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From: Leslie Thomas <>
Subject: [ALEXANDER] Alexander, Arbuckle, Sterrett, Thompson information
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2012 14:28:22 -0500

New to the list.

I am descended from Catharine Madison Alexander 1818-1892 and Benjamin Harrison Sterrett of Buffalo WV. Catharine was the daughter of Samuel Alexander 1784-1874 and Elizabeth Arbuckle.

The information I have found on Samuel's parents seems to be conflicting but I hope I have sorted it out... if not please make corrections:

Sam's parents are Matthew Alexander 1756-1825 and Jane Black daughter of Samuel Black and Rebecca Jane Porter.

Per the History of West Virginia, Old and New page 188 states that Matthew Alexander b. 1756 was the son of "Archibald Alexander" who came from Scotland to American in 1737. Another book by William Clemens has a well documented history of the ALEXANDERs and includes Archibald but does not have Matthew listed anywhere as Archibald's known six sons.

So I searched further amongst out of print books (many are on google books in pdf format). I discovered an Andrew Alexander 1708-1788 who came to American in 1740. He married Katherine Stuart Thompson in 1737 before coming to America. They had nine children, sever were born in Augusta County, Virginia. The youngest being Matthew.

Online information is conflicting. Some contend Katherine Thompson was born in Augusta Co.

Another states that Katherine and her brother William Thompson came to America in 1738 on the ship named the Walpole captained by James Patton.

Just guessing that I may have the following information correct:
Katherine Thompson's parents were William Thompson b. 1690 and died ? in August Co. VA. Mother was Jean Stuart who was a descendant of Charles I by one of his illegitimate liaisons with a commoner. The woman fled to Ireland after Charles the first was beheaded.

Andrew Alexander 1708-1788 was the son of Alexander Alexander b. 1675 in Girlaw, Ireland and was known as Alexander of Lisbellan. He married the Lady of Cloon???? There is a location in Ireland known as Cloon/Cluain situated two miles from Claregalway Village which lies between Cloonacauneen and Pollaghrevagh. According to one of those out of print books Lady Isabella Persse Gregory who was a writer in the early part of the 20th century wrote about a fictitious village of Cloon. Was supposedly modeled after her own village of Kiltran. The play was supposed to have been a satire.

Accordingly per one poster there where five children born to Alexander and Lady of Cloon Alexander.

Like most who started this task of finding all the pieces of the puzzle of who we are ... I am perplexed at the amount of misinformation and would just like to get to the actual truth. Any help out there???

Leslie Barker Thomas

A generation who ignores history has no past and no future ... Robert Heinlein

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