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Subject: [ALCOOSA] A few of the major surnames in our upcoming Houston County (once part of Henry Co.), Alabama Heritage Book
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 15:54:29 -0600

So many of you have emailed to ask what surnames are in our upcoming book
that I decided to put together a partial list ... hope you find this
helpful. There are many, many more surnames than what I have listed
here. I did not even include the surnames in the "Topical" Section of
this book.

Houston County, Alabama Heritage Book
1. “FAMILY HISTORY SECTION” (433 “Family” Stories)

and More Surnames (not included in this listing... in the

2. “TOPICAL SECTION” --Many articles in this section.

*NOTE: These are just major surnames found in this upcoming
book. There are many, many more found in these articles...

Email for more information:
or call... 1-334-794-7480 or 1-334-793-2984

Book is about 365 pages plus index...These are just a few of the surnames
in this upcoming book... there are many, many more!
Acree Sisters
Acree, Walter U. and James L.
Adams, James R. and Amanda J.
Adams, John E. and Lula E.
Adams, John Ellie
Adams, Robert and Dorcas M.
Adkins, Jeffey Lee
Ammons, Bullock, and Palmer
Anderson, Jackson A. Family
Andrews Family
Arnold, Henry Harrell
Bachmann, Norma Edgar and Kathryn (Hodges)
Bailey, William Fields “Doug”
Bailey, Willis Lee “Bill”
Bailey, Reverend C. M. and Mrs. Ollie Lee
Baker-Calder, Jessie Pearl
Barnes, Benjamin Franklin and Willa (Holloway)
Barnes, Willa Holloway
Bass, Edward King, Sr. and Ethel
Bass, Elijah, Sr., and Amy Ruth
Bass, Henry Wilburn and Ludie (Smith)
Bass, Spurgeon and Ilone
Bates, Clarissa Irene (Fail)
Bates, Dr. Irby Clyde
Baughman, Edward Howard
Baughman, Eugenia Rebecca
Baughman, J. W.
Baughman, James Owen
Baughman, John William, III
Baughman, Leon Hodges
Baughman, Maude Elizabeth
Baxley, Hilton and Oletta (McAllister)
Baxley, Jeff H. and Jessie (Marlowe)
Baxter, L. J. nad Ilene Chambers
Beckworth, Matilda “The Little Indian Baby”
Bell (Baell)-Snellgrove
Bell, Andrew and Mattie (Brooks)
Bell, Washington B. and Mary Frances (Hall)
Best, Lelia Carmen (Collins)
Blankenship, James T. and Faye (Enfinger) Collette
Bonner, Robert Lee
Boothe, John Morris and Susan Louiza (Huggins)
Bowen, Martha Ellen Pittman
Box, Gertrude (Cobb)
Box, Martha Barnes
Boyett, Cumbie, Harrison, and Phillips
Brackin, Captain William
Branton, Howell and Mary Estelle (Thomley)
Branton, Icha and Neva
Brown, Burton and Drucilla G.
Brown, Cecil
Brown, John Miller and Parsha (Morgan)
Bruner, Leona (Miller)
Buckhalt, Idus Eugene, Jr. and Annie “Ann” (Dawkins)
Buckhalt, Idus Eugene, Sr. and Myrtle Frances (Buckner)
Buie, Admer Hammond and Clara (Morgan)
Buie, James Alexander and Frances (Shinholster)
Burdeshaw, James and Sarah
Burdeshaw, Philip Leandus
Burdeshaw, Richard Wilbur
Burgess, Lonis and Ethel (Keyton)
Burgess, Ray “Life and Ancestry”
Burgess, Reddich Green
Burkett Family “Let’s Go To Dothan
Burkett, Cecil “Descendants of S. E. Ala. Pioneers Settle in Dothan
Burkett, Columbus Green
Burkett, Phillip Jeffrey “Phil”
Burns Family
Burson, Dr. Elkanah George Family
Buxton, John
Cain-Jordan Outline
Calhoun, Jessie E. and Frances L. (Railey)
Campbell, John L.
Campbell, John
Carr, James Wiley “Jim”
Christy, Catherine W. and Colonel Harrison R.
Clark, Alvah LaGrange, Sr.
Clark, George D. and Ella Green (Trawick)
Clark, Hubert and Lois (Barton)
Clayton, James J. “Jim” and Sally
Cobb Family
Cobb, Aquilla A. and Josephine (Martin)
Cobb, Mary Ann
