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When the north captured Pensacola during the WBTS, the entire Escambia Co.
FL and/or municpal government of Pensacola at one time retreated to
Greenville, and governed from Greenville during the occupation. There were a
great many Pensacolans in the 1866 AL Census in Greenville and Butler county
due to that. While some returned to Pensacola, many did stay and make a home

I don't have the exact details here with me, but someone else could probably
fill us in on this interesting bit of history of this "exiled" government.

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> So far, I have no parents or siblings for my g-gf Ivy MORRIS.
> I'm still trying to connect him to some of the other Morrises in
> Butler Co. in the 1860s. Ivy moved to Butler Co., Ala., from
> downtown Pensacola, Fla. (where he was a shoemaker), probably
> during or right after the War Between the States. He had been in
> Barbour Co., Ala. before that (1850s) and Laurens Co., GA before
> that (1837-1849) and NC before that (born there c. 1815). He was
> in Pensacola in 1860, but in Butler Co. in time for the 1866
> census. The war probably drove him from Pensacola, but I'm not
> sure why he moved to Butler Co.--might have had relatives
> there--possibly a James B. MORRIS, who seems to have died in the
> war. Lacking clues or facts, I'm grasping at straws. The
> wedding of one of Ivy's sons, Edward A. MORRIS to Adella COOK in
> 1867, was performed by Rev. W.H. MORRIS, so I've been looking for
> info on him, also Isham Morris, and his family. Here is what I've
> gathered, and I'm hoping someone can ad!
> d to it.
> -------------------------------------------------
> One Isham MORRIS married Mary Jane KENDALL 1829 in Pike Co., Ga.
> ---
> Oct. 2, 1856, one Isham MORRIS from Georgia bought 320 acres of
> land for $1300 in Butler County, Alabama, in S. 28 & 21 of Tsp.
> 10N, Rng. 17E.
> ---
> 1857--W. H. MORRIS, member of Dawson Lodge 244 Oakey Streak
> ---
> Nov. 17, 1857-- Saletha MORRIS m. Theophilus DANIEL
> ---
> Sept. 12, 1862--Will of Isham MORRIS names heirs: Mary, wife;
> Elisha C. MORRIS (under 21); Isaac Y. T. MORRIS (under 21);
> ***W. H. MORRIS; Sarah BUNTING (wife of W. R. Bunting); Salitha
> DANIEL (wife of T. B. Daniel ); Martha A. M. GAFFORD (wife of
> W.D.); James _. (V.?) _. ( M. or W.) MORRIS (of Georgia); John
> W. MORRIS (of Macon Co., Alabama).
> ---
> 1863--W. H. MORRIS, Pastor, South Butler Methodist Church
> ---
> March 1, 1865--William H. MORRIS married Mrs. E. Catherine PAYNE
> ---
> Dec. 15, 1866--Elisha C. MORRIS m. Lavinia BISHOP
> ---
> 1878--William Hargrove MORRIS, pastor of Georgiana Methodist Church
> ---
> 4-11-1878--Obit--Mary MORRIS, mother of Rev. W. H. MORRIS, died
> on the 3rd, aged 79. She leaves 96 descendants, all Methodists.
> Three of her 6 sons are Methodist ministers. [from the Greenville
> Advocate of 4/11/1878 [from book Butler County. Alabama
> Obituaries compiled by Marilyn Davis Barefield]
> ---
> [from the Greenville Advocate, Oct. 24, 1906]
> Rev. W. H. MORRIS Dead
> The Advocate is in receipt of a letter from Mr. C. G. MORRIS, of
> Atlanta, announcing the death in that city of his father, Rev. W.
> H. MORRIS. This sad event took place on the 15th inst. The
> remains were laid to rest in the Mount Zion Camp Ground Cemetery,
> where he had just returned from attending a camp meeting. Mr.
> Morris was born in that neighborhood and came to Butler Co. when
> a boy. He entered the ministry before the war and was preaching
> near Greenville during the war. He was the principal factor in
> the organization of the Methodist church in this city in 1864.
> For many years he was a member of the Alabama Conference and
> served the churches in many places in South Alabama.
> His son says that he was sick several weeks and died peacefully
> and calmly, evincing much happiness over the neat approach to the
> pearly gates of Heaven.
> There are a good many people in Greenville and surrounding
> counties who will hear of his death with genuine sorrow.
> Of his immediate family he leaves a son and two grandchildren.
> --------------------------
> [from the Greenville Advocate of 11-26-1902]
> Obit of Mrs. W. H. MORRIS
> News reached here Wednesday last of the death of Mrs. Catherine
> Wright MORRIS, wife of Rev. W. H. MORRIS, at Anniston. The body
> was brought here for burial, arriving that night, and was carried
> to the residence of Dr. J. L. PERDUE. Thursday morning relatives
> assembled there, and after a short service by Rev. L. H. S.
> Chappelle, followed the remains to Magnolia Cemetery.
> Mrs. MORRIS was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William WRIGHT, and
> was born March 2, 1833. She was twice married, her last marriage
> occurring March 1st, 1865. At eleven years of age, she was
> converted and joined the Methodist church, and was ever a
> faithful, active member. She loved Greenville where most of her
> life had been spent, and enjoyed visiting here.
> A devoted husband and two sons (rest is missing].
> -----------------------------------------------------
> One of the Morrises in Laurens Co., GA, at the same time as my
> Ivy MORRIS migrated to Washington Co., FL. When I checked
> message boards there, I found this:
GUNROD2, JOHN1) was born November 12, 1879 in Crenshaw County, Alabama, and
died April 04, 1963 in Crenshaw County, Alabama. She married ISHAM KENDALL
MORRIS November 07, 1909 in Crenshaw County, Alabama. He was born November
16, 1869 in Crenshaw County, Alabama, and died March 11, 1945 in Crenshaw
County, Alabama.

Burial: Mt. Zion United Church Cemetery, Crenshaw County, Alabama

Isham owned and managed a water powered grist mill located on the Little
Patsalgia River in north western Crenshaw County, Alabama.

Burial: Mt. Zion Cemetey, NW Crenshaw Co, Alabama
I'd like to hear from anyone with Butler Co. MORRIS connections. Thanks.
Cheryll Morris Sumner

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