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From: "Dora Smith" <>
Subject: [ALLEN] Descendants of Ethan Allen and his brothers
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2008 19:09:02 -0500
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>From Orrin Peer Allen's Allen Memorial: Descendants of Samuel Allen of
Windsor, Conn. This is immediately motivated by the fact that the person
who funded it understands that one of the two Samuel Allen descendants
represented in the Allen DNA project is descended from Joseph, father of
Ethan Allen, via Heber Allen, his son Heman, and a long line of Heman's, and
both Orrin Peer Allen shows that both Heber's and Hemans lines daughtered
out. If anyone has more information on this I'd appreciate it. I've
added what I was able to learn from teh census and references at

Ethan Allen married Mary Bronson, who died in 1783. He married 9 Feb 1784
Frances Buchanan, widow of Capt John Buchanan, daughter of Captain Motresor.
Mostl likely daughter of John Montresor, a British officer of French birth
whose wife was German. By his first marriage he had four girls and Joseph
E., who died in 1777 at age 12. .By his second marriage he had two girls
and Ethan Alphonso, b Burlington VT, Oct 24, 1789. (A completely
different account of this is at

Ethan Alphonso, who graduated from West Point, married Mary Susanna Johnson
and Martha Washington Johnson, who were sisters, and died in Virginia where
they lived in 1855. He had a daughter and Ethan Alphonso Allen, b Feb 8,

Ethan Alphonso was a drygoods merchant in New York City, and married Eliza
Schyler. He had two sons and two daughters. Son Lt Samuel Kuypers Allen, b
1846, lived in North Carolina, served in the Marines, and died childless,
leaving a widow in Pennsylvania. Son Ethan, b Jan 7 1845, married Harriet
Ida, was a business executive in Jersey City, and had a son and a daughter.

Son Ethan Samuel Allen, b Bayonne NJ, Jul 12, 1883, married Eleanor Hawkins,
and was living in New York City in the fist decade of the 20th century when
this book was published. They married shortly before the book was
published. In the 1910 and 1920 census they lived in Queens. In 1920 they
were lodgers. In neither year did they have children. In 1930 he is
possibly a lodger b abt 1884, NY, living in NJ. Probably he had no


Major Heber Allen. b Cornwall CT Oct 4, 1743, m Mar 17 1768, Sarah Owen of
Salisbury CT. She d 1788 and is buried at Winooski Falls, Vt; he d at
Poultney, Vt, Apr 10, 1782. He removed from Salisbury, Ct, in 1771 to
Poultney, Vt, being one of the earliest settlers there and its first town
clerk. He was a man of more than ordinary abilty and took an active part in
public affairs; was assistant judge of the Rutland shire of the Cumberland
County court in 1778-9. He assisted his brother Ethan in the capture of
Ticonderoga, and was a Major of militia under Gen. St. Clair at the battle
of Hubbardston. His health was impaired b y exposure in that last military
service, from which he never recovered. His remains rest with his kindred
in the cemetery at Burlington, - [with a gravestone with a lengthy

Heber, b Salisbury CT, June 16, 1769. He taught school some time in
Georgia, Vt, then went to the near vicinity fo Rochester, NY, where he is
said to have also taught school. He occasionally visited his N.E.
relatives, but further knowledge of him I have been unable to obtain.
Sarah b 1771
Joseph, history unknown.
Heman, b Feb 23, 1779 (# 86)

In the 1800 census I found a Heber Allen at Jericho, Chittendon, VT, which
is not far from Georgia, VT.
- - - 1 - // 11111

In the 1810 census I found a Heber Allen at Milton, Chittendon, VT, also
near Georgia, VT.
3 - - - 1 - //- 1 - 1 -

In 1810 this Heber had sons but after that the family seems to disappear.

1820 a Heman Allen lived in Chittendon Co, VT. In Milton.

2 3? - 1 1 - // 1 - 1 1 -//1 1 - -
Heman and wife were not over 45. Probably atleast 26. born 1775 - 1795.
But who was 18 - 25?