Cobb, Roxie Ann (Hayes) Family
Cobb, Samuel Elijah
Coe, Ellen Rebecca B.
Coe, Lawrence Preston
Coleman, Dr. Stephen N. and Odessa (LeCroy)
Collins, June Pippin
Cook, George Levin
Cook, Lawis Peterman (McInnis)
Cooley, William Wesley “Wes”
Crawford, Artie Lonzo
Crawford, Arthur Caswell 1851-1917
Crawford, Joseph Warren
Crawford, Martha Aline
Crawford, Rexford N. and Sybil (Knight)
Cumbie-Harrison Family of Dothan
Darden Family
Davidson, Moses H. Family
Davis, William Jackson “Civil War Soldier”
Davis, Allie Carolyn (Paulk) and James Alton “Boots”
Davis, Clara Frances (Richards) of Geneva and Houston Counties
Davis, Columbus “Lum” and Elvira
Davis, Jonnie Bass
Davis, Pasco “Of Geneva and Houston Counties
Dawkins, George Carter and Annie Mae “Mary” (Owen)--Part I
Dawkins, Geroge Carter and Annie Mae “Mary” (Owen)--Part II
Dawsey, Thomas “A Pioneer Remembered”
Deal Family History
Deal, Caleb “The Family of…”
Deal, Joseph Rance, Family of
Deal, Susie Lee Baughman
Deal, Uriah Caleb
Dew, Thomas Spencer
Dickerson, Kinchen
Dickerson, Wiley F. and M. Lavinia Hicks
Dixon, John C. Family
Domingus, Tobe (John Louis)
Dowling, Harris Families
Ducker, William C.
Dunning, Wilburn Carl, Family of…
Ellis, Ephriam “Pioneer”
Ellis, S. W. J. “Pioneer”
Enfinger, Hettie Vann
Enfinger, Louie Frank
Engram, Carlton and Camilla
Evans, John Family
Floyd, William V. Family
Folkes, J. P. and Mary Frances
Folkes, James Walton and Theodocia (Forrester)
Folkes, William F. and Pauline (Clayton)
Forehand, Charlotte Blue (McCullough)
Forrester and Riley
Fowler, Allen “Coot”
Fox, Mary Sue Thornell Arnold
Fuller, Green Asbury and The Fuller Farm
Gaines, F. M. “Pop”, Sr. “Early Land Attorney and Lawyer”
Gamble, Yarbrough and Eunice
Gamble, Earley and Nannie
Gamble, Lynwood and JoAnn
Gamble, Moses Andrew and Lillie C. (Johnson)
Gamble, Robert John
Gamble, Roger Lawson
Glanton, John H. , Sr.
Glanton, John, Jr.
Goolsby, Clarence Tolbert “The Family of”
Graham, Hugh and Isophene (Ivey)
Granger, Joseph P. and Mary R.
Granger, Mr. and Mrs. Kyle H.
Granger, Rex Andrew and Patricia Ann (Tinny)
Grant Family
Green, Thomas Bolen “Early Settlers” Part I
Green, Thomas Bolen, “Early Settlers” Part II
Griggs, J. C. “Jim” Family
Groff, Sallie Virginia Baughman
Guy, Charlie Mae Baughman (Mrs. Clinton Guy)
Hagler, Beauford Clyde
Hagler, Robbie Garner Smith
Hall, Allen
Hall, Cicero Tolbert “C. T. “ Family
Hall, Emily Lorene (Soloman)
Hall, Gertrude (Chaffin)
Hall, Henry Grady and Betty (Helms)
Hall, John Wesley Family
Hall, Ken Soloman, Sr. and Sarah (Paulk)
Hamm, Mattie Evelyn (Richards)
Hammack, Thomas Jefferson and Sarah C.
Hardy, William
Harrington, Willie Leonard
Harris, Fredrie L. and Joan (Hodges)
Harris, Hamilton M.
Hartley, John Henry
Hawk, Alveta Houston “Mama”
Hayes, Walter S.
Heard, Minnie T. (Mrs.) “Educator”
Helms, Maggie (Pearce) Willis
Herring, Emmanuel Family
Hicks, Meredith and Sarah (Wright)
Hill, Peter J., Jr.
Hodges, Chester Lee
Hodges, Dempsey Wyatt and Ada (Box)
Hodges, James Chester and Esther B. (Laguisan)
Hodges, John and Vassie
Hodges, Lemuel and Viney Martin
Hodges, Lottie Lee (Brackin)
Holland, Lonzo C.
Holmes, Marvin Guy
Hood, Mamie Lee
Huff, Terrell
Hughes-Hasty Family
Huskey, Beda Proctor and Julia Ann
Ivey, Jan David
Jemison, Dr. David V., Jr.
Johns, Lonnie Preston
Johnson Family
Johnson, Henry Washington
Jones, Austin Maud Lugetta (McAllister)
Jones, E. D. (Reverend) and Irene Z.
Jones, Gerald
Jones, Jacob
Jordan, Rudolphus Family
Kelley, Thomas Elias
Kelley, Pennie Amelia (Mullins)
Kelly, Charlie Elizabeth (Peterman)
