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Subject: [ALCALHOU] Margaret Sopp - SPRINKLE
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 23:31:22 EDT

Margaret L. Sopp

The name and dates for Stephen SPRINKE are as they appear on his marker.
Information regarding his wife, parents, 2nd marriage, church membership
from my research after surveying Four Mile Cemetery in 1992.

There is no readable marker for "Betsy" at Four Mile.
I used a previous survey by "Diane DIETERLE and others" (undated - most
likely abt 1968).
I added new burials as well as older burials that were skipped. I was also
able to compare
what I saw on the markers with the previous survey which enabled me to
correct mistakes.
Between "Diane & others" and myself, none of us found a marker for Betsy.

Church membership - Friendship Baptist (1836) / Oxford Baptist / 1st Baptist
of Oxford
1859 Members, rec'd by letter: ... Stephen Sprinkles and wife Elizabeth,
1860 Letters of dismission: ... Stephen Sprinkel* and wife Elizabeth,
1861 Letters of dismission: Brother Harvy W. Sprinkles, ...
1870 Members, rec'd by letter: ... Stephen Sprinkles and wife Betsy Ann -
from Zion Hill,

Apparently Stephen & Betsy chose to attend Zion Hill BAPTIST Church in White
between 1860 - 1870 before returning to Friendship / Oxford BAPTIST.

Church records often include the death of a member. 1886 records do not
include Betsy's
death. There is also no record of Stephen or Betsy being "dismissed by
letter" after 1870.
Since Stephen is buried at Four Mile METHODIST Church he most likely would
have been
"excluded" by the Oxford BAPTIST Church for "uniting with the Methodist
Society", or
"failing to attend meetings". However, the Oxford Church clerk may have
simply not kept a
record at the time they transferred to another church.

Since Stephen & Betsy lived in Oxford in 1880, a possible place of burial is
Oxford City
Cemetery / Oxford Memorial Gardens. Betsy's brother, Dr. Stephen Coleman
is buried there.

The obituary / death notice link you provided includes the following:
"She joined the Baptist church in 1833 and lived a consistent member until
her death."
Her death notice was written by "J.F. POTTER".

Rev. James Franklin Potter (1833-1897) is buried at Rabbittown BAPTIST
Church Cemetery,
located about 5 miles from Four Mile. My best guess is that Betsy may be
buried at
Rabbittown (weathered marker), and would "roll over in her grave" if buried
cemetery. "If" Rev. Potter preached at Rabbittown it would make sense for
him to write a
death notice for Betsy "if" she was a member.

re: Nancy REAVES
I have the marriage record of Edward Reaves who md Nancy Fisher 12-07-1848
Benton Co.
To my knowledge, I don't have further information on them. I may have them
in my cemetery
records but I would need someone to "point me in the right direction" to
know which cemetery
to look in.
No FISHER or Nancy REAVES listed in Friendship / Oxford Baptist Church
No FISHER buried at Four Mile.

REAVES (of possible interest) buried at Four Mile:
John Harrison Reaves (b.1832) & wife, Elizabeth "Betsy" McCullars (b.1828)
Son of William Emery Reaves (c1798) & Narcissa "Polly" Chandler (c1800).

For those "new to the list" - I've surveyed about 200 cemeteries in the
county. After surveying,
I research their burial records (if available), marriages, census, etc.

Calhoun Co, AL

Erna Evans wrote:
>SPRINKLE at Four Mile Methodist Church Cemetery - in old section
>behind church:
>SPRINKLE, Stephen
>05-15-1817 / 03-06-1893
>Married: Elizabeth Ann "Betsy" Williams
>Parents: William Sprinkle / Isabella Palmer
>I only know of one Stephen SPRINKLE in the county so I assume "Betsy" died
between the
>1880 census and Sept 1886 due to the following marriage record:
>Stephen SPRINKLE / Nancy REAVES / 09-12-1886 by Benjamin Turner, M.G.
>First Baptist Church of Oxford (Friendship)
>1870 Members, by letter: Stephen Sprinkles and wife Betsy Ann - from Zion

Margaret L. Sopp wrote:
>I have a few questions.
>Is all that information (wife's name, parents' names) on Stephen's
>Or does that come from other sources?
>Is Elizabeth ("Betsy") Sprinkle also buried at Four Mile Methodist Church
>Was Nancy Reaves the same Nancy as Nancy Fisher who married Edward Reaves
in 1848?
>My focus is on the Sprinkle family, and I am happy to share & exchange
information on the
>related families (that includes Clay & Heifner).

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