In 1810 there was a Heman Allen in Colchester, and from the material in
Encyclopedia Vermont Biography he was more than likely a different Heman
Allen. But he allegedly had just one son born in 1774 and died in 1776, adn
this guy had a young son in 1810. He also died in 1778.

1 - 2 2 - // - ? 1 1 1

In 1820 I found a Heber Allen in Genoa, Delaware, OH.
2 2 - - - 1 1 -----------

In 1850 A Heber Allen was in the same place, not the same one as he was b
1845. He was a child of Horace Allen, age 45 b Vt, and Jane Allen, 23, b
PA, with siblings Mary age 8, and George age 11 months. This Horace
appears to be a member of a completely different Samuel Allen line which
Orrin Allen says went to Delaware County, Ohio. Orrin Allen gives no clue
who the first Heber Allen at taht place was.

>From material in Encyclopedia, Vermont Biography, at, There
seem to have been alot of descendants of Ethan Allen's parents floating
around Milton, Georgia and so forth in Vermont. Several of them were
active in founding the town, Heber Sr. the brother of Ethan among them.

# 86 Heman Allen b Burlington VT Feb 23, 1779, m 1823, Elizabeth Laura Hart,
b 1800. On account of her great beauty she was called one of the graces of
Saybrook, Conn. She d in Highgate, Vt., Jan 1830. He m (2) 1842, Eliza
Davis Fay, dau of Hon. Samuel Prescott Philips Fay of Cambridge, MA. She
was 19 years of age and Mr. Allen was 63 at teh time of their marriage.
She d July 25, 1885; he d in Highgate, Vt, Mar 1852. Hon. Heman Allen
resided in the family of his Uncle Ira after the death fo his father. He
graduated from Dartmouth College in 1795. He was town clerk of Cholchester,
Vt., from 1808 to 1817, sheriff of Chittenden Co 1809; chief justice of
Chittenden Co Court 1811; member of teh State Leglisature 1812; treasurer of
the U of Vermmont 1815; Quartermaster General with the rank of Brigadier
1814, member of Congres 1817, Marshall of the District of Vermont 1819;
agent for paying pensioners 1819; Evnoy Extraordinary and Minister
Plenipotenitiary of the U.S. to the Republic of Chili 1823 to 1830;
President of the Office Bank of the United States at Burlington, 1830; was
the Whig candidate for Governor of Vermont in 1830, and defeated by teh
Anti-Masonic faction. He was honored and respected by all aprties as a man
f strict integrity et. His remains repose in the cemetery at Burlington.
By first marriage one daughter who did not live. By second marriage three
girls and a son, Heman, who died the day after his birth. The daugthers
were born in the 1840's.

>From Encylopedia Vermont Biography, he died in 1852.

1850 census shows just the three girls.

More New England Heman Allen's living in 1850 than Orrn Allen shows were
born. More of them were born in Vermont and Connecticut than Orrin Allen
knows were born.

Heman Allen Ypsilanti, Washtenaw, MI abt 1833 New York
View Record
Heman Allen Tyrone, Steuben, NY abt 1815 New York
View Record
Heman Allen Whitehall, Washington, NY abt 1834 Vermont
View Record
Heman Allen Ausable, Clinton, NY abt 1805 Vermont
View Record
Heman Allen Burlington, Chittenden, VT abt 1835 Vermont
View Record
Heman Allen Highgate, Franklin, VT abt 1779 Vermont
View Record
Heman Allen Berkshire, Delaware, OH abt 1836 Ohio
View Record
Heman Allen North Hero, Grand Isle, VT abt 1824 Vermont
View Record
Heman Allen Wantage, Sussex, NJ abt 1781 Vermont
View Record
Heman Allen Sharon, Walworth, WI abt 1834 New York
View Record
Heman B Allen New Haven, New Haven, CT abt 1827 Connecticut
View Record
Heman H Allen Weston, Windsor, VT abt 1848 Vermont
View Record
Heman H Allen District 1, Breckinridge, KY abt 1828 New York
View Record
Heman L Allen Windsor, Berkshire, MA abt 1833 Massachusetts
View Record
Heman M Allen Perrysburg, Cattaraugus, NY abt 1817 New York
It looks like there is massive difficulty with distingushing people named
Heber and Heman Allen who lived in that part of Vermont, so it is possible
to hook the line up wrong. It also looks as if all of them are descendants
of Samuel of Windsor, and descendants of Ethan Allen's father.

