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From: Kathy Lenerz <>
Subject: Re: [ADVANRES] help,please with this problem
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 09:58:30 -0400
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Joy gave you the fish. I'm going to try to teach you how to fish.

You provided us with a search URL-- the Netscape URL for the frame that
surrounds the actual web page. First, you need to find the URL for the
actual web page. To do this, click on "Remove frames." In this case, you
end up with this as the web page URL:

To get to the main page of a website, look at the URL. Eliminate the
lowest level directory (the last section beginning with a /). In this
case, that's /main27.html. Then hit Enter and look at the results. Is
this the page you're looking for? If not, keep trying this (eliminating
the end sections of the URL) until you get to the highest level, and you'll
eventually get to the main page, which should have the information you seek.

Hope this helps,

Marilyn Bess wrote:
> I am again asking for help. I used Netscape to do the following search-
> Elvin Hyatt +Revolution War. I added one of the results to my favorites
> because it contained Hiatt, Hyatt and Horton Families. It contained inf
> on James Crawford Hyatt listed as a son of a Joseph Hyatt born in 1773.
> No matter what I try I can not get back to the beginning to see if there
> is a contact person or an email address to write. I am interested in
> what inf is available that may confirm this. The following I copies
> from the address. Can any one help me find who to contact? I am not
> certain even where I should post this. Thank you Marilyn Bess

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