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Subject: Roy dit Desjardins
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 06:45:01 -0500

This has been aired before, but because there are new members, I would like
to share the genealogy and a bit history of probably the most complex
family in the colony....Have a goos read...jim carten

Pierre Roy dit Desjardins (Antoine & Marie Major), cooper/woodworker,
b.~1669, bur.29-04-1734 Repentigny, 1st.m.12-02-1691 St. Pierre, I.O. (SP),
M.Anne Martin (Joachim & Luce Chalut), bp.04-04-1673 Ste. Famille, I.O.,
d.06-Kamouraska (K), bur.08-02-1709 Riviere-Ouelle (RO). 2nd.m.25-11-1710
RO, Angelique Autin. 3rd.m.30-10-1727 Repentigny, Marie delugre, b.1695,
d.15-08-1749 Batiscan. Kids : 1st.m. 1. Pierre, farmer, b.02-,
bp.11-11-1691 SP, bur.12-09-1771 K, m.07-06-1717 RO, Marie-Anne Bouchard,
natural daughter of (M.Madeleine Bouchard & Francois Deserre). 2.
Alexandre, b.& bp.12-06-1693 SP, d.29- K, bur.30-01-1709 RO. 3.
M.Francoise, bp.29-04-1695 SP, d.12-, bur.13-07-1763 K, 1st. m.00-06-1721
RO, Francois Sirois dit Duplessis. 2nd.m.10-05-1745 K, Pierre Mignault. 4.
Genevieve, b.23-11-K, bp.07-12-1697 RO, d.09-, bur.10-01-1771 K,
1st.m.17-02-1716 Château richer (CR), Charles Tardif (Guillaume & Marie
Godin). 2nd.m.29-07-1743 K, Pierre Haurbois/Dubois. 3rd.m.27-01-1755 RO,
Guillaume Hayot (J.Baptiste & Anne-Sainte Grondin). 5. J.Baptiste, b.15-,
bp.26-08-1699 St.Laurent I.O., d.30-08-1781 K, m.00-09-1722 K, M.Madeleine
Michaud (Pierre & Marie Ancelin),, 1st.m. Micolas Lebel. 6. Augustin dit
Lauzier, b.05-06-, bp.02-07-1701 RO, d.12-04-1790 SAP, m.22-10-1725
Boucherville, Jeanne Boucher dit Montbrun (Jean Seigneur de Montbrun &
Francoise-Claire Charest), d.03-07-1749 SAP. 7. Louis, b.05-05-1703 RO,
d.03-, bur.04-07-1780 Lanoraie, 1st.m.22-04-1732 Berthier, M.Louise
Hervieux dit L'esperance.2nd.m. M.Angelique Jannot dit Belhumeur,
gr'daughter of Pierre & Jeanne Richaume (478-479-P).She is the 1/2 sister
of M.Madeleine Regeas, who married Rene Ethier (Leonard & Elis.Godillon,
942-943-M). M.Mad. Regeas (J.Baptiste & M.Mad. Jamian). M.Madeleine Jamain,
2nd.m. Jacques Hervieux, father of Louise Hervieux, Louis' 1st.wife. Now,
Guillaume Roy-Desjardins m.M.Josephe Ethier (Rene & M.Mad. Regeas). Rene
Ethier has now become Guillaume's father-in-law. 8.Marie-Anne, b.09-10-,
bp.14-11-1706 RO, d.25-04-1781 SAP, m.28-10-1726 Pierre Miville.
9.M.Josephe, b.15-10-, bp.10-06-1708 RO, 1st.m.04-05-1727 Repentigny,
Francois Gauthier dit Landreville (Ls.& Marg. Menard). Louis Gauthier
(Mathurin & N.Philippeau, 256-257-M). 2nd.m.11-02-1732 Repentigny, Joseph
Maguet. 10. Guillaume, b.& bp.1705 RO, d.16-, bur.17-04-1756 L'Assomption,
m.08-03-1734 Lanoraie, M.Josephe Ethier (Rene & M.Mad. Regeas). Kids:
2nd.m. 1.Charles-Alexandre, b.~1711 K, 1st.m.02-06-1747 Becquets M.Josephe
Adam, 2nd.m.04-02-1754 Chambly, M.Catherine Renaud. 2. Anne, b.~1713 K,
d.04-04-1799 SAP, m.26-10-1735 SAP, Jacques Miville-Deschenes dit Grand
Neuf Pieds. 3.Agathe, b.~1714 K, d.20-02-1758 K, m.03-02-1739 K, Pierre
Mignault. 4.M.Madeleine, b.~1714 K, d.12-07-1754, m.25-02-1734 Repentigny,
Etienne Ethier (Leonard & Elis.Godillon). 5. Angelique, b.~1712 K.
d.26-06-1763, m.26-02-1734 Repentigny, Nicolas Brousseau. Kids 3rd.m.
1.M.Catherine, b.23-07-1728 Repentigny, m.07-08-1752 Berthier, Vincent
Ethier. 2.J.Baptiste, b.26-12-1731 Repentigny, d.04-05-1733 id. 3.
J.Baptiste, farmer, d.29-08-1808 La Presentation, St.Hyacinthe,
m.17-08-1765 Francoise Charbonneau.

