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Subject: Killebrew and Jean factory
Date: Tue, 4 May 2004 14:44:17 EDT

I'm new to this list and looking for information on the below information I
found on the Internet.

Who is this person named Meden Killebrew who was reported in a 1999
"Andalusia Star-News" newspaper article to have owned and operated a woolen
jeans mill in a small community named Rose Hill, near Andalusia Ala?
Does anyone know anything about this jeans factory and who is MEDEN
KILLEBREW. I have been to Newton and have pictures of what is left of the old factory
and visited the Newton Cemetery where a ton of Killebrew's were buried. All the
information I have, and I have a lot says that Thomas Jefferson Killebrew was
the founder and owner until he turned it over to Thomas Jefferson, Jr. Where
is Rose Hill?
does anyone know anything about the Andalusia Al. newspaper? Is Andalusia a
town or county? and most of all who is MEDEN KILLEBREW

Bob Killebrew
153 Sand Dr.
Naples Fl. 34104

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