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Subject: [AEBERSOLD] My Aebersold Connection
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 19:38:30 -0500

Hi Fellow Aebersold Charters, Dale & William:

Thanks for the invitation. I guess I was waiting for the list to develop
before contributing. So you want to hear about my Aebersold connection,
huh? Notice I leave the word "connection" in the singular, because I
have one (and only one) Aebersold in my database. I have collected a
good amount of Aebersold / Ebersold information in my binder in the hopes
of connecting and expanding the parental line, but to no luck so far. My
goal at this point for my Elisabeth Aebersold is simple: I just want find
her parents. Here is my Aebersold family data below (parenthasized
numbers are sources listed at the end):

Hans Schnauer(1) was born on 28 Apr 1644 in Grosshochstetten, Bern,
Switzerland.(2) The LDS Family Search data showed an estimated birthdate
of 1647. (LDS Ancestral File number MMR1-1M.)(2) He was married to
Elisabeth Aebersold in 1667/68 in Grosshochstetten, Bern, Switzerland.
Elisabeth Aebersold(1) was born in 1647.(3) (LDS Ancestral File number
MMR1-2S.) Hans and Elisabeth were incarcerated at at the "Upper
Hospital" on 29 Sep 1710 in Berne, Switzerland,(3) because they
professed their faith as Anabaptists. After buying their way out of
jail, they were exiled from Switzerland in 1711, and left on a ship bound
for Holland, but escaped at Manheim, Germany. They may have moved back
to the Jura area of Switzerland shortly thereafter. Hans died in

Hans Schnauer and Elisabeth Aebersold had the following children:
i.Nichlaus Schonauer1(2) was born on 21 Mar 1669 in Grosshochstetten,
Berne, Switzerland. (LDS Ancestral File number MMR1-30.)
ii.Christian Schonauer1(2) was born on 4 Dec 1670 in Grosshochstetten,
Berne, Switzerland. (LDS Ancestral File number MMR1-45.)
iii.Jost Schnauer(1,2) was born on 6 Dec 1672 in Grosshochstetten,
Berne, Switzerland. He lived on 2 Oct 1727 in Corgemont, Jura,
Switzerland. A record from 1727 shows he was a Mennonite living there at
this time, originally from Hochstetten. He was listed as 52 years old
and his wife age 60. It mentions that they have three sons, with the
youngest son (Jost), age 20 and living with them. He lived on 22 Feb
1745 in Sombeval and Sonceboz, Jura. He died after 1746. (LDS Ancestral
File number MMR1-5B.) He was married to Catharina Krebs in 1692.
Catharina Krebs(1) was born about 1667. (These are my ancestors, whose
offspring emigrated to Berks County, Pennsylvania in 1754.)
iv.Anna Schoenauer1(2) was born on 1 Feb 1675 in Grosshochstetten,
Berne, Switzerland. (LDS Ancestral File number MMR1-6H.)
v.Christian Schonauer1(2) was born on 28 Jul 1678 in Grosshochstetten,
Berne, Switzerland. (LDS Ancestral File number MMR1-7N.) He was married
to Elisbeth Roth on 8 Aug 1704. Elisbeth Roth1 was born about 1684.
vi.Barbara Schoenauer(2) was born on 15 Aug 1680 in Grosshochstetten,
Berne, Switzerland. (LDS Ancestral File number MMR1-8T.)
vii.Barbara Schonauer(1) was born on 1 Dec 1682 in Grosshochstetten,
Berne, Switzerland. (Ancestral File number MMR1-91.)
viii.Madlena Schonauer(1) was born on 17 Jun 1685 in Grosshochstetten,
Bern, Switzerland.
ix.Hans (John) Schonauer was born on 4 May 1688 in Grosshochstetten,
Bern, Switzerland.(1) He lived in 1729 in Perry, Palatinate,
Germany.(3,4) The book, "Swiss and German Pioneer Settlers of
Southeastern Pennsylvania" follows the Anabaptist and Mennonite exodus
from Switzerland into Holland in 1710, and records many of the Swiss
families who were imprisioned and relocated because of their faith. The
Schonauer family was one of these families. John's parents were
imprisioned and exiled from Switzerland in 1711, and left on a ship bound
for Holland, but escaped at Manheim, Germany. While they probably found
their way back to the Jura area of Switzerland thereafter, in 1729 Hans
(John) was found with other Swiss Mennonite families and eingewanderte,
or "in-wandering" persons, in Perry, a small German town in the
Palatinate near the French border. This was known as a safe area for the
Mennonites, because of the devastation and civil upheavel as a result of
the Thirty Years War within the Palatinate---seventy percent of the
population was killed and much of the land was laid to waste---Karl
Ludwig, who ruled much of the Palatinate, sought to attract people to his
lands by offering tolerance to persecuted groups. It was from here they
may have emigrated to America sometime thereafter. He immigrated about
1744.5 He died before 1749 in Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania.(1,6) He was
married to Ursula --?-- about 1715.(1,7) Leona Betteridge, who supplied
much of the descendancy information on Hans Schonauer, indicates in her
1997 letter that Hans may have had another wife before Ursula. Ursula
--?-- was born about 1690.(1) She died in Jan 1773 in Cocalico Twp,
Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania.(1,7,8) Executors for her estate were Jacob
Erb and Abraham Brubaker.
x.Magdalena Schoenauer(2) was born on 17 Jun 1695 in Grosshochstetten,
Berne, Switzerland. I highly suspect this is a duplicate of the Madelina
shown born in 1685 from the Mennonite genealogical record source. I'm
not sure which birthdate is correct, so I'll leave this entry in place
for now until more information is gathered. (LDS Ancestral File number
xi.John Shonauer was born about 1697. He died about Aug 1764 in
Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania. (LDS Ancestral File number MMR1-CC.)