Augustin Roy /Lauzier,
Augustin, son of Pierre Roy and Marie-Anne Martin, is the first to
use the nickname Lauzon which became Lauzier. Augustin had married, in
Boucherville the 22-10-1725, Jeanne Boucher, daughter of Jean Boucher,
Seigneur of Montbrun, commander of all the militia forces on the Cote du
Sud. The mother of Jeanne was named Francoise-Claire Charest, daughter of
Etienne Charest, Seigneur of Lauzon. We beleive that the nickname was taken
because Augustin and Jeanne had inherited part of the seigneurie of Lauzon
after 1742, the date of the death of Etienne Charest.
Augustin Roy dit Lauzier became a seigneur without title of La
Pocatiere and of the Islet -a-la-Peau from 1770 - 1775, the year when, due
to lack of money, Augustin had to renounce this acquisition. Augustin, one
of the notables of Ste.Anne-de-La Pocatiere died atthe age of 88years and 7
months, the 12-04-1790. Jeanne Boucher had preceeded him in death the
03-07-1749. Burial was at Ste.Anne-de-La Pocatiere.
Ref: History of Kamouraska.
Pierre Roy dit Desjardins at St. Pierre, Orleans Is.
During the 6 or 7 years that he lived at St. Pierre, i.e. since his
1st marriage until his establishment at Kamouraska, what did he do ? Was he
a cooper ? Farmer ? Both of them, as we have been answered. But we can now
clarify more explicitedly this question.
Cooper in Quebec, voila what is written in his marriage contract (G.
Rageot, 29-01-1691) designates him as "cooper living in this town". Cooper
he was also at St. Pierre, if we believe in the two notarial acts. One, a
donation by Antoine Juchereau to Pierre Roy des Jardins and Marie Martin,
his wife (E. Jacob no.373, 24-01-1695) : Pierre is identified as "cooper
living in the said county of St. Laurent" [ Orleans Is. was then known as
such]. Then, the concession made by Charles aubert de La Chenaye of land in
Kamouraska (Chambalon, 07-10-1696) to Pierre Roy-Desjardins, "cooper living
on the Isle of St. Laurent, St. Pierre parish".
As the fabrication and reparation of barrels and casks would not
have brought in enough money to support his family on Orleans Is., it is
probable that as a cooper, he became a woodworker. This is what Pierre will
do during the last part of his life, which was spent in the region of
Repentigny, as a "master carpenter" (Coron, 09-02-1709: marriage ct. of
Joseph Maguet with Marie-Josephe Roy-Desjardins, daughter of Pierre), and
what he probably did at St.Pierre.
Farmer, or at least he did some small time farming. Because
Marie-Anne Martin, his wife, had inherited one -eighth of the paternal land
at St. Pierre. One-eighth of 3 X 40 arpents, of which only 21 were
developped, as farmland and pasture, does not make this man a big time
farmer! this eighth, Marie-Anne & Pierre will finish by ceding the fruits
and profits to their mother and mother-in-law, Anne-Charlotte Petit, for
when remarried to Antoine Juchereau, the 05-03-1695. But awhile before, by
an act passed before the notary Jacob (no.373, 24-01-1695), Antoine
