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Subject: [ALCALHOU] Over 300 Early Settlers of Benton Co, AL - 1833-1865
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Over 300 Early Settlers of Benton Co, AL - 1833-1865.

1833 - William H. GARRETT moved from TN to Benton Co, AL in Jan 1833.
1833 - FYI ... Jacksonville officially named in 1833. Known as Drayton
before that. Even earlier, known as Madison.
1834 - David WALKER md. Isebella PORTER.
1834 - Washington RICHEY md. Emaline WILLIS.
1834 - Durham KELLY, deacon at Mt. Zion Bapt. Church in Alexandria
1835 - Francis ERWIN md. Sarah DODSON.
1835 - Joseph LLOYD & Durham KELLY met to choose a place for a "new meeting
house" for Mt. Zion Bapt. Church in Alexandria.
1836 - Jacksonville incorporated; Jacksonville Male Academy chartered. Early
trustees include John H. PORTER, R.D. ROLAND, William ARNOLD, Will B.
MARTIN, John M. COOLE, James LYLE, Nathaniel GREGG, Edward L. WOODWARD Sr.,
1836 - Mt. Gilead Baptist Church organized. John DICKINSON gave land. Joseph
NOAH and his sons cut logs to build it. The original was built near Henry
HEATHCOCKS grave. The present church was built in 1891. The "Cyclone of
1913" blew half the church away, including historical records.
1836 - United Baptist Church of Jacksonville (J'ville 1st Bapt.) was
established. Phillip SEEBER and William PENN officiated in the ceremony.
Charter members were William WOOD, Jane WOOD, Daniel NUNNELLY, Sarah
Rachel FLEMMING, John H. WHITE, Rachael WHITE, Juliet BURNS, Maryan BURT and
Frances H. GREGG.
1837 - Joseph LLOYD, "of Benton Co." purchased land.
1837 - Elijah LLOYD, Executor of Estate of John D. McREYNOLDS.
1837 - David HUBBARD sued Wm. B. McCLELLEN.
1837 - Jacob R. GREEN, Administrator of Estate of Fixco HARJO.
1837 - Joseph CRUTCHFIELD, "Botanic Doctor". Resided SW Jacksonville.
1838 - Thomas R. WILLIAMS, Executor of Estate of Elizabeth McCRELISS.
1838 - John T. POPE & Jane GAY, Administrators of Estate of John GAY.
1838 - J.B. PENDLETON operated a tavern in Jacksonville.
1838 - Edward L. WOODWARD, Administrator of Estate of James M. MITCHELL.
1838 - Henry SHRADER operated the Cane Creek Cotton Factory.
1838 - Harmony Baptist Church in Choccolocco was oraganized. William MALLORY
donated land. Materials and slave labor provided by John BORDERS.
Contributions made by members including BAKER, BORDERS, BOWLING, COBB,
include J.J.D. RENFROE, Sterling JENKINS, E.T. SMYTHE, Jordan WILLIAMS, John
A. SCOTT. John BORDEN served as deacon and William JOHNSTON served as church
1838 - Hebron Baptist Church was organized. Charter members were Samuel
DILLARD, John F. ARCHER, John W. WILEY, William A. BRYANT, William S.
GRIFFIN (Primitive Baptists).
1838 - Letters in Post Office, will be sent ... dead letters.
Boyd, John Hon.
Black, Michael
Burrows, James
Bannon, Green H. O.
Dunham, Adam C. (2)
Davis, George
Fields, Albert
Gray, William
LOYD, Green B.***
Griffin, Madison Jas.
Givens, E. L.
McCaslin, Enoch (2)
McClellen, Mr.
Magill, J. D. Doctr.
Mormon, Joshua
Redick, G. W.
Payne, John J.
Phillips, Reuben (2)
Pearson, Thomas
Sheppard, Thomas T.
Sheppard, Julius C.
Owen Stanley?
P. H. PEARSON, P. M. (Post Master)
1839 - Thos A KEITH md. Adaline McGHEE.
1839 - Samuel LASSETTER md. Malinda C MASON.
1839 - Robert Gray, son of Wm. GARRETT, died.
1840 - Joshua MILNER, Administrator of Estate of James DONALDSON
1840 - Wm. C. PRICE (Sheriff), Administrator ex officio of Estate of John M.
NEAL (insolvent).
1840 - Wm. C. PRICE (Sheriff), Administrator ex officio of Estate of John B.
PENDLETON (insolvent).
1840 - Henry McBEE, Administrator of Estate of Jesse McBEE.
1840 - Lucy COBB and Isaac YOUNG sued Leroy BEDWELL.
