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Subject: [ADKINS] Re Adkins (re: Indian Heritage)
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2010 02:34:02 EDT

There are many Adkins links to Indians. A notable one is often cited as
being Blue Sky Cornstalk, daughter of Chief Cornstalk (much longer name in
Indian). Do a search for them and you will find many references.

I have never been able to prove my Indian ancestry, but I am certain it is
true, and know who the ancestor was. However, I have found no white man's
record or ever reference to this. Such knowledge got people killed or sent
to Oklahoma against their will. Many people fled and faded into both white
and black societies, changed their name, and hid their ancestry, even from
their children, falsifying official records. Some who are known to be
descended from Indians still won't admit this today. Some tribes apparently kept
very accurate records, but you won't find that here on the web, if at all.

Even if one finds a white man's official records of a person being Indian,
that is no guarantee this was accurate. Anywhere benefits or money were
offered, people sometimes flocked to receive these, giving false information,
and thus appearing in certain records.

When it comes to Indian ancestry in the United States, it is not so much a
question of "who is part Indian"...but "who is not part Indian." Contrary
to the oft held belief that the Indians were ignorant, they had more
knowledge and skills in many areas than their European counterparts, and the
European colonists were very often dependent upon them for survival. It was
common for Europeans to marry and have children with Indians, for this improved
their quality of life. Later, when persecution of Indians became a growing
status quo, these families denied their Indian heritage. Some joined in
wholesale slaughter of entire villages coast to coast, as the result of
church issued statements about Indians, and government strategies for improving
the lot of Europeans for conquest and building wealth. U.S. leaders and
statesmen, and even presidents had Indian heritage...but it's not a major
discussion in history, if you can find it at all.

Author: tgarrett15

I too am looking for information about the Adkins link to Native
Americans. When I was a child, I remember my grandfather talking about us being
Native American but I never really paid that much attention to him. Now that
he is going and I am older, I really which I had paid more attention to
him. I have a Rebecca Adkins, Gilbert Hall, John D. "Totton" Adkins, Maude ?
Adkins in my family. If anyone has any other information, it would be
greatly be appreciated.

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