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Subject: Roy dit Desjardins Part 5..Tha's all folks
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7. Louis, b.April 1703, (K), bp.05-05-1703, (RO). 1st.m.22-04-1732,
Berthier, Marie-Louise Hervieux dit Lesperance. At the moment of their
marriage, M.louise was from Lanoraie, but she was born in
St.-Francois-de-Sales, Ile-Jesus, where her parents lived for awhile, aftr
their departure from St-Ours-sur-Richelieu, before settling at Lanoraie.
She was the daughter of Jacques Hervieux* dit Lesperance, soldier in the
company of Mr. de St.Ours (same company as Joseph Lariviere) and of
Madeleine Jamain, married in April 1701 at St.-Ours under a simple
contract, drawn up on
20 April, by P.Honore Hurette, missionary of St.-Ours, was deposited the
06-07-1701 among the minutes of Pierre Raimbault (Don't know him).
Definitely fixed in Lanoraie ca.1707, Jacques Hervieux will be
buried the 28-08-1753. The burial act of his wife, Madeleine Jamain is
lost. She was only 15 when she contracted a first marriage, at St.-Ours
(registered at Contrecoeur), the 25-11-1683, with a 40 year old man,
Jean-Baptiste Regeas dit Laprade, habitant of St.-ours, to whom he gave at
least four children: M.Therese, Louis, Marie-Madeleine and Ursule.** Jean
Regeas, son of Gilles and Marguerite Blanchetin (or Blanchet), nativie of
Messonnay, Limoges Dioc.
Marie-Louise Hervieux died at Lanoraie and was buried the
Louis, 2nd.m. 26-101-770, St. Sulpice, Marie-Angelique
Jannot-Belhumeur, daughter of Leonard and M.Anne Alarie, m. 25-11-1713,
Mtl., grandaughter of Pierre Jannot and Jeanne Richaume. Angelique
1st.m.01-07-1737, Repentigny, Prisque Fagnan. From this marriage were born
at least two sons, Francois and Antoine.M.Angelique Jannot-Belhumeur died
before Louis roy-Desjardins, i.e.before 1780, as the act is lost. Louis
Roy-Desjardins died at Lanoraie the 03-07-1780, and the 4th was buried
"under the church choir"
* Jacques Hervieux, originally from St.Sauveur de Montivilliers,
would be the son of Jean Hervieux and Catherine Favery, m.11-09-1664.
Marie-Madeleine Jamain, bp.18-11-1688, Que. was the daughter of Julien
Jamain (1634 - 1704) and of Marie Repoche, bp.1636. Julien Jamain was
buried in Que. 03-03-1704, son of Jean Jamain and Francoise Levesque, from
St.julien-de-Courcelle, Nantes Dioc. Marie Repoche, widow of Jecques Goulet
(Soulet?), was the daughter of Francois Repoche (1600 - 1652) and of Marie
Bernard (1601 - 1663) of N.D.-de-LaRochelle.
**Paul Hervieux, brother of Marie-Louise, married (ct.m.Senet,
13-06-1726) Marguerite Ethier, daughter of Francois and Marguerite Millot.
So, Francois, becoming a widower in 1714, marries 2nd.m.
(ct.m.Senet,26-01-1715) Marie-Therese Regeas, daughter of Jean-Baptiste
Regeas dit Laprade, and of Madeleine Jamain, half-sister of Paul and
Marie-Louise Hervieux, while her brother Rene Ethier married
Marie-Madeleine Regeas, sister of Marie-Therese, and so, another
half-sister of the said Paul and Marie-Louise Hervieux, and had for a
daughter, Marie-Josephe Ethier, future wife of Guillaume Roy-Desjardins,
brother of Louis, the husband of Marie-Louise Hervieux. Moreover, as
Marie-Madeleine Roy-Desjardins, half-sister of the said Guillaume and
Louis, became the wife of Etienne ethier, son of Francois and marguerite
8. Guillaume, b.1705, (K), bp.1705, (RO). m.08-03-1734, Lanoraie,
Marie-Josephe Ethier, under a simple contract drawn up the same day by the
abbey Mercier, missionary of Lanoraie.
Marie-Joseph Ethier, b.& bp.11-071712, St.-Francois-de-Sales,
Ile-Jesus, daughter of Rene Ethier and of Marie-Madeleine Regeas dit
Laprade, (m.03-05-1706, St.-Frs.-de-Sales). Rene, bp. 07-07-1682,
Repentigny, son of Leonard Ethier and of Elisabeth Godillon,(m.22-09-1670,
Mtl. ct.m.Basset 17 Sert.), settled first in montreal and then in
Repentigny, and finally at Lachenaie. Rene and Madeleine Regeas established
themselves at Lanoraie, where they occupy land of Louis Roy-Desjardins and
Marie-Louise Hervieux, his wife, half-sister of Marie-Madeleine Regeas.
The burial act of Guillaume tells us that he was an Ensign in the
L'Assomption militia. He died at L'Assomption the 16-04-1756 and was buried
the 17th. THe burial act puts him at 58 yrs, but as a fact, he was only 51.
His brother-in-law, Nicolas Brousseau, husband of Angelique Roy-Desjardins
became the tutor of his children.
Ref: Same as above.
Note: See p.150 Mem. soc. Gen. for Rene Ethier, Regeas, and Ethier family.

Jim Carten

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