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From: Pam Wilson <>
Subject: [ALDRIDGE] Alabama/TN Aldridges and Arledges
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2003 07:18:03 -0500

Dear friends,

A month or two ago, I was contacted by Susan Aldridge who lives in
Berlin, Germany who was trying to find her children's Aldridge ancestry
in Alabama and Georgia. We began exchanging information, and I became
intrigued by the possibility that her Aldridge family was descended from
one of our Arledge lines. So we began searching all the records trying
to piece her history together and connect it to known lineages of
Aldridges or Arledges. What we've found has been pretty astounding to
both of us. Through a very thorough search of census records (and
supplemented by some death certificates, etc and led by clues from oral
history), we found that her family is descended from William Nicholas
Arledge/Aldridge (b 1830), one of the sons of the prolific Samuel (b.c.
1797) and Molly Arledge who migrated from Fairfield/Kershaw SC to DeKalb
and Harris Co, GA and then on to Coosa Co, AL in the 1840s.

Samuel seems to be the forefather of almost all the Arledges (sometimes
known as Aldridge and Aldrich) in (1) the Chattanooga and Marion Co, TN
area, (2) the Etowah Co, AL area (near Gadsden--esp Attalla) and (3) the
area north and northeast of Montgomery, AL (orig. Coosa County, then
Chilton, Elmore, Tallapoosa and Shelby).

William Nicholas (known as Nicholas) was one of the sons we had on an
early census list but I had no idea what became of him. We now have much
more information on his descendants.

Here is a brief notation of the children of Samuel and Molly Arledge. I
would like to hear from any of you who know or believe that you are
descended from one of these children, as I'm still trying to piece lots
of still-unconnected Arledge and Aldridge descendants together:

> Descendants of Samuel Arledge
> 1 Samuel Arledgeb: Bet. 1797 - 1798 in Fairfield Co, SC (HOH 1820 census Fairfield Co, SC 18-26 w/wife & 2 daus); to DeKalb Co GA HOH 1830 census, HOH 1840 Humphries Dist, Harris Co, GA as ALDRIDGE, then to AL aft 1846; as ARLEGE HOH 1850 Coosa Co AL; HOH 1860 Marion Co TN
> ..+Mary/ Molly ???b: Bet. 1799 - 1809 in SC; HOH 1860 & 1870 Coosa Co, AL (Mt. Olive, Adkins P.O.) census (she stayed while he went to TN); children b. in GAd: Aft. 1870
> ........2 Cynthia Beatrice Arledgeb: January 03, 1818 in HOH 1860 Coosa Co, AL censusd: January 1896 in Coosa Co, AL; Buried Union Cemetery
> ............+Albert Robertsonb: in HOH 1850 Coosa Co AL as ROBINSON? But children don't match (see notes)m: February 04, 1841 in or 2 Feb 1840 Harris Co, GA as Cynthia Ardidged: 1851 in Chambers Co, AL
> ........2 ??? son [Coosa Co AL] Arledgeb: Bet. 1820 - 1825had children Lucy, E.J., Mary, Charles
> ............+Sallie Sharp ???b: Abt. 1820 in GA; HoH 1860 Coosa Co, AL as ALDRIDGE with children as listed as well as older woman Martha Sharp age 70 widowed b NC (b1790)
> ........2 Dau 2 Arledgeb: Bet. 1820 - 1825
> ........2 Samuel L. Arledgeb: Abt. 1822 in SC [GA in 1850 census] HOH 1850 Tallapoosa Co, ALd: Abt. 1863 in Prob. Shelby Co, AL: reportedly killed by his son; probate files for Samuel Arledge listed there in 1863-1871
> ............+Nancy Hardinb: March 1820 in SC [parents b SC] [GA in 1850 census]; HOH 1870 Baker Co AL;was she HOH 1870 Coosa Co AL (Adkins)?; HOH 1880 Chilton Co, ALw/ son Elbert next door to dau. Margaret Mims; in 1900 Chilton CO AL (Mims Springs) census, living with Eli Ginn or Guin, son-in-lawm: September 14, 1841 in Harris Co, GA
> ........2 ??? son [Marion TN] Arledgeb: Bet. 1825 - 1830 in Settled in Marion Co, TNd: Bef. 1880
> ............+Mary ???b: Abt. 1845 in HOH 1880 Marion Co, TN census as widow;had children Samuel, William and Tennessee
> ........2 Dau 3 Arledgeb: Bet. 1825 - 1830
> ........2 Dau 4 Arledgeb: Bet. 1825 - 1830
> ........2 Mary Elizabeth Arledgeb: Abt. 1830 in as Eliabeth, w/Lewis Hamilton Sr family in 1850 Coosa Co AL; next door to mother in 1860 Coosa Co, AL census (Mt. Olive); 1880 Coosa Co AL
> ............+Lewis Hamiltonm: March 24, 1850 in Coosa Co, AL
> ........2 William Nicholas Aldridge/ Arledgeb: 1830 in GA then AL by 1850: 1870 Adkins Twp, Coosa Co, AL as ALDRIDGE; HOH as Niclos ALDRIDGE Coosa Co AL 1880 (Goodwater)
> ............+Susan McDowellb: Abt. 1830 in GA (father b Scotland); all children b. ALm: September 02, 1851 in Coosa Co, AL as ALDREDGE (IGI)
> ........2 Joseph Arledgeb: Bet. 1830 - 1833 in [prob. twin] SC; GA then AL by 1850; HOH 1860 Coosa Co AL as ARLDRIDGEd: Bet. 1868 - 1870
> ............+Mary Elizabeth Grayb: Bet. 1836 - 1837 in AL; parents AL AL; widowed age 35 living w/ parents in 1870 Wetumpka, Elmore Co, AL; age 45 1880 HOH in Cold Spring, Elmore Co AL p164C near Samuel as ALDRIDGEm: January 30, 1859 in Coosa Co, AL
> ........2 Thomas J. Arledgeb: Bet. 1830 - 1833 in [prob. twin] GA then AL by 1850; in mother Mary ARLDRIDGE's household in 1860 Coosa Co, AL census; 1870 HOH Bibb Co, AL; HOH 1880 in Shelby Co, AL (Columbiana) age 48d: Abt. 1880 in served in CSA Civil War 5th AL Infantry; hands froze to reins of wagon he was driving during Civil War.
> ............+Martha Hillb: Bet. 1843 - 1845 in TN; parents VA and GA (age 38 in 1880 Shelby Co AL census; 75 in 1920 Chilton CO, AL census); d/o Alexander Hill and Cynthia Bushd: Aft. 1920 in HOH 1920 Chilton Co AL census; Bur. in a small cemetery on property owned by Countryman farms (per Elizabeth Mitchell)
> ........2 James Arledgeb: Bet. 1835 - 1838 in GA, then AL by 1850; HOH 1860 Marion CO TN; was he in Coosa Co AL (Adkins) in 1870 as ALDRIDGE?d: in Was he in CSA Civil War? TN 2nd (Smith's) Cav. Rankin's Co.
> ............+Sarah ???b: 1830 in GA; could she be a BEARD?
> ........2 A. Jackson "Jack" or "John" Arledgeb: Bet. 1838 - 1839 in GA then AL by 1850; HOH 1860 Marion CO, TN census as John AULDRIDGE; 1870 as OLLAGE; 1880 as OLLEGEd: in Buried in Layne's Chapel Cemetery, Victoria, Marion Co, TN
> ............+Easter Layneb: December 1835 in TN; HOH 1910 Marion CO TN census; d/o David Stephen Layne and Sinia Mason; brother Jamesd: October 27, 1920 in [1921 TN death record, abt. age 85] Dunlap (Sequatchie Co) or Pikeville, Marion Co, TN [Bur. Layne's Chapel Freewill Bapt Church]
> ........2 Emily Arledgeb: Abt. 1841 in GA then AL by 1850
> ............+Samuel W. Hamiltonm: October 04, 1855 in Coosa Co, AL as ALDRIDGE
> ........2 Sarah C. Arledgeb: March 1843 in GA then AL by 1850; is this the same as Sarah b 1847 who m. James Fountain?d: Bef. 1910 in New Hope, Elmore Co, AL
> ............+Jesse M. Grayb: September 1840 in Coosa Co, ALm: August 23, 1861 in Coosa Co, AL
> ........2 Jasper Arledgeb: 1845 in GA then AL by 1850; Did he go to Chilton CO AL??
> ........2 Martha Arledgeb: 1849 in GA; may be granddaughter (listed w/Samuel in 1860 census)

There actually may be MORE children of Samuel and Molly, according to
the 1840 Georgia census:

1840 Humphries Dist, Harris Co, GA: Samuel ALDRIDGE (between Hornsby and
males: 2 (under 5)-
4 (5-10)-
5 (10-15)-
1 (15-20)-0-
females: 2 (under 5)-0-0-0-1 (20-30)-1 (30-40)
Slaves: one female under 10, one female 10-24

In my next emails, I'm going to share all the Alabama census records
I've found. I've also gathered the census indexes for TN, GA, SC and FL.
I will update the WorldConnect tree on the Arledge Family History site
again this weekend.

Looking forward to getting more information on these Arledges and

Pam Wilson
Arledge Family History Project

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