Juchereau had, for certain servitudes, made a cession of his own land of 3
X 40 arpents.
Whatever, the combined exercise of the two professions, that of
cooper and that of "habitant", did not enrich our Pierre, because he did
not wait long to leave Orleans Is., and set up in Kamouraska, where he
became a prosperous farmer.
Ref: Memoires de la Societe Genealogique, 07-1956, 04-1954, 01-1956.
Genealogy of Marie-Anne Martin, 1st wife of Pierre Roy-Desjardins.
Joachim, father of Marie-Anne, was born in 1636 of Jacques Martin
and of Luce Chalut; he originated from Estree, La Rochelle Dioc., Aunis. He
arrived in New France in 1659 or 1660. Dead at 54 years, at St. Pierre,
Orleans Is., the morning of 30-06-1690, he was buried the same evening.
In his 1st marriage, he married (Quebec, 16-06-1662; ct. audouart,
17 Oct.) an adolescent of 14 years, Marie Chalifour, daughter of Paul and
of Jacquette Archambault (336-337-P), colonists of Charlesbourg. A year
later (12-10-1663), he is a widower, without offspring.
In his 2nd marriage, he remarries (Quebec, 16-06-1669; ct. Vachon,
27 May) with Anne-Charlotte Petit, who came from Paris, St.-Germain
l'Auxerrois parish, with her parents, Pierre Petit, who was the seigneur of
Neuville, and Catherine Desnoyers. Charlotte Petit will contract another
marriage (St.Pierre, Orl.Is., 10-09-1691, ct. G. Rageot, 05 Aug.) with
Antoine Juchereau and a third marriage (St. Pierre, Orl.Is., 11-06-1703;
ct. E. Jacob, 09 June) with Jean-Paul Maheu, of Ste. Famille, widower of
Francoise Meunier. Again widowed, she dies and wasburied 03-03-1736, St.
Augustin, Qc.
Joachim Martin settled on the territory of St. Pierre, Or.Is., then
belonging to Ste. Famille. He was there at the 1666 census. From 1679 to
1685, he lived in La Canardiere, Jesuit fief, on the Cote de Beaupre. He
returns, then, to his grant on the Island, never to leave.
Marie-Anne Martin, b.04-04-1673 in St. Pierre and bp. the 14th at
Ste. Famille, was the second of eight children. When she and her husband
will go to Kamouraska, her three brothers, Louis, Francois-Lucien and
Jean-Baptiste will go to join her: Jean to live and die there:Louis to
settle permanently at Ste. Anne-de-la-Pocatiere; while Francois will settle
at Riviere-Ouelle. Two of her sisters, Marie-Angelique, wife of Pierre
Chantal, and Catherine-Francoise, married to Jean-Baptiste La
Bourliere-Laplante, will also settle in Kamouraska. Of the two others,
Marguerite, by a second marriage with Henry Picoron dit Descoteaux, will
have for a great grand daughter Marie-Anne Aubut, wife og the forefather
Dr. T. Liveright Piuze, while the youngest, marie-Charlotte, will marry the
surgeon Louis Vernas dit Dufresne-- Francois-Lucieen Martin, by marrying
Francoise Autin, becomes twice the brother-in-law of Pierre Roy-Desjardins,
because this one, the same day, married a second time Angelique Autin,
sister of Francoise.
Ref: Same as above.

Jim Carten

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