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From: "Jim Benedict" <>
Subject: [AFHS-DISCUSSION] Transcribing audio recordings
Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2014 11:42:22 -0600

Any of you ever have to hand transcribe audio recordings into text
documents? It is a pain to have to rewind-rewind-rewind to catch all the
words, and then switch over to the computer to tap-tap-tap in the text.
Well, no more. I found a neat utility tool on the internet to help with
this chore:

Now you can work on your audio transcripts and text typing both on the one
computer screen; no more flipping back and forth. You can even speed up or
slow down the audio rate to match your typing.

This is a free tool. Just go to the website, click on the "Start
transcribing" button and get going. On the next screen, you have a "Choose
audio" button at the top and a text entry window below. Assuming your audio
is a file on the computer, either click on the button to locate your audio
file in a folder, or just drag-and-drop the audio file onto the button. You
then get audio play/pause/fast-forward or reverse control buttons. Slow
down the audio to typing speed, then type the transcript into the text
window. You have some simple formatting available: bold and italic. When
done, you can then copy-and-paste into your family files or genealogy

If your audio is in an odd format, the program does have format conversion

Jim Benedict
Genealogy Computing Group
Alberta Family Histories Society
Calgary, Alberta

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