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From: "James Carten" <>
Subject: Pelletier dit Globeloteur
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2000 12:18:42 -0500

Eloi Pelletier, m.Tourouvre, Fr, Francoise Matte. Kids: 1. Guillaume: See
below. 2. Antoine, m.aft.19-08-1647 Q, Françoise Morin (Jean & Jeanne
Denoise), 2nd.m. Étienne Dumay.

Guillaume Pelletier (Eloi & Francoise Matte), b.~1598 Tourovure, Fr,
d.29-11-1657 Qc, m.12-02-1619 Tourouvre, Michelle Mabile (Guillaume &
Etiennette Monhe), b.20-05-1592 St.Aubin, Tourouvre,Fr., d.21-01-1665 Qc.
Kids: 1. Jeanb.12-06-1627 St.Aubin, Tourouvre, d.24-02-1698 RO, m.09-11-1649
Beauport, Anne Langlois, (Noel & Frse. Grenier), b.02-09-1637 Q,
d.16-03-1704 RO.. 2. Claude, d. France. 3. Guillaume.

Guillaume Mabile, La Gaserie, Tourouvre, Perche, Orne Fr.,
d.1627/28 Tourouvre, Etiennette Monhay, La Gaserie,
d.1641 T.. Guillaume Mabile, La Poterie, Tourouvre (T), m.
N...Navarre (Jean & ...), La Poterie. Aubin Navarre (Jean ?),, m.13-11-1554 Michelle Pelletier (Pierre & Jeanne Morelin), Pierre Pelletier,, Jeanne Morelin,
1. Michelle Mabille (Guillaume & Etiennette Monhay), b.20-03-1592 Tourouvre,
d.21-01-1665 Beauport, m.12-02-1619 St.Aubin, Tourouvre, Guillaume

They were two brothers, Guillaume and Antoine Pelletier, who crossed the
Atlantic to settle in the Seigneurie of Beauport. They were the sons of Eloi
and Françoise Matte. The father made charcoal. Eloi Pelletier was from
Brésolettes, and the house exists still: La Grisetterie, which became the
Cristerie llater on by means of some mysterious fashion of the local
dialect. In fact. In front of the church, there are indications for the way
to find the Cristerie.

As we know, tourouvre is a mecca for genealogists who are interested in
Percheron origines. Brésolettes is the smallest village in all of Perche
co., if not in all of Orne, having only two dozen citizens.

>From 1218, the hamlet was designated as Bruelos, meaning Bruyères, and the
actual church dates back to the 17th century.

Back to the sons of Éloi, Guillaume, b.~1598, chose his father`s trade. The
12-02-1619 at Tourouvre, he married Michelle Mabille, of the said place of
La Gazerie,. Three sons will be born of this union: Claude, died in France,
while Guillaume and Jean survived their parents. The son, Guillaume, does
not seem to have married: it was a “donné” to the Jesuits, as was designated
those who, without aspiring to lead a . religious life, put themselves at
the disposition of the Jesuits In 1646, the Journal des Jésuiites mentions
him as “son of Goblleteur”, surname given to the father, undoubtledly
because he enjoyed the finer things in life, like booze..(very loose
translation here) The name gobleteur is derived from the word goblet., and
the analist gives many different jobs that the father held; deserteur, long
sawyer, carpenter, charcoal maker etc. Guillaume did not desert a regiment,
moreover a deserter, at the time, was a landclearer (defricheur).

So then Guillaume arrived with his wife and children, his brother Antoine,
who was still unmarried. The 19-08-1647 at Québec, he married Françoise
Morin, daughter of Jean & Jeanne Denoise, a Rochelaise (La Rochelle).

The Pelletier brothers settled in the seigneurie oof Beauport, Robert
Giffard granted to each, land 6 arpents wide, having frontage on the St.
Lawrence and then going all the way back to the Montmorency River (where my
wife was born); they were contigious and neighbors of Martin Provost. The
future looked good, but a dark cloud will soon show up. Antoine had been
married only six weeks when his canoe overturned in front of his land. The
young widow remarried quickly: three months later, the Père Paul Le Jeune
blessed the union with Étienne Dumay, in the presence of Guillaume and his
son Jean.

Guillaume inherited hid brother`s land, and we must believe that it was too
much to handle, so he sold it to Jean Mignault dit Chatillon.(yup, the one
who moved to Kamouraska and became tied in with Acadians..somehow).

As for Jean, the 3rd son of the Pelletier/Mabille couple, he founded his
family the 09-11-1649 in Beauport, to Anne Langlois, daughter of Noël &
Françoise Garnier/Grenier. The Langlois had arrived in 1634; Noël being
designated as a pilot of the St. Lawrence., and was one of the first
colonists inthe Beauport seigneurie.
Ref: Portraits des Familles Pionnières, by Robert Prévost, p.217-221.

Jim Carten

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