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From: Don Boudreaux <>
Subject: Re: [ACADIAN-CAJUN] Louis Hébert
Date: Sat, 28 May 2005 15:20:38 -0500
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The ancestry of General Louis Hebert is:

Etienne Hebert b.1625 m.1650 Marie Gaudet

Emmanuel Hebert b.1653 m.1680 Andree Brun

Guillaume Hebert b.1680 m.11 jan 1711 Marie Josephe Dupuis

Paul Hebert b.1712 m.14 may 1736 Marguerite Josephe Melancon

Amand Valerie Hebert b.1754 m.30 sep 1776 Marie Boudreaux

Valerie Hebery b.9 oct 1793 m.15 may 1815 Marie Clarisse Bush

Louis Hebert b.13 mar 1820 m.6 mar 1848 Malvina Lambremont

General Hebert's father's mother Marie Boudreaux's father was Benjamin
who was the brother of Zachary Boudreaux my g-g-g grandfather making her my
first cousin 6 generations removed. I was also a pallbearer for General
Louis Hebert
in October 2002 when his remains were removed from private property to the
St. Josephs Catholic church cemetery in Cecilia, La.

I am also the treasurer for the General Louis Hebert Camp 2032 of the
Sons of
Confederate Veterans. See our website at

Don Boudreaux
Lasfayette, La.

Charlie King wrote:

>>From Stephen White's Dictionnaire I found the marriage
>of Étienne Hébert and Marie Gaudet about 1650.
>Question: Does anyone know if Étienne Hébert was the
>son or grandson of Louis Hébert who came to L'Acadie
>and built a Mill and conducted crop experiments?
>Thanks for the help,
>Charlie King
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