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From: "Fredrica Givan" <>
Subject: Jacques Petitpas - a story
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 1999 07:35:54 -0400

Having noted mention of the family Petitpas, I thought some might find the
following 'personal glimpse' of Jacques Petitpas interesting. I believe the
'Jacques' in the story, to be the husband of Marguerite Serreau de St.
Aubin, and the son of Claude Petitpas, sieur de la Fleur.

This story deals with a plan by Col. Ben Church to capture Baron St.
Castine, using two Acadians, Petipas and St. Aubin as is how
the story goes:

"...These deserters (two other Frenchmen, not Petitpas and St. Aubin) had
been bribed by Nelson, and the authorities thought they would make use of
them further in the project to kidnap St. Castin. Jacques Petipas and
de Loreau, Sieur de St. Aubin, of Acadia, with their families, were at this
in Boston as prisoners. As these persons were very anxious to return to
homes, they were sent with the deserters to bring off St. Castin, their
being retained. On reaching French territory, however instead of aiding in
the arrest of St. Castin, they concluded to trust their families to the
common sentiment of humanity, and esposed the whole scheme to the French.
The deserters were seized and sent to Quebec where they were shot beore the
eyes of Nelson. That gentleman was sent to France and imprisoned in the
Bastile, and did not reach his family again in Boston until after an absence
of eleven years. On Nov. 9, 1692, the Chevalier de Villebon, Governor of
Acadia, issued an "edict", setting forth that he, in concert with
D'Iberville and De Bonaventure, captain and lieutenant of the 'frigate
Legare', now anchored at the 'Isle of Desert Mountains', had ordered the
clerk of the Lord's Company to furnish St. Aubin and Petipas "goods to the
value of five hundred and fifty-four francs" for the important sevice "they
had rendered to Canada", by delivering up the two deserters "who had carried
letters to the English"' and "who had come back with the intention of
capturing M. St.. Castin and of giving him up to the English."

Source: "Jean Vincent, Baron de St. Castin", by Hon. John E.Godfrey, taken
from 'The Maine Historical Society', p.61, vol. VII, 1847

>From Beamish Murdoch's, "History of Nova Scotia"(vol. II, p. 169), I find
the following family listing for Claude Petitpas and Catherine Bugaret:
children: Claude b.1663, Jacques b.1667, Marie b.1668, Henriette b.1674,
Paul b. 1675, Charles b. 1676, Martin b. 1677, Pierre b. 1681, and Anne

Fredrica Givan

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