Kelly, Julius Luther, Sr.
Kimble, Peter
King, E. M. and Sarah Ann “Sallie” Jones
Kirkland, Edna Quattlebaum
Kirkland, James Burkey
Knight, Charlie Andrew
Lay, Myrtle “The Nurse”
Lee, Timothy Cuthbert
Lee, Willie Bell
Lewis-Metcalf Family
Lovrich, Frank Michael
Mallory, Nikki Gayle
McAllister, Charles A. “Charlie” Family
McAllister, Charles Marion
McAllister, Crate M. and Agnes (Chalker)
McAllister, David Gustavus
McAllister, Dock Smithson “Smitty”
McAllister, Dorman Sybert and Dixie (Bell)
McAllister, James Murl
McAllister, Jonah Ottis
McAllister, Sybert Maurice
McAllister, Wilmer Glenn, Sr. and Jean (Williams)
McAllister, Andrew V.
McAllister, Gerald
McAllister, Jonah Hugh
McAllister, Robert Quinn “R. Q.”
McCall, Eleanor (Mullins)
McCall, Samuel Mason
McClendon Family
McCraney, Calvin Monroe and Rosa (Floyd) Part I
McCraney, Calvin Monroe and Rosa (Floyd) Part II
McEntyre, Thomas Hughes and Jessie (Young)
McEntyre, Thomas Jefferson and Tullulah (Hughes)
McGriffs Of Henry and Houston Counties, Alabama
McInnish Families in Houston County
McKay Family
McKay, Franklin Grady and Manie Herring (Clark)
McKemie, Robert Pearson and Mary Amanda (Colley)
McKissic, John Leroy “J. L.”, Sr.
McLauchlin, Philip B., Sr.
Meadows, Enoch and Matilda (Stephens)
Meadows, Enoch Eligah and Hattie (Brooks)
Meadows, Halstead, Sr. and Nora Marjory (Boyle)
Mixon, Mildred Barnes
Moates, Grover Cleveland
Moates, James M.
Mouring, John Henry and Lizzie Bell (Boyd) Lashley
Mullins, Benjamin Patrick
Mullins, John Jackson
Mullins, Laura (Howell)
Mullins, Lois Mae
Mullins, Ross Lofton
Mullins, S. A. and Elizabeth
Mullins, Samson Augustus
Mullins, Samson Bluford
Mullins, Walter D.
Mullins, Walter D. and Ruth (Sheffield)
Mullins, Walter Delande
Mullins, Walter
Murdock, Christian Caroline (Martin) Dowling
Newton, William Franklin, Jr.
Noblin, Curtis Wesley
Nowell, Lonnie P., Sr.
Oates, William Calvin (Governor)
Outlaw, Vera Mae (McAllister)
Owens, Benjamin Franklin “Frank”
Owens, Boyd Crawford
Owens, Curtis K. and Marie (Watson
Owens, Curtis T.
Owens, Dan Hartley
Owens, Edwin R. and Freddie Crawford
Owens, Eva Gertrude
Owens, Floyd and Glenda (White) Part I
Owens, Floyd and Glenda (White) Part II
Owens, Floyd and Glenda (White) Part III
Owens, Gustave Beauregard and Mary Cole (Skipper) Part I
Owens, Gustave Beauregard and Mary Cole (Skipper) Part II
Owens, James Gary “Montana”
Owens, John
Palmer, Levi Madison
Park, James Hickman Family
Pate, Lucy Wood Baughman
Patterson, William and Samantha (Byrd)
Paulk, Allie (Deese) and William Jackson
Phelps, Reuben S.
Pilcher, The Founding of Dothan, Alabama
Pittman, Mitchell Frank and Dora McKnight
Pittman, Sammy Joe
Pope, Alexander and Luvincy Lou Watkins
Pope, James Alexander and Jewel Eva Register
Porter, Zara Louise (Richards) Striplin
Prather, George Butler and Edna Earl (Liverman)
Purvis, Chesley J.
Purvis, Rufus Jackson
Quattlebaum, Ezekial
Quattlebaum, Howard Caswell
Rabon, Richard and Annie (Potter)
Railey, Charlie and Mallie (Mills)
Raley, J. Wilburn and Clyde Armstrong
Raley, William J. “Willie” and Elizabeth “Liz” Dickerson
Ramsey, The Family
Ray, Evelyn Jane
Ray, Theo
Reeves, Clester Huey Family
Reeves Of Houston County
Reeves, William Cicero and Damaris (Snead) Russell
Register Family History
Register, John Sydney
Register, Of Taylor, Alabama
Renfroe, Elizabeth Owens
Reynolds, William Jackson
Rhyne, Margaret Pate
Richards, Mrs. Wannie Mae (Williamson)
Richards, Thomas D. “T.D.” and Eugenia Americas “Jennie” (Manly)
Roberson, John
Roberts, James William and Annie Clayton (Reynolds)
