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Subject: Re: [AFC] Translation for Charles Boudrot marriage record
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2010 20:00:30 -0400
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Here's your translation. Dennis

The marriage of Charles Boudrot and Marie-Josephe Petitot was celebrated in a double ceremony with that of his sister, Marguerite Boudrot to Claude Dugas, so the witnesses names follow the second marriage.

The 22nd of November 1734, we the undersigned, after the publication of three ordinary banns of marriage, in which we learned of an impediment of that from the third to fourth (degree) of consanguinity, which was dispensed by Mr De La... (can’t figure out his name), Vicar General of Acadia, and after having received the mutual consent of the spouses (by words?), have given the nuptial blessing to Charles Boudrot, aged twenty-five years, son of François Boudrot and Magdeleine Beliveau on one part; and to Marie-Josephe Petitot, aged twenty-six years, daughter of Denis Petitot and Marguerite Landry on the other part; both of them from this parish, in the presence of the witnesses named below.

Here follows the marriage of Claude Dugas and Marguertite Boudrot, then the witnesses to BOTH ceremonies:

Denis Petitot, Antoine Beliveau, Charles Boudrot, Claude Dugas, Joseph Dugas, Pierre Boudrot

s/ Claude de Saint Poncy de la Vernède, Priest.

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Subject: [AFC] Translation for Charles Boudrot marriage record

I would appreciate a translation of Charles Boudrot and Marie Joseph Petite's
(Petitot) marriage record. The record was found in the Port Royal, Acadia years
of 1727-1741 and image 120. They were married on 22 Nov 1734.

I couldn't find a interment record for Charles Boudrot in the records of Port
Royal. I thought that he went some where, but I can not find the information
now. Could he have been expelled?

Thank you,
Mary Boudreau

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