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From: "Mark Lomax" <>
Subject: Re: [ADVANRES] 1940 census
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 17:20:41 -0700
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Access to the 1940 census is obtained through the Census Bureau's "Age
Search Service." The criteria for access are very restrictive; access for
genealogical purposes is not allowed. Also, there is a $40 fee. Here is a
link to the page describing the process:

Mark Lomax
Pasadena, CA

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Subject: [ADVANRES] 1940 census

| Hello Everyone
| Does anyone know how to get records from the 1940 census ? I think you
have to write to the office where the census is kept but I can't remember
the details. There is probably a charge.
| Thanks to those who responded to my inquiry regarding Patrick Thomas
Gibbons. I think that perhaps the census taker made a mistake and put ditto
marks down the page too far. Instead of Bridget being born in Ireland in
1852, she was probably born in the US. I was looking at the 1860 census for
the Gibbons' neighbors who I believe to be in-laws. That family's 8 year old
was born in KY so I'll bet Bridget was too. And I think the families came
together. What a problem a little ditto mark can make !
| Sue
| Sue Martinson
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