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Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 14:23:55 EDT

Would appreciate any information you can share on this family.

Descendants of Willis Sr. ALLEN "Mu"-2869
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30 Apr 2002
1. Willis Sr. ALLEN "Mu"-2869 (b.Nov 1833-Alabama,Usa;d.1900/1910-Pike
sp: Easter RAMBOLD-2870 (b.Nov 1833-South Carolina,Usa;m.1848)
2. Andrew ALLEN "Mu"-2871 (b.Jan 1848-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
sp: Emily LOVEJOY-2882 (b.Jul 1853-Pike County,Alabama,Usa;m.25 Dec 1873)
3. Anna ALLEN-2614 (b.1874-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
3. William S. ALLEN-3027 (b.Dec 1876-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
3. John W. ALLEN-2885 (b.Apr 1878-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
3. Mabel ALLEN-2950 (b.Jan 1881-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
3. Walter W. Sr. ALLEN-2951 (b.11 Nov 1886-Pike County,Alabama,Usa;d.Sep
sp: Mrs. Laura Allen -2963 (b.1885-Pike County,Alabama,Usa;m.1900)
sp: Leona BARBER-2966 (b.1892-Pike County,Alabama,Usa;m.14 Jan 1912)
3. Luke ALLEN-2952 (b.Jul 1888-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
sp: Mrs. Jammie L. Allen -2785 (b.1890-Alabama,Usa;m.1909)
3. Sylvester ALLEN "Mu"-2953 (b.Nov 1889-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
sp: Minnie Belle BARBER-2971 (b.1887-Pike County,Alabama,Usa;m.24 Dec
3. Edward ALLEN-2954 (b.Jun 1892-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
sp: Loretta Cobb STEWARD-3001 (b.8 Dec 1894-Crenshaw
County,Alabama,Usa;m.28 Dec 1913;d.Jul 1976-Luverne,C,Alabama,Usa)
3. Howard ALLEN "Mu"-2955 (b.4 Jan 1894-Pike County,Alabama,Usa;d.Jul
sp: Bulah May KOLB-2972 (b.Aug 1894-Pike County,Alabama,Usa;m.3 Feb
1918;d.Jan 1976-Luverne,Crenshaw,Alabama,Usa)
3. Pink ALLEN-2956 (b.Jul 1898-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
3. Josephine ALLEN-2957 (b.Jan 1900-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
2. Allen ALLEN "Mu"-2872 (b.Oct 1851-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
sp: Luvine CORDEN-2936 (b.Mar 1860-Georgia,Usa;m.21 Dec 1876)
3. Bibb R. ALLEN "Mu"-2937 (b.Mar 1881-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
sp: Mrs. Lena Allen -1819 (b.18 Jul 1882-Pike
County,Alabama,Usa;m.1906;d.Feb 1980-Luverne,Crenshaw,Alabama,Usa)
3. Lily M. ALLEN-2938 (b.Jun 1883-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
3. Glennie A. ALLEN-2939 (b.Sep 1885-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
3. Fred P. ALLEN-2940 (b.Jul 1889-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
3. Pearl V. ALLEN-2941 (b.Mar 1891-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
3. Andrew S. ALLEN-2942 (b.Oct 1893-Pike County,Alabama,Usa;d.May
3. Isham E. ALLEN-2943 (b.24 Dec 1895-Pike County,Alabama,Usa;d.Jul 1972-Pike
3. Joseph H. ALLEN "Mu"-2983 (b.1900-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
3. Halsey ALLEN-2998 (b.1902-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
sp: Mrs. Elizabeth Allen -3017 (b.1857-Georgia,Usa;m.1878)
3. Hubbard ALLEN-3016 (b.1879-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
2. William ALLEN "Mu"-2873 (b.1854-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
sp: Anna GAMBLE-2886 (b.1862-Pike County,Alabama,Usa;m.1879)
3. Jonas ALLEN "Mu"-2887 (b.Aug 1880-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
sp: Mrs. Lilla Allen "Mu"-2978 (b.1884-Pike County,Alabama,Usa;m.1901)
2. Mary ALLEN "Mu"-2874 (b.1857-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
3. Monk ALLEN-2909 (b.1876-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
2. Eliza ALLEN "Mu"-19 (b.Sep 1859-Pike

