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Subject: [ACADIAN] Gaudet Charles m 16 May 1768 Cabanoce Cecile Breaux
Date: Fri, 01 Jan 2010 14:48:10 -0500


Any & all detail you may have Please.

Based on too few DNA results there is now a question of Charles being
the grandson of (4) Pierre & Anne Blanchard.

We know of Charles' marriage to Cecile Breaux based on a civil lists of
marriages at Cabanoce Bourgeois p 171-172.
Rita please check with your buddy at the archive to see of the new
archivist has started a search for the folio of loose sheets from the
missionary/ circut rider?

We know Charles has a brother Jerome from baptisimal of son Jerome 28
sep 1775 spo Jeromme, uncle of child.

I could not find Charles (& Jerome) at Ft Beausejour or Halifax. What
book has the Ft Edwards prisoner lists? Could they have joined the
group during the ship change at St-Domingue?

I will take ANY additional details you may have.

Someone asked about the possibility of a different Jean Gaudet & Marie
Breau. Anyone have any possible canidates?

Paul Le B

First Generation

1. Charles Gaudet.
Charles married 125 v Cecile Breaux Blanche, daughter of (8) ALEXANDRE
BREAU Brot and (4d) MARIE DUGAS, on 16 May 1768 in St Jacques de
Cabanoce, St James, LA. Cecile was born 1737/1738 in Pisiguit, Acadia.
She was buried 3 Jul 1815 in St James, LA.

Second Generation

2. (22) Jean Gaudet[1,2,3] was born about 1690. He married[1,2,4] (5a)
Marie Breau Brau about 1729.
Location: Rc PR 1693 3a
1701 13 a chez Bernard
(pr de Joseph Gaudet f Bernard Rg PR 1717
3. (5a) Marie Breau Brau[1,2,4] was born about 1703 in Grand-Pre,
Acadia. She died after 1769 in St-Jacques-de-Cabahannocer, St James, LA.
Location: Rc Cabahannocer 1766 63avve
1769 67a

Third Generation

4. (4) PIERRE GAUDET dit L'Aine[2,3,5,6] was born about 1652. He
married[2,5,6] (1b) ANNE BLANCHARD about 1672.
5. (1b) ANNE BLANCHARD[2,3,5,6,7] was born about 1645. She died in
Beaubassin, Acadia.
6. (5) Francois Breau Brault[1,4,8] was born about 1674 in
Petitcoudiac, Acadia. He died Sep 1755 - Sep 1756. Francois
married[4,8] (3c) Marie Comeau about 1703 in Port Royal, Acadia.
7. (3c) Marie Comeau[4,8,9,10,11] was born about 1678. She died 21 Dec
1708/14 Nov 1709.
Appendix A - Sources

1. Stephen A White, Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles Acadiennes
1636-1714 v1, p 278-280 Breau Francois (5).
2. Stephen A White, DGFA v1, p 670-672 Gaudet Pierre (4).
3. Trahan Charles C, Acadian Census 1671-1752, 1693 p 1 Godet Pierre .
4. Clarence T Breaux et Robert Brault, Genealogie Breau / A Breau
Genealogy, 2nd Edition 2004, p 4-5 Brau Francois 17.
5. Stephen A White, DGFA v1, p 668-669 Gaudet Denis (2).
6. Stephen A White, DGFA v1, p 143-144 Blanchard Jean (1).
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8. Stephen A White, DGFA v1, p 270-272 Breau Vincent (1).
9. Stephen A White, DGFA v1, p 724-726 Girouard Pierre (5).
10. Stephen A White, DGFA v1, p 719-721 Girouard Jacques (2).
11. Stephen A White, DGFA v1, p 372-374 Comeau Jean (3).

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