1840 - Lawsuit against John SPENCER settled "in favour of Thomas M. LIKENS
use of C.A. GREEN."
1840 - LWT of Samuel C. CHAMBERS - David P. CHAMBERS, Robert CHAMBERS, Elias
HUTCHINSON and wife Polly.
1840 - John M. WHITLOCK challenges anyone to race their stallion against
his, including Billy BARLOW with an apparent 40 ft. head start. Race takes
place at Williamson WILLIAMS' near Alexandria.
1840 - Nathan, Delia, Winston and Burrell, slaves of Andrew TURNIPSEED, sold
by Sheriff for lawsuits in favor of Ledyard, Hatter, & Co; E. HOWARD, and
1841 - Obit. of Elizabeth Virginia GARRRETT.
1841 - Robert S. PORTER was Sheriff.
1841 - Wm. J. WILLIS was a candidate for Sheriff.
1841 - Elijah LLOYD donated the land and "house of worship" for Alexandria
Methodist Church.
1841 - Friendship Baptist Church of Oxford (Est.1836) built first log
meeting house on land donated by Benjamin MATTISON.
1842 - WALKER's Ferry, Coosa river (road from Jacksonville to Gunter's
Landing) purchased by Thomas HOLLINGSWORTH from Henry McCOY.
1842 - William ARNOLD sued James CLARK, causing Sheriff to sell property of
1842 - William BATTLES sued William CHAMNESS, causing Sheriff to sell
property of CHAMNESS.
1842 - Mt. Zion Bapt. Church issued letters of dismission for Elijah Lloyd
KELLY, wife Rebecca DUNCAN, and servant Vicey.
1843 - John R. GRAHAM died.
1843 - John YEATMAN, Administrator of Estate of William MASSEY.
1843 - Cooper B. TATE, Administrator of Estate of John B. TAYLOR.
1843 - David YOUNG and Wm. N. YOUNG, Executors of Estate of Isaac YOUNG.
1843 - John HUNNICUTT, Administrator of Estate of James BAILEY.
1843 - Peter LARRISON, Administrator of Estate of Samuel LIVELY.
1843 - Hiram MITCHELL & wife Harriet (wid. of Samuel F. CLAWSON) sued
Harriet's children.
1843 - Wm. Durham KELLY, wife Miriam LLOYD, her dau. Aletha O'REAR dismissed
by letter from Mt. Zion.
1843 - The following men entered their horses in the Jockey Club Races "over
the Benton Course near Jacksonville": H.L. FRENCH, William AINESWORTH,
Kenneth DYE, John W. TROTTER, Daniel S. RYAN. John T. POPE was the
1843 - Filed for bankruptcy - Gideon French, John Spencer, John W.
Robertson, James Robertson, John Chambers, Joshua Atchley, Simeon B.
Steree?, Moses L. Barr, Moses Elliott, Cornelius Box, William Kennedy,
Ebenezer Cunningham, William Tidmore, David Andrews, Hugh L. Givens, John
Boatman, Anderson Wilkins, George W. Crozier, John C. Black, Edward L.
Givens, Christopher Haynes, Daniel Nunnelley, William B. Jones, Josiah
Savage, Charles Nabors, John H. Crawford, Charles Norman, Rezin R. Chilton,
R.E.W. McAdams [Clock & Watch Maker], Edward Henderson, John C. Broyles,
Sevier Elston.
1844 - Richard P. McMICHAEL, candidate for tax collector.
1844 - Caldwell SUBLETT, candidate for Sheriff.
1844 - LWT of Benjamin HOLLINGSWORTH.
1845 - Wm. WILSON md. Caroline M. ESTILL.
1845 - M.M. DYE advertised a fireproof warehouse.
1845 - J. & R. McKIBBON operated the Choccolocco Creek Cotton Factory.
1845 - LWT of Wm. W. LEDBETTER.
1846 - Obit of David A. JACKSON.
1846 - Jacob FORNEY was chairman of the Jacksonville Female Academy.
1846 - Wm. A. WARE "convicted of Negro stealing."
1846 - James M. CROOK addressed the Benton Agricultural Society.
1847 - Hartwell BATTLES md. Mary JONES.
1847 - Solomon INGRAM md. Elizabeth PAYNE.
1847 - LWT of Wm. CARY.
1848 - George STIPES had a fancy store.
1848 - Isaac & Delila TEAGUE divorced.
1849 - James B. MARTIN md. Mary E. NISBET.
1849 - H.H. ALLEN had land for rent.
