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From: Gordon Bonnet <>
Subject: Clement, Jean-Pierre
Date: Sun, 05 Dec 2004 13:04:33 -0500

Hi Stanley,

Looks like Paul Valentin and Marie Victor (Victoire) Boudreaux were
brother and sister, the children of Benjamin Hilaire Boudreaux and Anne
Elizabeth Ferguson/Fargueson. I wonder what the connection was to the
Clement or de l'Aune family? Paul Valentin married first to a
Berthelot, and second to a Gautreaux; Marie Victoire married a German
named Louis Fromethal. None of Benjamin Hilaire's children married
Clements, de l'Aunes, or anyone else connected to this puzzle.

If there is a connection to the Hilaire Clement family, it doesn't make
sense that it's through the Boudreaux connection (Jean Hilaire Clement,
son of Hilaire and Tarsile (Naquin) Clement) married Genevieve Sophie
Boudreaux, daughter of Victor and Genevieve (Richard) Boudreaux. Victor
Boudreaux and Benjamin Hilaire Boudreaux _were_ cousins, but distant ones.

There has to be a reason why Paul Valentin and Marie Victoire Boudreaux
were chosen as witnesses -- but I don't see it. There doesn't seem to
be any connection between the two families that I can see.

And what about the two Dubois witnesses?

Interesting new piece to the puzzle...



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