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Surname: Josey

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Generation No. 1
1. Robert Josey b. 1565 in St.Giles, London England, d. July 1617 in St.
Botolph Parrish, Aldagate, London England, m. (1)Annie S, Potter 6 July
1589 in St, Giles, Cripplegate, London England. Annie b. abt 1568. (2)
Children of Robert Josey and Anne Potter are:
2. i. JohnJosey b.7 June 1590 St. Botolph Parish, Aldagate, London England
d. Aug 1614
ii. James Josey b. abt 1600 in London England;d, aft.1674,Nansemond
Co. Va.
James Josey,Gent. b. abt.1600 in London England and d.aft 1674 in Nansemond
Co. Va; m.Elizabeth Jane Graydon 2 Dec.1634 in BerwickupTweed, Northumberland,
England. Elizabeth b. abt d1615 in England. Child of James Josey and Elizabeth
Graydon is:
3. i. James Josey,Horse Capt. b. 19 Nov 1635, Putney Surrey, London England
Captain James Josey(James2, Robert1)b. 19 Nov 1635 in Putney Surrey,London,
England; m. ? Peele.
Child of James Josey and ? Peele is:
4. i. Col. James Josey b.abt, 1660, Nansemond Co, Va. GENERATION NO.4
Col. James Josey (James3,James2, Robert1)b. abt 1660 in Nansemond Co, Va.
Children of Col. James Josey are:
5. i.Peter Josey b. abt 1693 Nansemond Co. Va. ii.Mary Josey b.1 Feb.
1696 Nansemond Co, Va; d. 23 Sept 1720 Nansemond Co, Va; m. Samuel Godwin19
June 1711. Samuel b.20 Mar.1686/87, Nansemond Co, Va.
iii.Robert Josey b. abt 1700, Nansemond Co. Va; d. bef. 1766 Nansemond
Co, Va.
iv. James Josey III b.abt 1702, Nansemond Co, Va; d. aft. Mar. 1769 Northampton
Co, NC
James Josey III (James 4, James3, James2, Robert1) b. abt.1702, Nansemond
Co,Va; d. 1769 Horthampton Co, NC; m. Sarah? b.abt. 1706 d. between 1769-1770
in Northampton,NC
Children of James Josey and Sarah? are:
6. i. James Josey IV b. abt. 1728 Nansemond Co, Va; d. 25 Oct. 1785 Halifax
Co, NC; m. Peggy Whitaker ii.William Josey b. 1729 Nansemond Co,Va; m.
Susannah ?
iii.Henry Josey b.1731 Nansemond Co, Va; d.1799,Wilkes Co,Ga; m. Mary
Hill 1781
iv.Margaret B. Josey b. 21 June 1732,Nansemond Co, Va; d. 21 Sept.
1796, Edgecomb Co, NC; m. Robert Peele 5 Sept 1753 v.Sarah Josey b.
1734 Nansemond Co, Va; m. Elisha Willaims 24 Mar 1775
vi. Willis Josey b. 1736, Nanesmond Co. Va, d. bef. May 1782,Northampton,
NC; m. Charity Swenson bef. 1759 GENERATION NO. 6
James Josey IV (James 5, James 4,James 3, James 2, Robert1) b.1728 Nansemond
Co.Va, d. 25 Oct. 1785 Halifax Co,NC. m. Margaret "Peggy" Whitaker abt
1764,daughter of John Whitaker and Olive Taylor. Peggy b. abt 1747 in Halifax
Co. NC; d.abt 1836, Halifax Co. NC Children of James Josey and Margaret
Whitaker are:
7. i. Robert Josey b. 1765, Halifax Co. NC; d. May 1822, Halifax Co.
NC; m. Mary Pittman 1790
ii. James Josey b. abt.1767 Halifax Co. NC; d. 6 Feb. 1795 Halifax
Co. NC; m. Lydia ?
iii. John Josey b. abt.1770, Halifax co. NC; d. 24 Oct. 1802 Halifax
Co. NC; m. Martha ?
iv. Olive Taylor Josey b. abt.1772 Halifax Co.NC; M. ? Williams
v. Mary Josey b. abt.1774 Halifax Co NC vi. Sarah Charity Josey
b. abt. 1775 Halifax Co,Nc; m. Elisha Williams b. abt 1775
vii. Peggy salley Josey b. abt 1777 Halifax Co. Nc; m. William Whitehead
Jr. d. bef.Nov 1802
Robert 7(James6, James5, James4, James3, James2, Robert1) b. 1765 in Halifax
Co. NC, d. May 1822 in Halifax
Co, NC, m. Mary Pittman 1790 in NC. Mary Pittman,daughter of Samuel Pittman
and Mary Lane,was born abt 1778 in Halifax Co, NC. Children of Robert Josey
and Mary Pittman are:
8. i. Rebecca Josey b. 1791 Halifax Co,NC; m. ? Merritt ii. James William
Josey b.1793, Halifax Co, NC; d. 30 June 1875, Butler Co, Al; m. Nancy
Salter 27 May 1815 iii. Robert M. Josey b. 1795 Halifax Co, NC iv.
Samuel Addison Josey b. 1797 Halifax Co, NC; m. (1) Hannah Whitehead 5
Mar. 1821 (2) Mary Holt 20 Oct. 1843 v.Henry Josey b.abt.1800 Halifax
Co, NC; d. 1837 Halifax Co, NC;
m. Sarah Applewhite
vi. Cary Josey b. abt 1801 Halifax Co, NC vii.Harriet Josey
b. abt 1803 Halifax Co. NC; m. Henry Gunter 24 Jan. 1828 GENERATION NO.
