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Good Morning Karen

Thank you for this information. I appreciate the help, specially the
birth/baptism record for Etienne Theophilus.

Andy Scott


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Andy & List,

Augustin Emilien THERIOT was the son of Michel Eloi & Marie Seraphine

His baptismal record is in Donald J. Hebert's SOUTH LOUISIANA RECORDS, vol.
1, p. 496:

Augustin Emilien [THERIOT], son of Michel & Seraphine THIBODEUX, born 11 Jun
1829. Recorded in St. Joseph's Co-Cathedral Church, P.O. Box 966, Thibodaux,
LA 70301 (Thib.Ch.: v.2, #1629).

Augustin Emilien married Marie Angeline MICHEL, in SLR, vol. 3, pp. 366 &

Two entries: Augustin Emilien THERIOT, son of Michel Eloi & Seraphine
THIBODAUX, married [civil] on 16 Jan 1852 to Mary Angelina MICHEL, daughter
of Florentin & Arthemise THERIOT (Thib.Ct.Hse.: Mar. v.7, #2).
Also: married 19 Jan 1852 to Angelina MICHEL, daughter of Floretin
[sic] & Arthemise THERIOT, at St. Joseph Co-Cathedral, Thibodaux, Lafourche
Parish, LA (Thib.Ch.: v.4, #422).

Their first child was son Etienne Theophile THERIOT, from Baton Rouge
Diocese, CATHOLIC CHURCH RECORDS, vol. 8, p. 552 [their other children were
baptized in Terrebonne Parish]:

Etienne Theophile [THERIOT], son of Augustin Emilien TERRIO & Marie Angelina
MICHEL, born 26 Dec 1852, baptized 24 Apr 1853 in Plattenville, Assumption
Parish, LA. Sponsors: Gustave TERRIO & Evelline MICHEL (ASM-9, 362).

Etienne Theophilus THERIOT married Julie EXNICIOS, in the SLR, vol. 7, p.

Theophilus THERIOT married 21 Dec 1882 to Julie EXNICIOUS (Houma Ct.Hse.:
Mar. v.18, #123).

[I would like to have her parents, if anyone can help.]

Amedee (a male name) Joseph CHAMPAGNE married Etienne's sister Arthemise
Angelique THERIOT at Houma, Terrebonne, LA (Houma Ct.Hse.: Mar. v.13, #186),
as shown in SLR, vol. 5, pp. 103 & 405

Karen Theriot Reader


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