1849 - Estate sale of Wiley ARTERBERY.
1850 - LWT of Samuel THOMPSON.
1850 - LWT of Wm. TATUM.
1850 - William P. HARRISON served as Pastor at First Presbyterian Church of
1850 - Sterling Gresham JENKINS served as Pastor at First Baptist Church of
1851 - Obit of Geo. C. HEARD.
1851 - Mathew ALLEN candidate for State Legislature. (Several times in
earlier yrs.)
1851 - John N. YOUNG candidate for State Legislature.
1851 - John N. YOUNG resigned from State Legislature.
1852 - Obit of Thomas DOTHARD.
1852 - William TERRY served as Elder at First Presbyterian Church of
1852 - Edward Robert WARE served as Pastor at First Presbyterian Church of
1853 - John HUBBARD built the old Mt. Zion Bapt. Church (located behind new
1853 - Joseph C. McAULEY served as Elder at First Presbyterian Church of
1853 - Alexander BROWN was Sheriff.
1853 - LWT of Arthur SLATON.
1854 - Robert A. HOUSTON served as Pastor at First Presbyterian Church of
Jacksonville (1853-1856).
1855 - Elijah T. SMYTHE served as Pastor at First Baptist Church of
1855 - LWT of Richard Ross BOLES.
1855 - LWT of Elizabeth CROZIER.
1856 - Salem Baptist Church (later Post Oak Spgs) organized. Tolliver Perry
GWIN was first pastor.
1856 - James B. FARMER was Sheriff.
1856 - LWT of Loving MARTIN.
1856 - LWT of John F. TURNER.
1857 - Lawson W. CROZIER md Ann PORTER.
1857 - Private school of A.N. BERNARD.
1857 - Estate sale of John P. & Sarah (LITTLE) PETTIT.
1858 - Allen BRIANT (Bryant) refused to pay debts of wife, Eliza, because
she "refuses to live with me".
1858 - Winifred, wife of Philip ARCHER, and widow of Moses WOODRUFF, died.
1858 - John PIKE died.
1859 - Fielding LOVE elected Sheriff.
1859 - Manning K. KIMBRELL was a wagon maker.
1860 - Sims KELLY died.
1860 - August MEYERS advertised his store.
1860 - W.A. DRISKELL was a census taker.
1860 - Richard Gaines ROBERTS Sr. organized the Center Methodist Church, now
known as DeArmanville United Methodist Church.
1861 - J.R. LOYD, Administrator of Estate of Hiram HICKS.
1861 - Infant dau. of Ephram & Rosa ALLEN died.
1861 - Elizabeth, wife of John BOOZER, died.
1861 - A. OBERNDORF & CO. was located in Oxford.
1861 - J.M. COLEMAN was the Bailiff of White Plains.
1861 - J.R. CALHOUN was a Physician in White Plains.
1861 - A. FARMER had a Wagon Shop in White Plains.
1861 - M.J. TURNLEY, Administration of Estate of James PEARSON.
1861 - J.A. STEVENSON appointed his "negro man John" in charge of his Grist
Mill - "customers will find him honest, truthful and accomodating."
1862 - B.D. TURNER, Administration of Estate of Ancel McCOLLUM.
1862 - John T. STEVENSON died of brain fever.
1862 - Wm. BARKER Administrator of Estate of E.G. BARKER.
1863 - Z.M. PIRKLE died at Globe Hospital in Richmond, VA. Family moved to
Calhoun Co. in 1845.
1863 - Elizabeth PIRKLE, Administrator of Estate of Matthew PIRKLE.
1863 - Elisha HYATT & Permelia WILLIAMS, Administrator of Estate of James E.
1863 - Cynthia A. SHERIDAN, Administrator of Estate of C.L. MORGAN.
1863 - B.G. McCLELLAN wounded at Gettysburg.
1863 - Addison LANFORD died (in 26th yr) leaving aged parents, two sisters,
two brothers.
1863 - Deserters from Calhoun Co. (incomplete list): Wm. S. ABNEY, John A.
John M. GRIFFIN, Walker G. HARRIS, Thomas W. HUNNICUTT, Samuel E. VAUGHAN,
Wm. K. OWEN, John OWEN, James T. HENSON, Silas HENSON, Joseph J. KNIGHTON,
Wm. B. KNIGHTON. Includes age, height, weight, eye & hair color, complexion,
1864 - LWT of John BROCK probated.
1864 - R.G. EARLE died, LWT probated.
1865 - Obit of Frances A. BURTON.
1865 - Obit of W.J. MARTIN.

Anniston, Calhoun Co, AL

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