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From: Lori Thornton <>
Subject: Re: Prince William Aldridge
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 13:13:37 -0500
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Okay--here's an interesting twist. In the 1850 Marion Co. census (dist 14
pag 153 ln 13 ff), Prince William's wife is "Permelia." In 1860 Walker Co.
census, his wife is "Milly." I've seen that Mary Ann COONS marriage from
Wilkes Co. NC (18 Feb 1793) and always assumed that it was correct and that
Prince William married this "Millie" later on--and I just couldn't find a
record for it. If Millie is an Ashley and Ashley was named for her maiden
name, that marriage had to occur before 1796 when Ashley was born. I'm
still confused by this "Isaac" business. I don't see how one gets "Isaac"
out of "Prince William." There is a definite gap in birth ages of children
between 1796 and 1800 and between 1800 and 1805 and between 1805 and 1810
and between 1810 and 1816. I'd venture there were some females born in at
least some of those years (and possibly some other males).

This Bedford Co., Tennessee mention is the first time I've seen Bedford
mentioned. I'll have to check out what I can find. I have some relatives
from another line in that county around that time too.

Lori Thornton

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> Subject: Re: Prince William Aldridge
> Thanks, Calista and Lori. My quandary--did Prince William Aldridge and
> his wife Mary Ann Coons have *any* daughters?
> I have records of a Rhoda/Rhody Aldridge or Arledge who doesn't fit into
> any of the known ARLEDGE families. Various sources say she was born 13
> Oct 1803 around Bedford Co, TN and married Joseph Allen in 1821 in
> Bedford CO, TN. A daughter was married in Walker CO AL in 1844. In 1850
> they were living in Walker Co, AL and they perhaps also lived in Fayette
> Co, AL before migrating to Bossier Parish, LA in the early 1850s.
> Her location puts her squarely in the territory of the Prince William
> and Isham families, and her date of birth makes her a candidate to be
> Prince William's daughter. Her children are named Martha, Patience, Mary
> Ann, Elizabeth, John, William, Benjamin, Joseph, James (not necessarily
> in that order). So--she also had children named William and Mary Ann,
> which would add more weight to the argument that she may have been their
> daughter.
> Another intriguing detail--Warren Baker, a descendant of Rhoda's, claims
> that her father was named Isaac Aldridge/Arledge and her mother was a
> Millie Ashley. I can't find any couples to fit these criteria. However,
> I wondered about the origin of Prince William's son Ashley Aldridge's
> first name--could there be a grandmother who was an Ashley in this
> family?
> Thanks to anyone if you can help!
> Pam
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> Lori Thornton wrote:
>> Here's a little of what I know. Prince William Aldridge is in Mississippi
>> Territory Census of 1816. Of course, that was around Madison Co.
>> (Huntsville), Alabama. His brother Isham is in nearby Morgan Co. roughly
>> the same time and married his second wife there in 1822. I know there is an
>> Elizabeth Aldridge who married a Howell Gray in Morgan Co. in 1823. I can't
>> prove it but I suspect she might be a daughter of one of them, probably
>> Isham. There is a Felix Aldridge who married in Madison Co. in 1817. I
>> suspect he's a son of Prince William, but again, I can't prove it.
>> I don't know for sure, but Prince William MAY be the William of the 1800
>> Surry Co., NC census (1 male under 10, 3 females under 10, 1 male 26-45, 1
>> female 26-45). I can't prove this, and his being there would contradict a
>> fairly consistent birthplace in census records for Ashley having been born
>> in Tennessee. The problem is that I have no idea in what part of Tennessee
>> this might be. Although there is a William in Anderson Co., Tenn. on an
>> 1805 tax list, I'm not sure this is ours. There's also a Henry Aldridge on
>> that list. I've seen Aldridge listed early on in Knox, Blount, and Anderson
>> Counties, but I haven't connected any of them with my line.
>> Lori Thornton
> CALISTA wrote:
>> Generation I
>> Nicholas Aldridge and Rebecca (my g-g-g-g-g-grandparents)
>> Generation II
>> Francis Aldridge(b before 1745) in Surrey Co Va married Henrietta Prince
>> (my g-g-g-g-grandparents)
>> some of their children Elijah, Margaret Peggy, Francis R., Isham and
>> Delilah and Prince William Aldridge
>> Generation III
>> Prince William Aldridge (b 1770) married Mary Ann Coons on 2/18/1793 (my
>> g-g-g-grandparents). Their children, Ashley, William, John, Elijah,
>> Abram and James A. "Doc" Aldridge (1810) married Sarah Tidwell (my
>> g-g-grandparents)
>> Generation IV
>> James A "Doc" Aldridge married Sarah Tidwell (my g-g- grandparents, they
>> had Rosana (my g-grandmother) , Henry, Milla "Millie", May E.,
>> Melvinnie Nancy, and William.
>> Sincerely
>> Calista

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