James William 8 Josey (Robert7, James6, James5, James4, James3, James2,
Robert1) b. 1793 in Halifax Co, NC; d 30 June 1875 in Oakey Streak, Butler
Co, Al. m. Nancy Salter 27 May 1815 in Jefferson Co, Ga. She was born
1796 in Jefferson Co. Ga. and died in 1873 Oakey Streak, Butler Co. Al.
Children of James William Josey and Nancy Salter are:
9. i. Robert M. Josey b.5 October 1819 Conecuh Co. Al; d. 5 Oct. 1883
Laurel, Ms; m. Elizabeth (Betsy) Howard in 1841 ii. Olive Josey
b. 1821,Conecuh Co. Al; m. Ramsey Jones
iii. Martha Josey b. 1822. Conecuh Co, Al; m. Dr. Jonathan O. Ballard
iv. James Salter Josey b. April 1823 in Conecuh Co, Al.
d. 28 Jan. 1908 m. (1) Elizabeth Huggins 1843 (2)Mrs. Civel M. Dubose Glidewell
28 Mar 1858
v. Mary Margaret Josey b. abt 1824 in Conecuh Co, Al; d. Texas
m. James Brown
vi. Elizabeth S. Josey b 14 May 1826 in Conecuh Co, Al; d. 22 Sept 1897
Butler Co. Al; m. Richard Singleton Hughes 5 Jan. 1854 vii. Rebecca
Josey b. 8 Apr. 1828 in Conecuh Co,Al; d. 15 Feb. 1904 Pleasant Hill, Cass.
Co, Tx; m. James Long 1849 viii. John C. Josey b. abt 1830 in Conecuh
Co, Al; m. Harriet? in 1855
ix. Evander Travis Josey b. 11 Aug. 1833 in Butler Co, Al;
d. 10 Jan. 1920 Friendship,Polk Co. Tx. m. (1) ? (2) Elizabeth L. Wilson
10 Apr. 1875
x.Henry Josey b. 1835 in Butler Co, Al. xi.Harriet Leona Josey b.1838
in Butler Co, Al; m. John F. Thomas 10 Jan. 1854 xii. Nancy A. Josey
b. October 1839 in Butler Co. Al; d. 1914 in Fuller Crossroad, Butler Co,
Al; m. Henry Louis Solomon 1 Jan 1867 xiii. William Josey b. abt 1845
in Butler Co. Al; d.1851 Butler Co, Al
James Salter 9 Josey (James W.8, Robert7, James 6, James5, James4, James3,
James2, Robert 1) b. April 1823 in Conecuh Co, AL; d. 28 July 1908 in Vera
Cruz, Covington Co, Al. He married (1) Elizabeth Huggins abt 1843, daughter
of D. T. Huggins. She was born 10 Sept 1822 in Butler Co. Al. and died
22 Aug. 1857 in Butler Co,AL.(2) Civel Dubose Glidewell, daughter of ?
Dubose and Dorcas Redd. She was born 22 March
Children of James Josey and Elizabeth Huggins are:
10. i. Rebecca Josey b. abt 1844 Butler Co. Al.
ii. Thomas Jefferson Josey b. 19 Dec. 1845 Butler Co, Al; d. 1
June 1904 Benchley, Robertson Co, Tx; m. Emily Jernigan 15 Nov 1867.
iii. Martha J. Josey b. abt. 1847 Butler Co, Al; m. William
Jernigan 12 Sept 1866 Butler Co, Al.
iv. Nancy Josey b. abt. 1849 Butler Co, Al; d. bef. 1860, Al.
v. Daniel Josey b. 12 May 1851 Butler Co, Al; d. 13 June 1928
Fisher Co, Tx; m. Amanda Sophronia Maeanda Scott 28 Nov. 1878 Brazos Co,
vi. James Walter Josey b. Oct 1853 Butler Co, Al; d. Red Bay,
Ponce De Leon, Fl.
vii. John Hillary Josey b. March 1855 Butler Co. Al; d. 6 Mar
1933 Houston Tx; m. Levenia V. Brewer 20 Dec 1882 Robertson Co, Tx.
viii. Jesse Enoch Josey b. 3 July 1856 Covington Co. Al; d. 20
Dec 1929 Andalusia, Al.
Children of James Salter Josey and Civel Dubose Glidewell are: ix.
Mary Adeline Josey b. 8 May 1860 Butler Co, Al; d. 17 May
1937. Butler Co. Al; m. John Washington Payne 29 July 1877 Butler Co, Al.
x. James Madison Josey b. 17 Dec 1863 Butler Co, Al; d.
28 Dec 1943 Opp, Covington Co, Al; m. Mary Frances Cook
xi.Richard Henry Josey b. 1866 Butler Co, Al; d. 27 Apr 1929 Tulsa,
Ok; m. Martha Orah Jeter abt. 1877 in Al.
xii. Elizabeth Missouri Josey b. 2 Sept 1869 Butler Co, Al;
d. 22 Sept 1946 Red Level, Covington Co, Al; m. Marcellus Pendleton Martin
5 August 1889 Red Level, Covington Co, Al.
Although some list another child of James S. and Civel as being James Daniel
Josey b. 1871, I feel that he is not. My mother, Kathleen Martin Rogers,
daughter of Elizabeth Josey Martin and Marcellus Martin (1909-1999) reported
that her mother was the youngest child of James S. and Civel. I also find
it suspect that there would be 2 sons named James that both lived to adulthood.
Judy Bethea, descendant of Mary Josey Payne reports that James Daniel is
the son of Elizabeth S. Josey, sister of James S. Josey.

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