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From: "James D. Allen" <>
Subject: Camp's in History of Henry County
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 04:05:57 -0600

For your information
History of Henry County
Thomas Benjamin Camp family Bible in possession of Mrs. D. A. Walden, Jr.,
Headland, Alabama.
I.Thomas Benjamin Camp b October 27, 1842, d January 26, 1914; m April 23,
1868 Savannah Aurelia Parkham b Warrenton, Georgia June 6, 1852, d July 9,
A.Augusta Asenath Camp at Clopton, Alabama November 22, 1869, m December
20, 1885
B.Thomas Maybin. William Wiley Camp b. Clopton, Alabama April 19, 1871, m
June 5, 1900 Lorena Aviy Hodges.
C.John Stanton Camp b Clopton, Alabama March 30, 1873; m October 10, 1900
Mattie Lee Clarke. Mary
D.Jennie Camp b Clopton, Alabama , January 23, 1875, m Joseph R. Ward
February 19, 1895. Gertrude Camp b Clopton, Alabama March 2, 1879, d
December 30, 1915; m February 2, 1902 J. A. Bryan.
E.Maybelle Camp b in Clopton, Alabama December 21, 1880, m Charles G.
Haynes July 1, 1900.
F.Araminta Maucie Camp b in Clopton, Alabama September 13, 1882; m D. A.
Walden, Jr. September 4, 1904. Blanche Camp b in Clopton, Alabama July 14,
1884, d August 28, 1886. Thomas H. Camp b in Clopton, Alabama January 28,
1886, m Sara Leona Hardwick October 2, 1904; m Oma Stovall
G.December. Harry Camp U in Clopton, Alabama January 30, 1888, d May 10,
1903. Blannie Camp U in Clopton, Alabama April 6, 1890, m July 13, 1919.
H.Willie Foy Camp b in Clopton, Alabama January 12, 1893, d February 25,
1927; m October 5, 1913 William Robert Crotwell.

>From Clopton, Dale County came many of the descendants of these families,
who live in Henry County now and in southeast Alabama. Bethune, Clarke,
Solomon, Reynolds, Camp, Haynes and Norton. These families lived in Henry
County near the boundary of Henry and Dale, near Weems Cross Roads. Lingo,
Roberts, Weems and Horne.

Charles Haynes the son of Virginia Bethune, b December 25, 1835; d November
26, 1908; m Henry T. Haynes b March 20, 1831; d September 14, 1892. m Belle
Camp. Their children: Parham Haynes m Annie Lois Newell; Norman Haynes m
Thelma Nunnery

Robert G. Hardwick b June 10, 1844, d March 18, 1890; ma Eckie Pullin,
August 4, 1880. Children: William Hardwick ma Mamie Tharpe; Webb Hardwick;
Leona Hardwick m H. Camp

Lorena Hodges married W. W. Camp
Note: Lerena Hodges is daughter of Jourdan H. Hodges b May 4, 1840, d
October 1, 1916 of pneumonia in Henry County Alabama and buried in Headland
Baptist Church Cemetery, Henry County Alabama. Married December 29, 1868 in
Henry County Alabama to Sarah Camilla Locke d. 70 years old the daughter of
Elizabeth and David Locke of Henry County Alabama

Thomas Henry McGriff (1876-1936) m Dora Livingston (1882-1951). Children:
Thomas McGriff m Mona Curry; Donald McGriff m Lila Drew; Emma Kate McGriff,
m Dick Holmes; Amy McGriff m. 1st Camp; m. 2nd Gus Johns.

Corinne Solomon and T. B. Camp were m. July 18, 1921 by Rev. E. F. Cowan
(Lic must be from Dale county not in book A.)
Fred S Arnold m Joy Camp daughter of T. B. Camp & Corinne Solomon

Children of Mary L. Riley and E. Tillman Riley: Dexter Riley b February 21,
1902. Marie Riley b November 27, 1906. Bessie Riley b April 11, 1903. Perry
Riley b July 11, 1904; m Elsie Camp. J. E. Riley b June 11, 1854, son of
Needham and Eliza Riley in January 28, 1874 Mary A. Deal b February 7, 1862

David A. Walden, Jr. was b May 14, 1882. m. Arinminta Maude Camp was b
September 13, 1882. Arinminta Maude Camp Walden d August 8, 1951

Eoline Camp b December 5, 1876 in Clopton, Alabama Ela Camp, wife of J. R.
Ward d October 2, 1922.

Jimmy Allen

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From: Patricia Long [mailto:]
Sent: Saturday, November 18, 2000 11:17 PM
Subject: William Robinson, Snellgrove, Camp

I was not interested in the ROBINSON surname UNTIL I saw the executors of
the entry in the HC deed book A-B which was posted to the list to Gloria by
Jimmy Allen. That got my attention! I believe this "Branch" Snellgrove
was Barruch/Barruk SNELLGROVE. Could the person who wrote the original
message on William Robinson contact me. I have some questions.

I also have interest in SEXTUS CAMP. The Camps have to be the same bunch
who came from Jackson Co., Florida. Mary Catherine CAMP was the d/o Sextus
Camp. She was born 28 March 1823 and married Green LEWIS. They lived in
Dale Co. though, not Henry Co. I wonder if this Jane Camp (mentioned in the
message of Jimmy Allen) was a daughter of William Robinson? I have not
looked at the original record in the deed book to see what it is about.
Patricia Long
Dothan, Al

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