1. Davis, Richard Warren. Extract from "Emigrants, Refugees and
Prisoners (An Aid to Mennonite Family Research)" Volume I, with selected
emigrant and ship listing (Phoenix 1754), and Schonouer genealogy (from
1560); received from Richard G. McQuate, P.E., 1113 Joann Avenue,
Ephrata, PA 17522 on 6 Jan 1997, member of Lancaster County Mennonite
Historical Society. (Provo, UT 84605: Richard Warren Davis, P.O. Box
50182; 1995).
2. Betteridge, Leona, 2709 W. Soundview Drive, Tacoma, WA 98466. Family
Search data on Han Schoenauer and his family with LDS ordinance
information. LDS Family Search, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day
Saints (LDS), Salt Lake City, Utah; 1991.
3. Eshleman, H. Frank, B.E., M.E., LL.B. Extracts from "Historic
Background and Annals of the Swiss and German Pioneer Settlers of
Southeastern Pennsylvania, and of Their Remote Ancestors, From the Middle
of the Dark Ages, Down to the Time of the Revolutionary War"; received
from Richard G. McQuate, P.E., 1113 Joann Avenue, Ephrata, PA 17522 on 6
Jan 1997, member of Lancaster County Mennonite Historical Society; and
further copies (pages 150-195) obtained on 3 Dec 1999 from the Milwaukee
Public Library's Local History Collection. (Baltimore, MD: Genealogical
Publishing Co, Inc.; 1917 & 1991).
4. Steve Friesen. "A Modest Mennonite Home". (Intercourse, PA: Good
Books, 1990).
5. Edited by P. William Filby with Dorothy M. Lower. Passenger and
Immigration List Index, 1991 Supplement; researched and located at
Huntsville Public Library, Huntsville, Alabama on 1 Jun 1992. (Detroit,
Michigan: Gales Research; 1991).
6. Compiled by R. Thomas Mayhill. "Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Deed
Abstracts and Oaths of Allegiances, Revised and Enlarged Edition, Deed
Books A through M, 1729 through ca. 1770, with Adjacent Landowners and
7. Leona Betteridge. Personal letter and pedigree chart of Leona
Blocher ancestry, and related family group records of the Hans Schoenauer
family. (Tacoma, WA 98466: 2709 Soundview Dr W.; 20 February 1997).
8. Abstract of Lancaster County Wills Book.

I know most of this pertains to my Schonauer ancestors, but that's where
my one and only Aebersold intersects. Hope you guys and other joiners
can help. I wish I could be more helpful, but then again maybe I can
help with your connections when I learn more about your ancestors with
the non-connecting Aebersold information I've collected. I just gotta
dig a little bit more.

If you'd like you can visit my genealogy web site at
<>; and follow the
links, but you won't find any more about the Aebersold line than what
I've told you. Glad to be on the list and good to hear from you. Hope I
didn't ramble too long.

Bob Cole

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