Rozelle, Buddie and Grace
Rugg, “My Rugg’s Family History
Scarbrough, Dorothy Lorelle (Ray)
Sconyers, Lottie Lee Hodges and Max
Scott, Jasper and Tessie (Barber)
Sealy, J. R. “Bob” and Ida (Inscor)
Sellers, Benjamin Franklin “Descendants”
Sellers, Margaret Ann (Owens)
Sellers, Matthew
Sellers, Maxham Edward, Sr., and Descendants
Sellers, Samuel Wright
Shealy, John P.
Shealy, Kenneth Family
Shelton, Nina Aline Davis
Shirah, Reverend Angus Morgan and Elizabeth (Crutchfield)
Shirah, Samuel Curtis and Freda Oneita (Hodges)
Singletary, William Thomas and Nan (Smith)
Skipper, James C.
Skipper, Lonnie Howell and Collette Christine
Smith, Bonnylin Elizabeth Adams and Ray Bruner
Smith, Donald Rex
Smith, Green LaFayette and Mary Etta (Brown)
Smith, Jefferson Family
Smith, John and Ella
Smith, John Preston and Ruby (Elliott)
Smith, Wallace L., Jr.
Smith, Willie Clifton “A Self-Made Man”
Snell, “The Snells”
Spooner, From Massachusetts to Alabama
Stapleton, Schroebel Agnew
Starling, Alfred
Starling, Soloman Wesley
Stephens, John A. Family
Still, Ervin Clifton Family in Cowarts
Still, In Houston County, Alabama
Stone, Clara
Strickland, Daisy (Aarons) Hammond
Strickland, Littleberry D. and Sarah C. (Hicks)
Summerford, Henry Oscar and Nellie Burkett
Summerford, Henry Washington “Wash”
Taylor, Annie D. “Daisy”
Taylor, Farley and Mary Nell (Dawkins) Part I
Taylor, Farley and Mary Nell (Dawkins) Part II
Taylor, James T. and Wealthy (Clark)
Tew, William B. Family
Tharp, The Todds and The Tharps
Thomas, Harold Jerome “Spanky”
Thomas, Howard and Fannie
Thomas, Susan Phelps
Thomley, Marquis de LaFayette and Cora Lee (Tindell)
Thompson, Thomson Family
Thornell, Noel Ruth
Thornell, Tommy Warren
Tindell, James Monroe, Jr.
Todd, Randolph Orman and Brunice (Clark)
Tolar, Collie and Demassie Lynn
Tolar Family of Southeast Alabama
Trimnell-Tew-Calhoun “Recollections of Early Years in Dothan”
Tucker, Charles Donald “Don” and Priscilla Ann (Gaston)
Vann, Henry Clayton “Boogie”, Jr.
Vann, Jerry “Jerry Took Pride In The Move”
Varnum, Redding
Vaughn, Ed “Trailblazer”
Vinson, Andrew Jackson and Harriett Elvira (Davis)
Walden Family
Walker, Edmund Winston and Mary Louis
Walker, Henry Clayton
Ward, James Andrew and Frankie (Robertson)
Watford, Joseph
Watford, Samuel A.
Watford, Sidney Alexander
Watson, James Jonas
Weeks, William Thomas
Whatley, Alma Gamble “The Greatest Mamma”
Whiddon, Thaxton Marion
White, Thomas Edgar and Martha Louise (Dawkins) Part I
White, Thomas Edgar and Martha Louise (Dawkins) Part II
White, Thomas Edgar and Martha Louise (Dawkins) Part III
White, Thomas Valentine and Mary Magdalene (Green) Part I
White, Thomas Valentine and Mary Magdalene (Green) Part II
White, Walter and Gertrude
Whitehurst and Miller Ancestry
Wiggins, Abijah and Elizabeth
Wiggins, Burke and Mary
Wiggins, Daniel and Suzannah
Wiggins, George and Alice
Wiggins, Haisten Owen
Williams, Claudia Leah Baxter
Williams, John Richard
Williams, Karen “Entrepreneur”
Williams, Michael Duryea, PhD.
Williams, Wilson Cook “W. C.”
Williams, Yul “Dothan Native Earns Doctorate Degree”
Willoughby, James Thomas, Sr. 1924-2001
Willoughby, Mabel Elizabeth
Wilson Family of Wicksburg (Houston County), Alabama
Windsor Grandchildren
Windsor, Gerald and Imogene
Windsor, Joseph LaFayette
Wood, Edward, Sr.
Woods, John Jay
Woods, Reverend Haley Webster
Worrell, Jefferson Davis
Worsham, Howard and Pat
Yelverton, Olden and Amy Broxton
Young, Family of Houston County
Young, James Robert

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