we find the claim that actually, Horace who went to Ohio and had litle
Heber, was the son of Heber born in 1769. There seems to be extensive
opionion on the web that Heber had a son named James. The only
documentation is the Ethan Allen homestead assocaition or whatever it's
called. This website:
is of the opionion that in additon to Horace, he had a son "Harmon". Note
that Orrin Allen says that Horace of Ohio was of a different Samuel line.
may be the best researched of them.


Capt. Heman Allen b Oct 15, 1740, Cornwall, CT. m Feb 18 1778, Abigail
Beebe of Salisbury, CT, b Feb 14, 1753. He d May 14, 1778. Capt Allen was
a merchant in Salisbury, yet he wned much land in Vermont and "represeted
Rutland and Colchester in the Vermont Convention, and was sent to Congress
by Dorset." (This could have been "Heman Allen of Colchester" referred to
in Encyclopedia Vermont Biography.) He was a man of affairs and took an
active and intelligetn interset in passing events. Like is brother Ethan he
was a patriot, and was captain of a company in a reigiment of Green Mountain
Boys engaged in an expedition to Canada. He was also present at the battle
of Bennington as a member of the Committee of Saftey, and his death was the
result of a cold contracted at this time.

Heman had three children born between 1774 and 1776; a boy, Heman, who died
in 1776, and two girls. This is odd if he married in 1778. Rootsweb
Worldconnect contains suggestions that that actual date of marriage was Feb
18 1773, and that there was another marriage, though there is suspiciously
little detail on that marriage.


Levi Allen b Jan 16, 1745, m July 29, 1779, Mrs. Anna Allen of New Milford,
CT. He marreid a second time to a woman named Nancy. He was a Tory,
eventually died in Vermont, and had just one child, a girl.


Major General Ira Allen b Apr 21, 1751, at Cornwall CT, so says the record
at Cornwall, CT, but Ira Allen in his history of Vermont, 1798, p 162,
alludes to May 1 as the anniversary of his birth, and the Vermont University
honors that date as "Founders Day", in remembrance of him.... He m. Jerusha
Hayden, dau. of Gen. Roger Enos of Clchester, Vt., b Feb 6, 1764. ... Ira
Allen died at Philadelphia Jan 15, 1814. ...

Chidren; two boys and a girl. One son, Zimri Enos, b 1792, died in 1813
after finishing law school.

Son Ira Hayden Allen b Jul 19, 1790, Colchester, Vermont. m Jan 13, 1842,
Sarah Catherine Tilton Parsons. She d Irisburgh Vt, Feb 29, 1844. He m (2)
Frances Eliza Parsons, b Aug 15, 1828, d Irisburgh, Vt Mar 1, 1867. He
died there Apr 29, 1866. Col. Allen was a member of the Vermont University
1808-1810, but was obliged to relinquish his studies on account of opthalmic
weakness. That he was appreciated and honored by his fellows is fully
apparent in the following list of offfices which he held; Town clerk of
Irisburgh 1816-17; selectman for 10 years, judge of probate in 1822, clerk
of the court in Irisburgh 1816 - 1835; represented the county in the council
1828-1832; elected to teh council of censors in 1848; presidento f Orleans
County Bank 1833 to 1849; again 1863 to 1865, and one of the board of
directors till his death. He was appointed governor's aide-de-camp with
title of Coloel. He had three daughters by his second marriage, and two
sons by his first marriage. Of those, Ira Hayden Allen died at age 21
while pursuing a course of study at a shcool in Norwich, VT. THe other,
Charles Parsons, b Feb 16, 1844, m 1876, Lizzie Pulsifer. He was educated
at good schools, became a lawyere, and had a single daughter, who died at
age 22.

Dora Smith
Austin, TX

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