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Subject: [ALLEN] Brothers and Sisters of Ethan Allen and their descendants
Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 19:22:40 -0700

This is from the book,"The Genealogy of Ethan Allen and his Brothers and Sisters", compiled by John L.Barr and a publication of the Ethan Allen Homestead Trust.

Brothers and Sisters and their Descendants

Of Ethans five brothers and two sisters, descendants stem primarily from Heber. Heman's surviving daughter had no children. Lydia's only child died childless as did Levi's only child who died at 15. Zimri never married and left no issue. Nothing is known of Lucy or of any children she may have had. Only one of Ira's children reached adulthood, married and had children.
Following what is in this book, it looks to me that Heber is the only one who would've had children to carry the name Allen(ie, sons).The Allen name died out in Ethans and Ira's line as far as is known, Zimri never married, Levi is said to have only had one daughter who died young, and Hemans sons died without issue. I have seen somewhere in some book that there is a possiblity Levi could have had another child but I've forgotten where now. Levi was the more or less black sheep of the family, he went to New York at one point and was estranged from the others for some time before returning to Vermont.It is generally believed Heber's son Heber went to New York to teach school, but I've found no evidence of this and I do know he settled in Ohio around 1814 or thereabouts.So, as far as is known, there are descendants of some of the others but they would not carry the name Allen as they came from daughters of either Ethans sisters or daughters of the others who would carry their husbands surname. Hope this helps.
I've only seen one pic of Ethan and he looked a bit stern, as I'm sure many of that time did.I can't really comment on descendants having the same looks, but as far as my line goes I have pics of my Grandfather who was born in 1851 and he did not look like Ethan, nor did my Father. Of course we are also mixing in some genes from Mothers here.Interesting to note, not withstanding there was surely a lot of children who died young due to so many things, it seems the Allens of that line did not have many children, and many had them later in their lives. My Grandfather was married twice, by his first wife he had two sons, divorced, and then married my Grandmother. She was 20 years younger than he was and although they married in 1893 they had two children, born 1908 and 1912(my Father).My parents were 34 and 31 when I was born, and my brother was married about 10 years before he had a child.I wonder if this follows that whole pattern?
Sorry for the long post here.

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