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From: "Lisa Lepore" <>
Subject: Re: [ADVANRES] Searching issues (Newspapers on line) +how to searchfor names like *Weeks* or *Brown*
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2007 11:26:45 -0500
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Those must be terribly difficult names to search for
anywhere on line :-(

If you try to use other words along with them like death
or obituary, or searching for the entire name of a person
maybe that would help narrow down the number
of hits? Even so, I'm sure it will return a lot of unrelated

Maybe someone can make some other suggestions when searching
for surnames that are common words?

You have my sympathies,

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Subject: Re: [ADVANRES] Searching issues (Newspapers on line)

: >From: "Lisa Lepore" <>
: >... One problem I have with all these sites is that one name I research,
: >Lapan, brings up a zillion hits for Japan. Not much to do about that,
: >I guess....
: I can relate to that. Some of the surnames I'd like to search include
: Weeks, Brown, Pray, and Leaf. They are nearly impossible to search for in
: OCR-indexed documents because there are so many false hits. For these
: searches it would help a lot if the indexing could distinguish between
: capitalized and not capitalized versions of these words. I also have
: difficulties with far too many hits for people who share a surname with
: someone famous who was in print a lot (Bombeck - but not related to Erma
: far as I know) or have a surname that is also the name of a county or is
: also a common first name.
: However, despite these problems I found a few extremely interesting
: and some obituaries on genealogybank. Many thanks to those of you on this
: list who pointed out that site.
: KG

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