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Subject: Re: [ALLEN] Early Allens in Indiana
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2007 17:51:17 -0600
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Thank you for posting this information. Now, how does someone get copies of these books? Our Allen Family Research group has an intense interest in Joseph Allen and collateral lines {Grubbs, Compton} as we are looking for the parents of Aaron Mott Allen, born 1802 in Cayuga County, New York, who migrated to Wood County {now WV}, Meigs County, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa and NW Missouri. We have been corresponding with different individuals along the Compton-Grubbs lines and are investigating Elizabeth ALLEN (born @ 1810 NY) as a possible sister to Aaron Mott Allen.

Any and all help is deeply appreciated.
Tere Witters

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Subject: [ALLEN] Early Allens in Indiana

I have been sent this excerpt:

I, Louis Donovan Allen, being the last living, closest relative of Melvin Ezra
Allen, wish to provide the information he had compiled relative the ancestors of the
Allens who settled in Lawrence County, Indiana in the early 1800's. In a separate
publication, already available, all of the descendents of JOHN ALLEN as he was able
to find have been listed according to their relationships to each other in a family
of his eleven children. Copies are available to any interested person. The
genealogy of JOHN was his chief interest because he was his great grandfather, but
he was never able to find names of his parents. Since then, we have reliable
information as to the ancestors for three additional generations, and these are
included herein.

There were four early ALLEN settlers in Lawrence county, the three in addition to
JOHN, were JAMES, ROBERT and JOSEPH. Uncle Ezra did not find out the exact
relationship among them, believing that JOHN was not related to any of the others.
Now, we are sure ROBERT and JOHN were brothers and half-brothers to JAMES who was
the oldest and to JOSEPH, the youngest. Their father was married three times and
this may have caused some animosity in the family that led to them disclaiming all

ROBERT homsteaded land just immediately west of the Dennison school house in 1826,
and JAMES entered land just east of this school about the same time. JOHN entered
160 acres a mile or so south ot the same location in 1820. His entry was years
later known as the Albert Guthrie farm. Just where JOSEPH settled is not known. It
is thought he first settled in Monroe county and later moved to Lawrence county.

All four of these early settlers came from Lincoln county or Orange county of North
Carolina, and now, we know their ancestors came from Essex county, Virginia to North

The descendents of ROBERT lived very largely in the Dennison neighborhood; those of
JOHN largely in the Pinhook area; and those of JOE in the Tunnelton and Bedford
neighborhood. All the male descendents of JAMES, along with their father, moved
near Washington in Davies county shortly after the death of JAMES wife Tabitha,
which occurred in 1841. Tabitha was buried in the Sherrill cemetery as well as many
of the descendents of ROBERT.

My uncle's chief interest, as indicated before, was in tracing the descendents of
John, but at the same time he kept a working account of any information he could
find out about any of the other Allens. He had a "Double Q" Composition Book for
each of the other three brothers and recorded all information he could find about
their descendents. I have inherited two of these, one for Robert and the other
Joseph. It is my understanding the third was given ro Louis Ingle since he had an
intense interest in the genealogy of James, who is an ancestor in the Ingle family.
All of these are in Ezra's handwriting and not in any ways complete but they may be
of help to some person doing research on relationships to the Allens. Copies of
each page are made unedited, and it is hoped that some information may be of value
to some interested person.

Louis Donovan Allen

This may help straighten out those Allens in Indiana.... John McCarty

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