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From: Delilah <>
Subject: [ALLEE-L] Loachapoka Cemetery/5
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2003 08:25:02 -0500

"Minnie L. WALLER, 1869-1910; George T. W...,1867-1937; Olivia
W...,1862-1938; Carey Jefferson MULLICAN, 1860-1950; Susananna
M...,1846--1930;C. F. VINSON, 1865-1951; Lucy Olivia V...,1871-1930; James
V. WOOTEN, no dates, Co. B 6 Ala Inf. CSA; Benjamin F. PERKINS, Co, H 1
Ala Inf. CSA,1842-1907; Williw Lou LOWRY, 1895-1963; Clarence A. L...,
Thomas W. ELLINGTON, 1880-1953; Lena H. E...,1992-1965; George T. ROBBIBS,
1864-1949; Elizabeth C. ROBBINS, 1876-1964; Burnett MOORE, Co K 38 Tenn.
Inf CSA, no dates, S. A. M...,1845-1901; John C. M..., 1882-1914; John
Ellis McNEILL, 46th Ala Regiment 1862, died 1867; Julie BAGGETT, wife of
Capt. J. W. HEAVEY, 1871-1906; Mary Alice, wife of Andrew Jackson BAGGETT,
1840-1922; Andrew Jackson B..., 1829-1875; Joe BAGGETT, Loachapoka Rifles
1861, killed in battle of Seven Pines 1862.
Walter EDGAR, son of D. R. & S. A. F. HAYLEY, 1874-1895; Calerius, son of
D.R. & S. A. F. H...,1855-1893; D. R. H...,1824-1900; Sarah A. F.
H...,1833-1882; Sallie A. CULLARS, wife of R. Lee HAMMACK, 1864-1941;
Robert Lee H...,1864-1939; Leoline, dau of R.L. & S.A. H...,1886-1912;
1872; Sallie Lee Rowe, 1863-1884;Henry D. Hart, 1854-1884; Anna, wife of
Henry D. H...,1855-1907; Hannah Webb PEDDY, 1884-1962; Emile Thomas P...,
1876-1955; Nancy Reeves P..., 1842-1928; David Thomas P...,1844-1923;
Thomas Beverly P..., 1815-1888; C. C. Mulican 1840-1917, and wife Janie
TYLER, 1850-1919; Lonnie C. EVENS, 1862-1887.
Bessie Holstun WEBB, 1884-1967; Ernest Ligon W...,1877-1911; J. H.
W...,1852-1909; Lucu Adella W...,1860-1922; Brooks CARLISLE, 1876-1943;
Amma Webb CARLISLE, 1881-1954; James Zachry WARD, 1899-1956; William Edgar
W...,1863-1921; Margaret Zachry W...,1873-1958; Orpha Leona WHATLEY,
1880-1905; R. T. POWER, 1831-1905; Phillip M. NORRELL, 1889-1967.
Sarah Vandusen TRAMMELL, 1846-1911; Mary Fielder T...,1825-1906; John Young
T...,1815-1900; Mrs. Pinkie L. FINLEY, 1861-1935; Dolly Long Edwards,
1863-1932; William H. E..., 1860-1945; George P. E...,1886-1932; Mary A.
McRITCHIE, 1846-1916; John McRITCHIE, 1892-1912; Joseph Benjamin VAUGHAN,
1854-1939; Mollie McRitchie VAUGHAN, 1873-1950; John B. McRITCHIE,
1884-1953; William Thomas VAUGHAN, 1895-1923.

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