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From: Delilah <>
Subject: [ALLEE-L] Loachapoka Cemetery
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 17:11:42 -0500

"Our last visit takes us to Loachapoka Cemetery, which you have already
passed in returning from across the Sougahatchee. There are 328 marked
white graves, an estimated 150-200 unmarked; the Negro cemetery adjoining
has ___marked graves plus an estimated ___ unmarked. This listing of marked
white graves includes those born up to 1900 and who lived to be 25 years
old or older.
Alley CADENHEAD, wife of Rev James CADENHEAD, 1803-1948; Martha, sister of
T. & E.B. INGRAM, 1845, at age 15 yrs., 6 mos; J.A. PLANT, 1851-1878l
Jessie JOHNSON, died 1849, age 62 yrs, 13 days; Peter B. TERRELL, born
Wilkes County., Ga., 1821, removed to Macon Co, Ala., 1841, died 1849;
Elizabeth E., wife of Benj. F. CRITTENDEN, 1837-1892; Francis A., wife of
D. Thomas, 1841-1928; David THOMAS, 1829-1902; Henry J. VAUGHAN, 1819-1897.
A.A. HUGHES, 1797-1862; Elizabeth H..., 1810-1883; Sarah Agothsada Hughes
CULBREATH, 1838-1920; Thomas Anderson C...,1828-1911; Ninion
C...,1873-1924; G.W. THOMAS, 1836-1907; M.A. MURPHY, wife of G.W.
T...,1838-1861; M.J. BOUGHAM, wife of G.W. T...,1841-1871; J.J. THOMAS,
son of G.W. & M.J. THOMAS, 1861-1887.
Aeolian Martin FRANCIS, 1856-1928; Minnie Gray MARTIN, 1858-1922; John
EMBREE, son of J. E & E. C. MARTIN, 1860-1897; Elizabeth Christian
M...,1833-1910; John Embree M...,1823-1860; Nancy M..., 1801-1887; Nancy,
wife of P. MACON, 1798-1851; William G. DOBBS, 1891-1961; Ella Daughtry
ROWELL, 1872-1958.
Virginia A. BAGGETT, wife of Andrew J. BAGGETT, dau of edwin C. & Eliza
WALKER, 1837-1857; Andrew BAGGETT, 1800-1860; James M. McCREE, son of
William & Mary McCREE, born Clarke Cty., Ga., 1809-1860; Sarah TRAYWICK,
1817-1894; Augustus H. NUNN, 1872-1938; Willie Lou ROWELL N..., 1879-1967;
John THOMAS, 1786-1859; J. W. HENDERSON, 1867-1952; Maggie MCLURE, wife of
J. W. H. 1873-1958; Eula Thornton BASS, 1886-1959; John W. H. KLIGGIN,
1819-1860; John M. TAMPLIN, 1878-1932; Sarah C. MAHONE, 1839-1900; Thomas
F. MAHONE, 1834-1895; Marion D. MAHONE, 1812-1879.

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