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Subject: Olivier Thibodeaux-Madeleine Broussard
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 1999 18:41:34 EST

Arsenault p. 2597 states: "Olivier Thibodeaux, ....., married about 1763 to
Madeleine Broussard, and a second ....."

My question is who are the parents of Madeleine Broussard as I have found
conflicting information.

CD-ROM m-brouss has:
Father: Alexandre Broussard
Mother: Marguerite Thibodeaux

Marie Magdaleinne Broussard
b. abt 1732
d. 16 May 1765 St. Martinviiile, St. Martin, LA
m. abt 1760
Olivier Thibodeaux

Conover page 19 has:
11 Father: Jean Baptiste Broussard
Mother: Cecile Babin

72 Madeleine Broussard
b. 1735/1742
m. 1755/1761 at Acadia
Olivier Thibodeaux (son of Charles Thibodeau and Marie Francoise

However, Arsenault p. 473 states:
Madeleine Brossard, 1735, daughter of Jean-Baptiste (Brossard) and
Cecile Babin, married Pierre Richard, .......

Can anyone clarify which brother was the father of Madeleine ?; I lean toward
Alexandre from other bits of information I have picked up. Also, I am having
trouble sorting out the other children of both Alexandre and Jean Baptiste and
any help here would be greatly appreciated.


Arsenault, Bona "Histoire et Genealogie Acadiens"

CD-ROM "In Search of Our Acadian Roots" produced by Yvon Cyr
m-brouss: Mike Broussard, Shreveport, LA

Conover, Michael "Broussard-Descendants of Francois and Nicolas, Volume 1"

Roger Rozendal

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