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30 Apr 2002
sp: Willis JACKSON-18 (b.Oct 1852-Alabama,Usa;m.24 Feb
3. Dora Francis Long JACKSON-97 (b.Dec 1877-Pike
sp: William LONG Mu-218 (b.Jun 1874-Luverne,Crenshaw,Alabama,Usa;m.1894)
3. Nancy A. JACKSON-98 (b.Feb 1880-Crenshaw County,Alabama,Usa)
3. Shelly JACKSON-99 (b.Jun 1882-Crenshaw County,Alabama,Usa)
3. Oscar JACKSON-100 (b.5 Feb 1884-Crenshaw County,Alabama,Usa;d.15 Apr
sp: Mrs. Irene Jackson -632 (b.1888-Luverne,Crenshaw,Alabama,Usa;m.1905)
sp: Bertha Lee MINEARD-3038 (b.1882-Crenshaw County,Alabama,Usa)
3. Clemmie M. JACKSON "CLEM"-221 (b.1886-Crenshaw County,Alabama,Usa;d.Sep
1933-Jefferson County,Alabama,Usa)
sp: Ada MCMILLAN "MU"-2517 (b.1887-Crenshaw County,Alabama,Usa;m.26 Dec
3. William JACKSON-10 (b.Mar 1887-Crenshaw County,Alabama,Usa)
sp: Anna Lee TISDALE-11 (b.Sep
3. Victorea JACKSON-101 (b.Feb 1890-Luverne,Crenshaw,Alabama,Usa;d.Jul
1939-Jefferson County,Alabama,Usa)
sp: Jackson MOORE-582 (b.3 Aug
1884-Luverne,Crenshaw,Alabama,Usa;m.1907;d.Dec 1970-Birmingham,Jefferson
3. Gussie JACKSON-102 (b.Mar 1891-Luverne,Crenshaw,Alabama,Usa)
sp: Charley BLUE-464 (b.1894-Luverne,Crenshaw,Alabama,Usa;m.1912)
3. Lougina JACKSON-104 (b.Aug 1894-Luverne,Crenshaw,Alabama,Usa)
3. Gertrude Cowart JACKSON-105
sp: Alex COWART-1763 (b.27 Jul 1896-Troy,Pike County,Alabama,Usa;m.26 Dec
1915;d.8 Aug 1973-Gary,Lake County,Indiana,usa)
3. info JACKSON-2617
2. Martha ALLEN "Mu"-2875 (b.1862-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
2. Willis Jr. ALLEN "Mu"-2876 (b.Apr 1865-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
sp: Mary J. PROVIB-2620 (b.1863-Pike County,Alabama,Usa;m.31 Jan 1884)
3. Kate E. ALLEN-2929 (b.Nov 1884-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
3. Arnie C. ALLEN-2930 (b.Aug 1885-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
3. Sallie O. ALLEN-2931 (b.Oct 1887-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
3. Elizabeth Anna ALLEN-2932 (b.Dec 1891-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
3. Mannie E. ALLEN-2933 (b.Mar 1894-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
3. James Extra ALLEN-2934 (b.Jul 1895-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
2. Stephen ALLEN-1849 (b.1866-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
2. Laura ALLEN-910 (b.1867-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
2. Samuel ALLEN "Mu"-2877 (b.1868-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
2. Darrel Frank ALLEN-2575 (b.Sep 1869-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
sp: Annie OLIVER "Mu"-287 (b.1875-Luverne,Crenshaw,Alabama,Usa;m.1889)
3. Jefferson ALLEN-1855 (b.Jul 1891-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
sp: Mattie MARTIN-2344 (b.1890-Crenshaw County,Alabama,Usa;m.27 Dec 1908)
3. Fannie ALLEN-2576 (b.Aug 1893-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
3. Darcus Darkis ALLEN-289 (b.1896-Luverne,Crenshaw,Alabama,Usa)
2. David F. ALLEN-3013 (b.1871-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
2. Henry A. ALLEN "Mu"-2879 (b.Sep 1872-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
sp: Mrs. Abbie Jane -2944 (b.Oct 1871-Pike County,Alabama,Usa;m.1890)
3. Allie M. ALLEN-2945 (b.Jan 1891-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
3. Clara M. ALLEN-2946 (b.Jul 1892-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)

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30 Apr 2002
3. Lela Pearl ALLEN-2947 (b.Jan 1895-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
3. Samuel ALLEN-2948 (b.Jan 1896-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
3. Willie Lula ALLEN-2949 (b.Jun 1899-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
sp: Henry GRAHAM-2339 (b.1893-Crenshaw County,Alabama,Usa;m.15 Dec 1919)
3. Homer ALLEN-2973 (b.1901-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
sp: Lula THOMAS-2986 (b.1904-Pike County,Alabama,Usa;m.25 Jun 1922)
3. Johnie Mae ALLEN-2974 (b.1903-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
sp: Grady BRYANT-2987 (b.1900-Pike County,Alabama,Usa;m.28 Dec 1936)
3. Anna Liza ALLEN-2975 (b.9 Mar 1905-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
sp: James BERRY-2999 (b.1903-Pike County,Alabama,Usa;m.11 May 1924)
3. Henry Jr. ALLEN-2996 (b.Sep 1920-Crenshaw County,Alabama,Usa)
2. Clara M. ALLEN "Mu"-2880 (b.1874-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
2. Oliver ALLEN "Mu"-2881 (b.Jul 1879-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
sp: Mrs. Henrietta Allen -2935 (b.May 1875-Pike County,Alabama,Usa;m.1900)
3. Henry W. ALLEN-2992 (b.1903-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
3. Georgiana A. ALLEN-2993 (b.8 Mar 1904-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
3. Marie A. ALLEN-2994 (b.1911-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
3. Rebecca ALLEN-2995 (b.1913-Pike County,Alabama,Usa)
2. info ALLEN-2611

Thank you for any help.......Andy Jackson...........Mesa, AZ

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