattahoochee Methodist Church. According to the 1880 census of White
County, Nacoochie District, Joel Abernathy was born in North Carolina circa
1817 and Margaret M. (probably Melvina) was born in Georgia circa 1830. These
are probably the same people. Joel in the 1880 census has a daughter Olive A.
Abernathy born circa 1868.
Also buried in this cemetery is Miles Abernathy, possibly Joel's younger
brother. Miles is probably the son of Robert Abernathy, b. circa 1784 in
Virginia, who is listed in the 1870 census living with Robert.
Unfortunately, I have not been able to link these Abernathy's to the large
family groups of Abernathys that descend from Nathan Abernathy or his brother,
Michael Abernathy who both have numerous offspring in Georgia, Alabama,
Arkansas, Texas, and elsewhere. All of this information will be in the volume
I am writing on the Abernathy Family in the Southeastern US...soon to be

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