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From: leoandlinda <>
Subject: Re: [ADVANRES] help,please with this problem
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 21:04:45 -0400
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I was listening in while you were giving fishing lessons <grin>.
Thanks much!

The paring back of a url from a search is something I am used to, but
I have not seen this preliminary 'remove frames' step before. Thanks
for the clues.

We used the Netscape browser years back, when it was the alternative
option, and we have used Mozilla for some years now. But I have never
tried the modern Netscape search engine....

I know that different search regimes can pull up very different kinds
and proportions of hits Have you or others found the Netscape search
engine useful for genealogical searches? Should I add it to my list
of 'necessary searches/places to check'?


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