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From: "Linda Deppner" <>
Subject: [ALEXANDER] James Alexander and Elizabeth Long family
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 21:40:26 -0700

Recently I ordered some LDS films for deeds in Brown County, Ohio, and stumbled onto some good information concerning the family of James Alexander and Elizabeth Long of Augusta County, Virginia. I haven't seen this info put together anywhere else, and I think it will be of interest to many.

Two of the deeds give the names of the heirs of Gabriel Alexander, who with his brother William Alexander purchased 200 acres in Adams County, Ohio, in 1811 (Adams Co OH Deed Book 6, page 657, William & Gabriel Alexander of Mason Co KY from William Bryan of Lincoln Co KY; witness Andrew Alexander). These are the heirs:

John Alexander

Andrew Alexander

Samuel Pilson and Dorcas his wife

William Hollis and Martha his wife

Margaret (Peggy) Alexander

Samuel Masters and Elizabeth his wife

James S. Weems and Eliza his wife

Brown Co OH Deed Book E5, pages 325-326 - Elizabeth Alexander of Mason Co KY to Samuel Masters of the same place, dated 7 Jul 1826, certified in Bracken Co KY the same day. This shows that "Peggy" Alexander had relinquished her interest to the other heirs, and also shows that James S. Weems and wife had sold their interest to Elizabeth Alexander, who now was selling to Samuel Masters.

Brown Co OH Deed Book F6, pages 311-312 - John Alexander and wife Jennet of Brown Co OH and Andrew Alexander and wife Agnes of Adams Co OH to Samuel Masters of Brown Co OH, dated 1 Jan 1828. This also mentions Margaret Alexander's relinquishment of her interest to the other heirs.

Searching for information on this Mason/Bracken Co KY connection brought me to "Bracken County, Kentucky Will Abstracts, Books A, B, & C, 1796-1838," compiled by Gwendolyn Garrison Tippie. This book contains abstracts for the wills of Mary Alexander, Margaret Alexander and two men named William Alexander (one from Rockbridge Co VA, who will not be dealt with here). I then ordered the LDS films for the actual will books.

Will of Mary Alexander, Book B, pages 57-58, written 2 Aug 1816, recorded Dec Term 1817 - mentions her brothers William and Gabriel; her sisters Margaret, Betsy and Martha Hollis, and her niece Mary Records, second daughter of her brother Andrew Alexander. The executor was her brother William Alexander.

Will of William Alexander, Book B, pages 198-199, written 22 Feb 1820, recorded 1 May 1820 - leaves to his brother Gabriel his half of the properties they own together, including the Adams Co OH place, along with his half of the livestock, farming tools, etc; also mentions his sisters Martha Hollis, Elizabeth Masters, Dorcas Pilson and Margaret Alexander and his brothers John of Brown Co OH and Andrew of Adams Co OH. The executors were his brother John's son Francis Alexander, and his sister Dorcas's son James Pilson.

Will of Margaret Alexander, Book C, page 317, written 23 Aug 1830, recorded 22 Feb 1831 - and here is a very good reason why we shouldn't depend on abstracts. The abstract incorrectly gives 1838 as the year the will was written, and names her brothers John Alexander and Frederick, her brothers-in-law Samuel Masters, Samuel Pilson and William Hollis, and her nephew James Weems. I was not aware of a brother named Frederick, and the actual will as recorded in Book C identifies Frederick Alexander as a free man of color. Margaret leaves a bed, bedding and bedstead to Jack Alexander, a free man of color. She leaves her brothers John and Andrew $3.00 each, and nothing at all to her brothers-in-law Masters, Pilson and Hollis, and nothing to James Weems. (Her sisters are not named, though at least Dorcas and Elizabeth were still living.) The remainder of her estate is left to Frederick and Levina Alexander, free persons of color, and their children.

Will Book B pages 229-230 and 241-242 contain the appraisement and sale lists of the estate of Gabriel Alexander. The appraisement is dated 6 Sep 1820 and the sale is dated 28 & 29 Sep 1820, but there is no will for Gabriel so apparently he died intestate just a few months after his brother William.

These Alexanders are, of course, the children of James Alexander and Elizabeth Long. James Alexander's will was written 18 Jun 1806 and proven 26 Jun 1809 in Augusta Co VA, and names his children John, Andrew, William, Gabriel, James, Mary, Dorcas Pilson, Martha, Margaret, and Elizabeth. James Alexander's brother Gabriel wrote his own will in Augusta Co VA 24 May 1825 and left monetary bequests to James's surviving children: John, Andrew, Dorcas, Martha, Betsy and Peggy.

It is apparent from these records that William, Gabriel, Mary and Margaret were unmarried, and thus their siblings were their heirs. John, Andrew and Dorcas were married in Augusta Co VA, while the Bracken Co KY marriage records show Martha married William Hollis 20 Oct 1815 and Elizabeth married Samuel Masters 3 Jan 1818.

One child is missing from the heir lists in the Bracken Co KY wills and the Brown Co OH deeds -- James. But another couple appears as heirs to Gabriel Alexander's estate in the Brown Co OH deeds -- James S. Weems and his wife Eliza. I have an idea that this Eliza (or Elizabeth, as appears in their marriage record, Clark Co IN 11 Jan 1821) was the daughter of James, the son of James & Elizabeth Long Alexander, and that her mother's name was also Elizabeth. See the reference above to Brown Co OH Deed Book E5 pages 325-326. It makes sense that Gabriel's heirs James & Eliza Weems sold their interest to Eliza's mother, Elizabeth Alexander, and then Elizabeth Alexander sold to her brother-in-law Samuel Masters. I will check again for any reference to a James Alexander in the Bracken Co KY will book, but I think it's reasonable to conclude that he died sometime after his father's will in 1806 and before his siblings' wills in 1816 and 1820.

I have transcribed these Brown Co OH deeds and Bracken Co KY wills and posted them on the appropriate USGenWeb Archives county sites. I'm hoping to track down a deed involving James & Eliza Weems and Elizabeth Alexander, and will transcribe that as well.


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