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From: "Gilbert K. Alford" <>
Subject: Thomas Wildcat Alford, KY, 1860 - 1938
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 18:20:00 -0400


You wrote:
""Does anyone have information about Thomas Wildcat Alford, born to the
chief of the Absentee Shawnee tribe in KY, 1860. He later (1936) had a book
titled "Civilization" printed by the U of Oklahoma Press. My mother thoght
he may have been related. My grandfather, Gus Walden Alford was born in
Owensboro, KY about 1883. I have no other history to go on. Thanks Gene M.
Alford (""

Yes, we have information on him. In fact his daughter Ruth is a member of
AAFA and I met her in 1995 at our Alabama meeting. His grandson, Elroy
Alford is a member and is also a close friend of ours. He's been present
at most of our meetings since 1993.

We are working with Elroy on a genealogy of his family and I'd say your
chances of connecting to him are remote. Wildcat's family was already in
OK by the late 1860's and probably about the time of your grandfather's
birth Wildcat was attending an academy in Virginia.

As a member of the association you can get our help in tracing your
ancestor but we need your help in doing it.

When you joined just over a year ago I sent you some information about Gus
Alford who was born Jan 1, 1884 in KY and died Jun 2, 1950 SSN

You did not respond so we figured you were not all that interested.

We do now know that Gus was the son of John and Laura Alford and was
enumerated as Gussie b. 1884 in 1900. His grandparents were Joseph and
Polly Alford.

We are meeting in KY this year and in preparation for it are doing
extensive research on KY Alfords. Lynn Shelley, our VP and the chair of
our research committee, has made two trips to KY to do research. She is
particularly interested in your branch of the family, is preparing a
genealogy on the descendants of Joseph and Polly Alford and is making a
special effort to connect Joseph to another branch of the family in KY.

Much of the content of AAFA ACTION, or association quarterly, is about KY
Alfords during this year.

What else can we do for you?

-= Gil Alford, Pres., AAFA, Inc.
Wednesday, April 15, 1998
3:19:42 PM

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