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From: Don Godin <>
Subject: Re: [AFC] dit names
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2009 14:13:19 -0500
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I've never found a "dit" attached to a Christian or first name. I've
always been under the impression that "dits" were a way of telling one
person, or family, from another, and which started in medieval days,
before they had family names.

My ancestor Pierre Gaudin was born in Chatillon-sur-Seine, France. His
birth certificate does not show the name of Chatillon, but when he
signed up to join Maissonneuve's La Grande Recrue de 1653, he may have
been given/told to take a dit to distinguish himself from the other
Pierre's in the company. In any case, he became known as Pierre Gaudin,
dit Chatillon or - Pierre Gaudin of /from Chatillon.

Every thing I've seen on Ancestry and the LDS lists, always show the dit
following the surname, so I guess that makes it the official way of
recording it. And to, it depends on which genealogy program you are
using. I'm not familiar with most of them, but have heard complaints
that a few just won't accept dits. Maybe that's changed, and you just
have to play around with the program to fit them in. You can always put
it in the "AKA" or "nick-name" slot.


John Ferman wrote:
> I am of two opinions of where to put the dit name in my database
> (Reunion); if it is thought to be a nick name then the logical place
> would be something like given name (dit ...); but if in some official
> document like in a parish record it appears as given name surname dit
> whatever, then to preserve history might the dit come after the
> surname in the database?
> John Ferman
> On Jan 28, 2009, at 9:29 AM,
> wrote:
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>> Subject: [AFC] FTM and dits
>> If you use FTM put a coma after the person's surname on the Family
>> Sheet, ?then add their dit. "Pierre GAUDIN, dit Chatillon."
>> This keeps everything together on the Family Page, the Index or any
>> other report or tree you print.
>> Don
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